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Peter And The Wolf

Weird Al Yankovic

230 exibições

Hello, Boys and Girls.
This is a story that I like to call, ``Peter and the Wolf''.
Are you sitting comfortably?
Are you!?
Good, then let's begin....

Each character is represented by a different instrument of the synthesized

For instance, the part of Billy the Bird is played by a flute, like this...

The part of Bruce the Duck is played by an oboe...

Louie the Cat is a clarinet. All right, he's not really a
clarinet. He's just --- you know, he's represented by a clarinet....

The part of the Grandfather will be played by Don Amiche.
He... what?
Can't make it? Oh. Huh.
Okay, um, hmm, in that case, the part of the Grandfather will be played by,
huh, a bassoon....

Three French horns play the part of... uhm... three French horns... uh...

(The Wolf! It's the Wolf!) Right! The Wolf. Seymore the Wolf....

The kettle drum and bass drum represent the sub-machine-gun fire of the

And, of course, as always, the part of Bob the Janitor is played by the

Well, that's it for the introductions. And now, the story.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away... uh.... Oh, excuse me...

Once upon a time --- I think it was last Thursday --- a boy named Peter
opened the gate and went out into the big green meadow.

On the branch of a big tree sat a little bird.
``All is quiet'', said the bird.
``Holy cow! A talking bird!'', thought Peter.

Just then, Bruce the Duck came waddling by. Bruce was very happy that Peter
hadn't closed gate and he decided to check out the deep pond in the meadow.

Billy the Bird saw the Duck, so he decided to fly down and pick an argument
with him.

``What kind of bird are you if you can't fly?'', he said; to which the Duck
cleverly replied, ``I'm a duck! Stupid!''

They argued and argued. The Duck swimming in the pond. The little bird
skipping along the shore. (Scratch) Sorry.

Suddenly, something caught Peter's eye --- and you know how painful that
can be. It was Louie the Cat crawling through the grass.

Louie the Cat thought, ``If the Bird is busy arguing, I'll just grab him''.
So quietly, Louie crept towards him on his velvet paws. Well, his paws
weren't really velvet... they were, you know, kind of like velvet. It's
a, what d'ya call it? Uh, a `metaphor'. It's a metaphor, get it?

``Look out! Look out! Look out! Look out! Look out! Look out! Look
out! Look out! Look out!'', advised Peter.

The bird immediately flew up into the tree... while Bruce the Duck quacked
at Louie the Cat... from the middle of the pond.

Louie the Cat walked around the tree and thought, ``Is it worth climbing up
so high, or should I just send out for pizza?''

Grandfather came out. He was all bent out of shape because Peter had gone
into the meadow.

``It's a dangerous place. If a Wolf should come out of the forest, then what
would you do, huh?''
Peter did not answer, because after all, it was a rhetorical question.

Boys like Peter are afraid of a lot of things, like Nuclear annihilation and
flunking algebra, but they're not afraid of Wolves.

But Grandfather got Peter in a headlock and dragged him home, telling him
that he was grounded and that he couldn't watch any cartoons for three weeks.

Just then, as luck would have it, a big, mean, hairy, ferocious, snarling,
carnivorous Wolf, huh, did come out of the forest!
But I guess we all knew that was coming. I mean, the story is called,
`Peter and the Wolf'. We couldn't very well call it, `Peter and the Wolf'
if there wasn't any wolf, could we?
Huh, that would be really stupid.

The Cat was up the tree in a twinkling; which is about, oh, 2.3 seconds.

Bruce the Duck quacked so hard that he propelled himself backwards
and up onto dry land.

For those of you taking notes, this is a fine practical example of Newton's
First Law of Motion, which clearly states that for every action there is
an equal and opposite reaction.

But no matter how quickly Bruce tried to waddle away, he couldn't escape
Seymore the Wolf who was wearing his best pair of tennis shoes.

The Wolf was closing in on the Duck. It was getting closer and closer
and closer and then and then....

He got 'em! He got 'em! Oh no! Oh, it was terrible!
Oh, oh I can't believe it! Oh!
The humanity! The humanity! Oh my God! Ahh-hoh, oh, huh.

And then with one big gulp, Seymore `wolfed' him down. (Burp)

Um, let me recap the story briefly in case you just walked into the room:
Louie the Cat was sitting on one branch. Billy the Bird was on another
branch, not too close to Louie, and Bob the Janitor was at home defrosting
his refrigerator.

