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Wilburn Brothers

4.464 exibições

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  1. 001.All I Have For You Mom
  2. 002.All I Have To do Is Dream
  3. 003.All Of A Sudden
  4. 004.All We Had Going Is Gone
  5. 005.Almost Persuaded
  6. 006.Always Alone
  7. 007.Answer Me My Love
  8. 008.As Usual


  1. 009.Ballad Of a Ten Dollar Preacher
  2. 010.Barbara Allen
  3. 011.Barred From Every Honky Tonk In Town
  4. 012.Before I'm Over You
  5. 013.Beneath The Willow Tree
  6. 014.Big Heartbreak
  7. 015.Big River Train
  8. 016.Bloomin' Fools
  9. 017.Blue Blue Day
  10. 018.Blues Plus Booze (means I Lose)
  11. 019.Born To Be With You
  12. 020.Breaking In A Brand New Broken Heart
  13. 021.Bring Me Back My Heart
  14. 022.Burning Bridges
  15. 023.By The Time I Get To Phoenix


  1. 024.Cigareets Whusky And Wild Wild Women
  2. 025.Cotton Fields
  3. 026.Crazy Arms
  4. 027.Cry Cry Darling


  1. 028.Distant Drums
  2. 029.Do It To Someone You Love
  3. 030.Don't Let Me Cross Over
  4. 031.Drifting Apart
  5. 032.Drink Up And Go Home


  1. 033.Empty Arms
  2. 034.Everything I Am (loves You)


  1. 035.Fighting A Mem'ry
  2. 036.First Step Down (is The Longest)
  3. 037.Flying South
  4. 038.Fool Me One More Time


  1. 039.Give Them The Roses Now
  2. 040.Glass On The Table
  3. 041.Go Mena Si (I'm Sorry)
  4. 042.Goin And Comin
  5. 043.Goody Goody Gumdrop
  6. 044.Graveyard Shift


  1. 045.Hangin' On
  2. 046.Happy Street
  3. 047.Happy Tracks
  4. 048.Heart Over Mind
  5. 049.Hey Mr Bluebird
  6. 050.Hurt Her Once For Me


  1. 051.I Almost Lost My Mind
  2. 052.I Dreamed Of An Old Love Affair
  3. 053.I Fall To Pieces
  4. 054.I Feel Like Traveling On
  5. 055.I Forgot To Remember To Forget
  6. 056.I Had One Too Many
  7. 057.I Loved You Then
  8. 058.I Need The Prayers
  9. 059.I Walk The Line
  10. 060.I Wind Back Up With You
  11. 061.I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  12. 062.I Wonder Why You Said Goodbye
  13. 063.I'll Keep Right On Lovin' You
  14. 064.I'll Sail My Ship Alone
  15. 065.I'm Beginning To Know About Me
  16. 066.I'm Gonna Tie One On Tonight
  17. 067.I've Gotta Hang My Hat Upon The Wind
  18. 068.If I Had Yesterday Over Again
  19. 069.If You Were Mine
  20. 070.If You're With Me
  21. 071.Is It Really Over
  22. 072.It Looks Like The Sun's Gonna Shine
  23. 073.It Takes A Lot Of Money
  24. 074.It's Gonna Take a Little Time


  1. 075.Just To Be Where You Are


  1. 076.Knoxville Girl


  1. 077.Land Of Heaven
  2. 078.Lay Some Happiness On Me
  3. 079.Left My Gal In The Mountains
  4. 080.Less Of Me
  5. 081.Let It Be Me
  6. 082.Little Bitty Heart
  7. 083.Little Eyes That Look At Me
  8. 084.Little Home In Tennessee
  9. 085.Long Time Gone


  1. 086.Making Plans
  2. 087.Medal For Mothers
  3. 088.Mighty Day
  4. 089.Mountain Dew
  5. 090.Move Up A Little Closer
  6. 091.My Baby's Gone
  7. 092.My Favorite Memory
  8. 093.My Happiness
  9. 094.My Jesus Has Broad Shoulders


  1. 095.Near You
  2. 096.Never Be Anyone Else But You
  3. 097.Next Best Thing
  4. 098.No Legal Right
  5. 099.No Letter Today
  6. 100.No Love At All
  7. 101.No One Knows Better Than Me
  8. 102.Now that your love is all behind me that door will never open up again


  1. 103.Old Folks Home
  2. 104.One Has My Name (the Other Has My Heart)


  1. 105.Put It Off Until Tomorrow


  1. 106.Release Me (and Let Me Love Again)
  2. 107.Roll Muddy River
  3. 108.Roll On Buddy Roll On


  1. 109.Satisfied Mind
  2. 110.She Burnt The Little Roadside Tavern Down
  3. 111.She's Lookin' Better By The Minute
  4. 112.Shoe Goes On The Other Foot Tonight
  5. 113.Some Of Your Memories (hurt Me All Of The Time)
  6. 114.Somebody's Back In Town
  7. 115.Someone Before Me
  8. 116.Somethin' Good'll Happen Today
  9. 117.Sparkling Brown Eyes


  1. 118.Take Good Care Of Her
  2. 119.Take Up Thy Cross
  3. 120.Taste Of Heaven
  4. 121.Tell Me Nobody Counts But Me
  5. 122.That She's Leaving Feeling
  6. 123.There Goes My Everything
  7. 124.There Must Be More To Love Than This
  8. 125.There Stands The Glass
  9. 126.Time Changes Everything
  10. 127.Trouble's Back In Town


  1. 128.Up This Hill And Down


  1. 129.Walk Through This World With Me
  2. 130.Warm Red Wine
  3. 131.Wayward Wind
  4. 132.We Need A Lot More Happiness
  5. 133.When I Stop Dreaming
  6. 134.Who Could Ask For More
  7. 135.Wild Side Of Life
  8. 136.World Of Forgotten People
  9. 137.Wrong Side (of The Tracks)


  1. 138.You Win Again
  2. 139.You've Still Got a Place In My Heart
  3. 140.Young But True Love


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