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10 exibições

Are you ready? are you mad inside?
Got you strapped down to your seats
Outta the doorway, bullets ripped, full clip
God speed, approach follow my lead
Firewinds gust, empire crush
Full thrust, fall in the hole, roll wit the rush
Untouchable chunk of ?air, wax and soul?
Soundwaves slay out the back, ?cave? smoke
My belly-full prance dance, avalanche quote
Down slope, elegant as fantasia
Killer whale tale inhale, black male from asia
All out the wood works, hood shirts and wizards
No match, unhatch, the rap is rigid
In the shaft, shotty cop, hip hop to the limit
Nightwatch, pad mark
Sparks spin a quake nuclear blast, heavy on the cash
Gimmie what it takes now!!

Chorus [u-god] 2x
Rage rock roll fight
Brawl fall rumblllllleee!!!

[letha face]
The diabolic witty, dialect's darker than gotham city
Wit the possibilty to stop your walkin ability
God forgive me, spark enemies wit pistol grips
The missle tip's impact hit you so hard, you shit through your dick
Official scripts strikes when physical hits
You physical bitch, watch for the imperial blitz, serious shit
Submit, subject to the wreck wartone, and thought poems
Liver than wwf warzone
Walk upon ? tracks, bodies collapse
Rap for lottery stacks, shatter like when pottery cracks
Logical facts from the terror dome
Spill from the guts, trail to you ?puss? from where you bust
In god you now entrust
Dog you like hound and mutts, pound pups get sound struck
Clown what? you'll get drowned in the cut
While crowd round up

Chorus 2x

[inspectah deck]
Aiyyo yo
I spit bars
Travellin tremendous speed measurin far
Been bustin satellites circlin mars
Verbal onslaught, bring forth physical force
Of a hundred wild niggas piled in a trojan horse
Thought method, set it on generic mic ethic
Professional neck shit, left foes beheaded
This music, is mind control like computer chips
Been doin this for numerous years, refuse to lose it
Wit turbo tactics, manuever like a trained soldier
Hall of fame flame thrower, take game, it's game over
Ayatollah, high roller nine totter
Mind controller, 2009 time folder
My coalition, bring the demolition
Wu-blade decision, slate the competition, wit no intermission
Spittin hazardous darts, up front like rosa parks
Makin million men march

Chorus 2x

[method man]
Yo, who got next? meth got next
I chin check, all these mc's line em up god, i go ? hard
Declare holy war, it be hard to dip and dodge
Police squads tryin to bogard, we rip and rob
The boulevard ain't safe for your kids, that's how it is
In the ghetto, we ain't scared to death, but scared to live
So goldy, mosey to the spot, get that moldy
Rusty-ass .38 special, niggas owe me
Slowly i turn, face the one and only
Naughty by nature, i do my dirt all by my lonely
Ask pretty tony, when i got a bitch i keeps a bitch
36 chambers, enter at your own risk
Take that watch off and tuck your necklace
City never sleeps, streets is restless
Rap style'll slave you, when you least expect it
Pull the plug on your respirator, leave you breathless
Wu-tang forever and a day, better warn your boys
I deploy battleship rap, seek and destroy

Chorus 2x

  1. 01.U-God - Hungry
  2. 02.U-God - Ghetto Gutter
  3. 03.U-God - Winter Warz
  4. 04.U-God - I'm Talkin' To You
  5. 05.U-God - Put It On Me
  6. 06.U-God - Night The City Cried
  7. 07.U-God - Lean Like Me
  8. 08.U-God - A Long Time Ago (feat. Ebony Burke)
  9. 09.U-God - Wu-Tang
  10. 10.U-God - Lay Down
  11. 11.U-God - Lipton
  12. 12.U-God - Get Down (Feat. Boo Kapone, Mc Eiht, Squeak Ru)
  13. 13.U-God - Drama
  14. 14.U-God - Bizarre
  15. 15.U-God - Booty Drop
  16. 16.U-God - Take It To The Top
  17. 17.U-God - Glide
  18. 18.U-God - Stick Up
  19. 19.U-God - Struggle Aint Got No Color
  20. 20.U-God - Don't Love The Drugs
  21. 21.U-God - Bump
  22. 22.U-God - Supa Freak (Wildstyle)
  23. 23.U-God - Stay In Your Lane
  24. 24.U-God - New Classic
  25. 25.U-God - Stop (Carry On)
  26. 26.U-God - Here We Come
  27. 27.U-God - Stomp Da Roach
  28. 28.U-God - God Is Love
  29. 29.U-God - Chippin' & Chop It
  30. 30.U-God - Gang Of Gangstas
  31. 31.U-God - Rims Pokin' Out
  32. 32.U-God - Jenny
  33. 33.U-God - Soul Dazzle
  34. 34.U-God - You Don't Want To Dance
  35. 35.U-God - Pleasure And Pain
  36. 36.U-God - Dat's Gangsta
  37. 37.U-God - Dopium
  38. 38.U-God - Turbo Charge
  39. 39.U-God - Turbulence
  40. 40.U-God - Blow Yo Mind
  41. 41.U-God - Heart Of Stone
  42. 42.U-God - It's A Wrap (feat. Leatha Face)
  43. 43.U-God - To Teh Rescue (feat. Leatha Face)
  44. 44.U-God - Kick Azz
  45. 45.U-God - Get Down
  46. 46.U-God - Shell Shock
  47. 47.U-God - Magnum Force
  48. 48.U-God - Coke
  49. 49.U-God - Pain Inside
  50. 50.U-God - Rumble
  51. 51.U-God - Train Trussle
  52. 52.U-God - Tell Me
  53. 53.U-God - Hit 'em Up, Roll Out
  54. 54.U-God - Killa Beez
  55. 55.U-God - Spit Game
  56. 56.U-God - Enter U-God
  57. 57.U-God - Go Get Pretty Like Me
  58. 58.U-God - Kj Rhyme
  59. 59.U-God - Prayer
  60. 60.U-God - Hips
  61. 61.U-God - Knockin At Your Door
  62. 62.U-God - Supa Nigga

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