The Wolf walked around the tree so many times that he made a small trench.

Meanwhile, Peter was standing behind the closed gate, videotaping everything
that was going on.

Suddenly Peter got an idea. He ran home and got a big spool of his
grandfather's unwaxed dental floss.

One of the branches of the tree that the Wolf was circling was conveniently
stretched out over a high stone wall.

Peter scaled the wall, lickity-split, which is even faster than a twinkling.

Then he grabbed the branch and climbed onto the tree.

Peter said to Billy the Bird, ``I want you to fly down and circle around the
Wolf's head to distract him, but be very careful he doesn't catch you and
bash your skull in and tear out your lungs and chew you up into itsy-bitsy
teeny-tiny little pieces.''

``Okay'', said the bird.

Billy the Bird almost touched the Wolf's head with his wings while the Wolf
snapped angrily at him. ``Go ahead'', said the Wolf, ``make my day''.

``Come on, cut it out'', snarled the Wolf, ``you're askin' for trouble,
Punk''. But Billy the Bird just kept on harassing him.

Meanwhile, Peter made a lasso out of the dental floss and, carefully letting
it down, caught the Wolf by the tail and pulled with all his might.

Feeling himself caught, the Wolf got really ticked off and started jerking back
and forth.

Peter tied the other end of the dental floss to the tree and left the Wolf
dangling in mid-air.
``Hey, Big Bad Wolf'', said Peter, ``why don't you come up here and get
us now?''

``I would'', said the Wolf, ``but, well, I'm kinda tied up right now.''

Just then, some members of the National Rifle Association came out of the
woods, firing their magnums, uzis and bazookas.

But Peter yelled, ``Don't shoot. Billy the Bird and I have caught the Wolf.
Now, let's take him to the Zoo''.

``Great idea!'', said the hunters, ``and if he likes that, next week we'll
take him to Disneyland!''

Just imagine the victory parade. Peter was at the head. (Flush)
But after a few minutes he was through and then the parade began with Peter
at the very front.

After him, the hunters leading Seymore the Wolf.

Then Grandfather, and Louie the Cat, and finally, Bob the janitor who had to
sweep up the whole mess.
Grandfather shook his head discontentedly, ``Well, Peter, what if you hadn't
caught the Wolf? What then?''
``Well'', said Peter, ``he probably would have ripped out my intestines with
his teeth.''
``(Cough/gag/choke)'', said Grandfather, ``I know that, you idiot.
It was a rhetorical question.''

Above them, Billy the Bird chirped proudly. ``Yeah, that's right. We bad.
We bad''.

Granfather decided that he'd had enough of the pond and the meadow and the
whole stinking scene, so he ran off to Los Angeles and joined a Heavy Metal

And what about Bruce the Duck?
Well, the Wolf had been in such a hurry that he swallowed him... alive!
which means the gastric juices slowly disolved his body and he died a long,
painful death.

However, you'll be happy to hear that just a few years later he was reincarnated
as Shirley MacLaine.

And the moral of the story is... oral hygiene is very important. Make sure you
see your dentist at least twice a year

