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The Isley Brothers

33 exibições

[Ron Isley]
....Yeah...Bring your ass over here.
..I got something for you...

[Verse 1 - Ron Isley + (JS)]
Its 2 o' damn clock in the morning Where you been?
(Baby didn't you get my 2-way
I was with my girlfriend)
You a lie
I called Kiesha and Tanya and they were both at home
(But I didn't say them though)
Well they the only things I know
Girl you better
(Wait before you get all upset here's the truth)
Talk to me
(I was with my girl when she had some bad mews)
(Her man cheated
had her upset and confused)
But baby what's that got to do
with you coming in at 2
(I'm telling you
now she was so upset she asked me to stay with her)
Well why didn't your ass just pick up the phone and call me
(I was gonna do that but it slipped my mind I'm sorry)
(But I'm telling you the truth)
Yeah, well I got something for you
Tell me what's her name?
Where she live?
Her man's name?
She got kids?
(I think 1 or 2)
She got kids?
(Baby yes, no)
Here's 1 thing I got to know
How the hell is she your friend if you don't know if she got kids

[Chorus 1 - Ron Isley + (R. Kelly)]
Go upstairs (Busted)
Pack your bags (Cause you busted)
While you at it (Busted)
Call a cab (Cause you busted)
It's obvious (Busted)
You played around (Cause you busted)
Go upstairs and get your shit
and get the fuck up out of here now

[Verse 2 - Ron Isley + (JS)]
(Frank please here me out)
Ain't nothing to talk about
(I can explain everything)
Right now I want you out this house
(Baby please one more chance
let me tell you where I've been)
Well quit wasting my time
and say what's on your mind
Me and some girlfriends we went dancing me Shaniqua, Shaquan, and Robin)
Well if ya'll were going shopping
why didn't you just check in
(I was but then I thought
my cellular was off)
Now earlier (hmmm) you said dancing (uhhh)
But when I just asked (hmmm) you said shopping (uhhh)
Tell me which one you were doing
(Oh baby I must be confused)
Yeah right you real confused
Tell me where you been?
Dancing where?
The name of the club?
What time it is?
(I think one or two)
What time it is?
(Three, four)
Here's one thing I got to know
At first you say dancing
But now you say shopping

[Chorus 1]

[Verse 3 - Ron Isley + (JS)]
(Baby I'm a victim of circumstances) oohhhhh...
(Why you don't believe I don't understand it)
Trying to slick a can of oil who you think you fooling
Now get on out my face (Baby)
Before I catch another case (Baby)

[Chorus 2 - Ron Isley + (JS) + {R. Kelly}]
Go upstairs {Busted}
Pack your bags (I don't wanna)
{Cause you busted}
While you at it {Busted}
Call a cab (A cab for what)
{Cause you busted}
Its obvious {Busted}
You played around (No I'm not)
{Cause you busted}
Go upstairs and get your shit (No)
and get the fuck up out of here now

[Hook - Ron Isley + (JS)]
(Noooooo. Innocent, innocent, innocent, innocent)
Noooo. You guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty
(Ohhhh now wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute)
Go upstairs and get your shit
and get the fuck up out of here now

[JS] - Tell me, where am I suppose to go from here

[Ron] - Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn

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  81. 81.The Isley Brothers - Winter Wonderland
  82. 82.The Isley Brothers - Contagious
  83. 83.The Isley Brothers - Can I Have A Kiss


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