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  14. 014.Weird Al Yankovic - Slime Creatures From Outer Space
  15. 015.Weird Al Yankovic - 50 Ways To Get Bin Laden
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  17. 017.Weird Al Yankovic - Eye of The Tiger Parody
  18. 018.Weird Al Yankovic - Don't Wear Those Shoes
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  76. 076.Weird Al Yankovic - Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch
  77. 077.Weird Al Yankovic - Craigslists
  78. 078.Weird Al Yankovic - UHF
  79. 079.Weird Al Yankovic - Make My Boobies One More Size
  80. 080.Weird Al Yankovic - The Ballad Of Kent Marlow
  81. 081.Weird Al Yankovic - Bomb That Iraqi Boy
  82. 082.Weird Al Yankovic - Oops I'm Pregnant Again
  83. 083.Weird Al Yankovic - Leisure Suit Serenade
  84. 084.Weird Al Yankovic - Constipated
  85. 085.Weird Al Yankovic - Party In The Cia
  86. 086.Weird Al Yankovic - Yoda
  87. 087.Weird Al Yankovic - Asshole Sun
  88. 088.Weird Al Yankovic - Cheerios, Apple Jacks, Cheerios
  89. 089.Weird Al Yankovic - Enter Napster
  90. 090.Weird Al Yankovic - Take The "L" Out Of Liver
  91. 091.Weird Al Yankovic - Living With A Hernia
  92. 092.Weird Al Yankovic - Born To Be Mild
  93. 093.Weird Al Yankovic - Vulture
  94. 094.Weird Al Yankovic - That Boy Could Dance
  95. 095.Weird Al Yankovic - Phony Calls
  96. 096.Weird Al Yankovic - I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead
  97. 097.Weird Al Yankovic - Dr. Demento's 15th Anniversary Special
  98. 098.Weird Al Yankovic - Gravy On You
  99. 099.Weird Al Yankovic - Polkas On 45
  100. 100.Weird Al Yankovic - Who Let The Cows Out?
  101. 101.Weird Al Yankovic - Virus Alert
  102. 102.Weird Al Yankovic - Amish Paradise
  103. 103.Weird Al Yankovic - Traffic Jam
  104. 104.Weird Al Yankovic - Achy Breaky Song
  105. 105.Weird Al Yankovic - Polka Power!
  106. 106.Weird Al Yankovic - Which Backstreet Boy Is Gay?
  107. 107.Weird Al Yankovic - Taco Grande
  108. 108.Weird Al Yankovic - My Fart Will Go On
  109. 109.Weird Al Yankovic - Don't You Forget About Meat
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  111. 111.Weird Al Yankovic - Spatula City
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  131. 131.Weird Al Yankovic - Syndicated Inc.
  132. 132.Weird Al Yankovic - Bob
  133. 133.Weird Al Yankovic - The Devil Went Down To Jamaica
  134. 134.Weird Al Yankovic - When I Was Your Age
  135. 135.Weird Al Yankovic - Let's Comc Iraq
  136. 136.Weird Al Yankovic - Dr. Demento Radio Promo
  137. 137.Weird Al Yankovic - Whatever You Like
  138. 138.Weird Al Yankovic - Cows With Guns
  139. 139.Weird Al Yankovic - Whole Lotta Lunch
  140. 140.Weird Al Yankovic - Albuquerque
  141. 141.Weird Al Yankovic - Since You've Been Gone
  142. 142.Weird Al Yankovic - The Hot Rocks Polka
  143. 143.Weird Al Yankovic - Hardware Store
  144. 144.Weird Al Yankovic - Headline News
  145. 145.Weird Al Yankovic - Only Gay Eskimo
  146. 146.Weird Al Yankovic - Mr. Popeil
  147. 147.Weird Al Yankovic - Spam
  148. 148.Weird Al Yankovic - Truck Drivin' Song
  149. 149.Weird Al Yankovic - My Girlfriend Died
  150. 150.Weird Al Yankovic - I Lost On Jeopardy
  151. 151.Weird Al Yankovic - Burger King
  152. 152.Weird Al Yankovic - Weasel Stomping Day
  153. 153.Weird Al Yankovic - Skipper Dan
  154. 154.Weird Al Yankovic - Weenie In A Bottle
  155. 155.Weird Al Yankovic - Chewy
  156. 156.Weird Al Yankovic - Waffle King
  157. 157.Weird Al Yankovic - Hit Me With A Rock
  158. 158.Weird Al Yankovic - Poodle
  159. 159.Weird Al Yankovic - Polka Your Eyes Out
  160. 160.Weird Al Yankovic - The Beer Song
  161. 161.Weird Al Yankovic - The Great Mighty Poo
  162. 162.Weird Al Yankovic - The Saga Begins
  163. 163.Weird Al Yankovic - I'm The Only Gay Eskimo
  164. 164.Weird Al Yankovic - I Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog
  165. 165.Weird Al Yankovic - Pigeons
  166. 166.Weird Al Yankovic - Mr. Frump In The Iron Lung
  167. 167.Weird Al Yankovic - Polkarama!
  168. 168.Weird Al Yankovic - Frank's 2000" TV
  169. 169.Weird Al Yankovic - Talk Soup
  170. 170.Weird Al Yankovic - Avocado
  171. 171.Weird Al Yankovic - Pet Names For Genetalia
  172. 172.Weird Al Yankovic - Perform This Way
  173. 173.Weird Al Yankovic - Don't Download This Song
  174. 174.Weird Al Yankovic - Bedrock Anthem
  175. 175.Weird Al Yankovic - Close But No Cigar
  176. 176.Weird Al Yankovic - This Song Is Just 6 Words Long
  177. 177.Weird Al Yankovic - Ricky
  178. 178.Weird Al Yankovic - Finale
  179. 179.Weird Al Yankovic - Bomb Iraq
  180. 180.Weird Al Yankovic - Ebay
  181. 181.Weird Al Yankovic - Toothless People
  182. 182.Weird Al Yankovic - Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White
  183. 183.Weird Al Yankovic - Confessions Part III
  184. 184.Weird Al Yankovic - The Check's In The Mail
  185. 185.Weird Al Yankovic - Cockroachs
  186. 186.Weird Al Yankovic - If I Could Make Love To A Bottle
  187. 187.Weird Al Yankovic - The Vagina Song
  188. 188.Weird Al Yankovic - Take Me Down
  189. 189.Weird Al Yankovic - You Don't Take Your Showers
  190. 190.Weird Al Yankovic - Hello I Love You Let's Get Tested For AIDS
  191. 191.Weird Al Yankovic - Holiday Greetings 1987
  192. 192.Weird Al Yankovic - School Cafeteria
  193. 193.Weird Al Yankovic - What If God Smoked Cannabis
  194. 194.Weird Al Yankovic - Belvedere Cruising
  195. 195.Weird Al Yankovic - Melanie
  196. 196.Weird Al Yankovic - My Bologna
  197. 197.Weird Al Yankovic - Good Old Days
  198. 198.Weird Al Yankovic - Saddam Hussein (Chumbawumba parody)
  199. 199.Weird Al Yankovic - The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota
  200. 200.Weird Al Yankovic - Pancreas
  201. 201.Weird Al Yankovic - Trash Day
  202. 202.Weird Al Yankovic - White & Nerdy
  203. 203.Weird Al Yankovic - Your Horoscope For Today (love Hina)
  204. 204.Weird Al Yankovic - Young, Dumb & Ugly
  205. 205.Weird Al Yankovic - Wannabe Stormtropper
  206. 206.Weird Al Yankovic - Fatter
  207. 207.Weird Al Yankovic - The Plumbing Song
  208. 208.Weird Al Yankovic - Gump
  209. 209.Weird Al Yankovic - Twister
  210. 210.Weird Al Yankovic - Harvey The Wonder Hamster
  211. 211.Weird Al Yankovic - Fun Zone
  212. 212.Weird Al Yankovic - I Feel Like Throwin' Up
  213. 213.Weird Al Yankovic - I Can't Watch This
  214. 214.Weird Al Yankovic - It's All About The Pentiums
  215. 215.Weird Al Yankovic - Genius In France
  216. 216.Weird Al Yankovic - Couch Potato
  217. 217.Weird Al Yankovic - Mmmmmmm
  218. 218.Weird Al Yankovic - Which Bsb Is Gay? (The Complete Version)
  219. 219.Weird Al Yankovic - Happy Birthday
  220. 220.Weird Al Yankovic - Wanna B Ur Lovr
  221. 221.Weird Al Yankovic - Germs
  222. 222.Weird Al Yankovic - Fast Food
  223. 223.Weird Al Yankovic - Big And Loud
  224. 224.Weird Al Yankovic - Bimbo Number 5
  225. 225.Weird Al Yankovic - Elmo's Got A Gun
  226. 226.Weird Al Yankovic - You're Pitiful
  227. 227.Weird Al Yankovic - Grapefruit Diet
  228. 228.Weird Al Yankovic - Do I Creep You Out
  229. 229.Weird Al Yankovic - Pretty Fly (For A Rabi)
  230. 230.Weird Al Yankovic - One More Minute
  231. 231.Weird Al Yankovic - It's Moldy Now
  232. 232.Weird Al Yankovic - Grandpa's A Pornstar
  233. 233.Weird Al Yankovic - Gandhi II
  234. 234.Weird Al Yankovic - I'm So Sick Of You
  235. 235.Weird Al Yankovic - My Name Is.... Darth Vader
  236. 236.Weird Al Yankovic - Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
  237. 237.Weird Al Yankovic - It's Still Billy Joel To Me
  238. 238.Weird Al Yankovic - Cats In The Kettle
  239. 239.Weird Al Yankovic - Alimony
  240. 240.Weird Al Yankovic - Attack Of The Radioactive Hamsters From A Planet Near Mars
  241. 241.Weird Al Yankovic - I Love Rocky Road
  242. 242.Weird Al Yankovic - Rice, Rice Baby
  243. 243.Weird Al Yankovic - Green Eggs And Ham
  244. 244.Weird Al Yankovic - School Cafeteria - Version 2
  245. 245.Weird Al Yankovic - She Drives Like Crazy
  246. 246.Weird Al Yankovic - Gotta Boogie
  247. 247.Weird Al Yankovic - Everything You Know Is Wrong
  248. 248.Weird Al Yankovic - Kermit The Frog On Weed
  249. 249.Weird Al Yankovic - George Of The Jungle
  250. 250.Weird Al Yankovic - Chicken Pot Pie
  251. 251.Weird Al Yankovic - Canadian Idiot
  252. 252.Weird Al Yankovic - Hooked On Polkas
  253. 253.Weird Al Yankovic - Ugly Girl
  254. 254.Weird Al Yankovic - Addicted To Spuds
  255. 255.Weird Al Yankovic - Christmas At Ground Zero
  256. 256.Weird Al Yankovic - Eat It
  257. 257.Weird Al Yankovic - Doctor
  258. 258.Weird Al Yankovic - With Legs Wide Open
  259. 259.Weird Al Yankovic - I'll Sue Ya
  260. 260.Weird Al Yankovic - Carnival of The Animals Part 2
  261. 261.Weird Al Yankovic - Bedrock Anthem
  262. 262.Weird Al Yankovic - Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
  263. 263.Weird Al Yankovic - Cable TV
  264. 264.Weird Al Yankovic - Lasagna
  265. 265.Weird Al Yankovic - Here's Johnny
  266. 266.Weird Al Yankovic - I Remember Larry
  267. 267.Weird Al Yankovic - Homer and Marge
  268. 268.Weird Al Yankovic - Heart Attack #5
  269. 269.Weird Al Yankovic - I Think I'm A Clone Now
  270. 270.Weird Al Yankovic - Baby Likes Burping
  271. 271.Weird Al Yankovic - The Weird Al Show Theme
  272. 272.Weird Al Yankovic - This Is The LIfe
  273. 273.Weird Al Yankovic - Rye And The Kaiser (Rocky XIII Theme)
  274. 274.Weird Al Yankovic - Polkamon
  275. 275.Weird Al Yankovic - Dead Car Battery Blues
  276. 276.Weird Al Yankovic - Free Delivery
  277. 277.Weird Al Yankovic - Holiday Greetings 1988
  278. 278.Weird Al Yankovic - Hooker On A Corner
  279. 279.Weird Al Yankovic - A Complicated Song
  280. 280.Weird Al Yankovic - Isle Thing
  281. 281.Weird Al Yankovic - We Got The Beef


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  10. 029.Bob
  11. 030.Bohemian Polka
  12. 031.Bomb Iraq
  13. 032.Bomb That Iraqi Boy
  14. 033.Born To Be Mild
  15. 034.Buckingham Blues
  16. 035.Burger King
  17. 036.Buy Me A Condo


  1. 037.Cable TV
  2. 038.Cafeteria Mold
  3. 039.Callin In Sick Today
  4. 040.Canadian Idiot
  5. 041.Carnival of The Animals Part 2
  6. 042.Cats In The Kettle
  7. 043.Cavity Search
  8. 044.Cheerios, Apple Jacks, Cheerios
  9. 045.Chewy
  10. 046.Chicken Pot Pie
  11. 047.Christmas At Ground Zero
  12. 048.Christmas Memories Of "Weird Al" Yankovic
  13. 049.Close But No Cigar
  14. 050.CNR
  15. 051.Cockroachs
  16. 052.Confessions Part III
  17. 053.Constipated
  18. 054.Couch Potato
  19. 055.Cows With Guns
  20. 056.Craigslists
  21. 057.Crampton Comes Alive


  1. 058.Dare To Be Stupid
  2. 059.Dead Car Battery Blues
  3. 060.Do I Creep You Out
  4. 061.Doctor
  5. 062.Dog Eat Dog
  6. 063.Don't Download This Song
  7. 064.Don't Shoot Mr. Postman
  8. 065.Don't Wear Those Shoes
  9. 066.Don't You Forget About Meat
  10. 067.Dr. Demento Radio Promo
  11. 068.Dr. Demento's 15th Anniversary Special


  1. 069.Eat
  2. 070.Eat It
  3. 071.Ebay
  4. 072.Elmo's Got A Gun
  5. 073.Enter Napster
  6. 074.Everything You Know Is Wrong
  7. 075.Eye of The Tiger Parody


  1. 076.Fast Food
  2. 077.Fat
  3. 078.Fatter
  4. 079.Finale
  5. 080.Flatbush Avenue
  6. 081.Frank's 2000" TV
  7. 082.Free Delivery
  8. 083.Fun Zone


  1. 084.Gandhi II
  2. 085.Gee, I'm A Nerd
  3. 086.Generic Blues
  4. 087.Genius In France
  5. 088.George Of The Jungle
  6. 089.Germs
  7. 090.Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch
  8. 091.Goin Huntin
  9. 092.Good Enough For Now
  10. 093.Good Old Days
  11. 094.Gotta Boogie
  12. 095.Grandpa's A Pornstar
  13. 096.Grapefruit Diet
  14. 097.Gravy On You
  15. 098.Green Eggs And Ham
  16. 099.Gump


  1. 100.Happy Birthday
  2. 101.Hardware Store
  3. 102.Harvey The Wonder Hamster
  4. 103.Headline News
  5. 104.Heart Attack #5
  6. 105.Hello I Love You Let's Get Tested For AIDS
  7. 106.Here's Johnny
  8. 107.Hit Me With A Rock
  9. 108.Holiday Greetings 1987
  10. 109.Holiday Greetings 1988
  11. 110.Homer and Marge
  12. 111.Hooked On Polkas
  13. 112.Hooker On A Corner
  14. 113.Hummingbirds


  1. 114.I Can't Watch This
  2. 115.I Feel Like Throwin' Up
  3. 116.I Lost On Jeopardy
  4. 117.I Love Rocky Road
  5. 118.I Ran Over The Taco Bell Dog
  6. 119.I Remember Larry
  7. 120.I Think I'm A Clone Now
  8. 121.I Want A New Duck
  9. 122.I Was Only Kidding
  10. 123.I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead
  11. 124.I'll Repair For You ( A Theme For Home Improvement)
  12. 125.I'll Sue Ya
  13. 126.I'm An Ugly Girl
  14. 127.I'm An Ugly Girl
  15. 128.I'm Fat
  16. 129.I'm So Sick Of You
  17. 130.I'm The Only Gay Eskimo
  18. 131.If I Could Make Love To A Bottle
  19. 132.Isle Thing
  20. 133.It's All About The Pentiums
  21. 134.It's Moldy Now
  22. 135.It's Still Billy Joel To Me


  1. 136.Jerry Springer
  2. 137.Jurassic Park


  1. 138.Kermit The Frog On Weed
  2. 139.Kidstar 1250 Radio Promotion
  3. 140.King Of Suede


  1. 141.Lasagna
  2. 142.Laundry Day
  3. 143.Leisure Suit Serenade
  4. 144.Let Me Be Your Hog
  5. 145.Let's Comc Iraq
  6. 146.Like A Surgeon
  7. 147.Livin' In The Fridge
  8. 148.Livin' La Vida Yoda
  9. 149.Living With A Hernia
  10. 150.Llama Song


  1. 151.Make My Boobies One More Size
  2. 152.Matter Of Crust
  3. 153.Melanie
  4. 154.Midnight Star
  5. 155.Mmmmmmm
  6. 156.Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies
  7. 157.Mr. Frump In The Iron Lung
  8. 158.Mr. Popeil
  9. 159.My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder
  10. 160.My Bologna
  11. 161.My Fart Will Go On
  12. 162.My Girlfriend Died
  13. 163.My Name Is.... Darth Vader


  1. 164.Nature Trail To Hell
  2. 165.Never Met A Person As Wonderful As Me
  3. 166.Nobody Here But Us Frogs


  1. 167.Ode To A Superhero
  2. 168.One More Minute
  3. 169.One Of Those Days
  4. 170.Only Gay Eskimo
  5. 171.Ooby Dooby Dooo
  6. 172.Oops I'm Pregnant Again
  7. 173.Oops... I Farted Again


  1. 174.Pacman
  2. 175.Pancreas
  3. 176.Party At The Leper Colony
  4. 177.Party In The Cia
  5. 178.Perform This Way
  6. 179.Pet Names For Genetalia
  7. 180.Peter And The Wolf
  8. 181.Phony Calls
  9. 182.Pigeons
  10. 183.Polka Face
  11. 184.Polka Party!
  12. 185.Polka Patterns
  13. 186.Polka Power!
  14. 187.Polka Your Eyes Out
  15. 188.Polkamon
  16. 189.Polkarama!
  17. 190.Polkas On 45
  18. 191.Poodle
  19. 192.Pretty Fly (For A Rabi)


  1. 193.RealRadio 104.1
  2. 194.Rice, Rice Baby
  3. 195.Ricky
  4. 196.Ringtone
  5. 197.Rye And The Kaiser (Rocky XIII Theme)


  1. 198.Saddam Hussein (Chumbawumba parody)
  2. 199.School Cafeteria
  3. 200.School Cafeteria - Version 2
  4. 201.Shark
  5. 202.She Drives Like Crazy
  6. 203.She Never Told Me She Was A Mime
  7. 204.She's Gotta Pee
  8. 205.Since You've Been Gone
  9. 206.Skipper Dan
  10. 207.Slime Creatures From Outer Space
  11. 208.Smells Like Nirvana
  12. 209.Smoke A Bowl (Coca Cola Parody)
  13. 210.Snack All Night
  14. 211.Snails
  15. 212.Spam
  16. 213.Spameater
  17. 214.Spatula City
  18. 215.Spiderman
  19. 216.Spy Hard
  20. 217.Star Trek Rhapsody
  21. 218.Star Wars: The Saga
  22. 219.Steak Number 3
  23. 220.Stop Dragging My Car Around
  24. 221.Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
  25. 222.Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White
  26. 223.Such A Groovy Guy
  27. 224.Syndicated Inc.


  1. 225.Taco Grande
  2. 226.Take Me Down
  3. 227.Take Me To The Liver
  4. 228.Take The "L" Out Of Liver
  5. 229.Talk Soup
  6. 230.That Boy Could Dance
  7. 231.The Ballad Of Kent Marlow
  8. 232.The Beer Song
  9. 233.The Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota
  10. 234.The Brady Bunch
  11. 235.The Check's In The Mail
  12. 236.The Devil Went Down To Jamaica
  13. 237.The Great Mighty Poo
  14. 238.The Hot Rocks Polka
  15. 239.The Jedi Song
  16. 240.The Night Santa Went Crazy
  17. 241.The Plumbing Song
  18. 242.The Saga Begins
  19. 243.The Vagina Song
  20. 244.The Weird Al Show Theme
  21. 245.The White Stuff
  22. 246.This Is The LIfe
  23. 247.This Song Is Just 6 Words Long
  24. 248.Toothless People
  25. 249.Traffic Jam
  26. 250.Trapped In The Drive-thru
  27. 251.Trash Day
  28. 252.Trigger Happy
  29. 253.Truck Drivin' Song
  30. 254.Twister


  1. 255.Ugly Girl
  2. 256.UHF


  1. 257.Velvet Elvis
  2. 258.Virus Alert
  3. 259.Vulture


  1. 260.Waffle King
  2. 261.Wanna B Ur Lovr
  3. 262.Wannabe Stormtropper
  4. 263.We Got The Beef
  5. 264.Weasel Stomping Day
  6. 265.Weenie In A Bottle
  7. 266.What If God Smoked Cannabis
  8. 267.Whatever You Like
  9. 268.When I Was Your Age
  10. 269.Which Backstreet Boy Is Gay?
  11. 270.Which Bsb Is Gay? (The Complete Version)
  12. 271.White & Nerdy
  13. 272.Who Let The Cows Out?
  14. 273.Whole Lotta Lunch
  15. 274.Why Does This Always Happen To Me?
  16. 275.Windows 95 Sucks
  17. 276.With Legs Wide Open
  18. 277.Won't Eat Prunes Again


  1. 278.Yackety Yack Bomb Iraq
  2. 279.Yoda
  3. 280.You Don't Love Me Anymore
  4. 281.You Don't Take Your Showers
  5. 282.You Make Me
  6. 283.You're Pitiful
  7. 284.Young, Dumb & Ugly
  8. 285.Your Horoscope For Today
  9. 286.Your Horoscope For Today (love Hina)

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