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The Carter Family

2.723 exibições

Todas as Letras de The Carter Family


  1. 001.A Distant Land To Roam
  2. 002.Amber Tresses Tied In Blue
  3. 003.Anchored In Love
  4. 004.Answer to Weeping Willow
  5. 005.Are You Lonesome Tonight
  6. 006.Are You Tired Of Me My Darling?


  1. 007.Bear Creek Blues
  2. 008.Beautiful Brown Eyes
  3. 009.Beautiful Home
  4. 010.Beautiful Isle O'er The Sea
  5. 011.Behind Those Stone Walls
  6. 012.Black Jack David
  7. 013.Blackie's Gunman
  8. 014.Bonnie Blue Eyes
  9. 015.Break My Mind
  10. 016.Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy
  11. 017.Broken Hearted Lover
  12. 018.Buddies In The Saddle
  13. 019.Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow Tree
  14. 020.By The Touch Of Her Hand


  1. 021.Can The Circle Be Unbroken
  2. 022.Cannon Ball Blues
  3. 023.Carter's Blues
  4. 024.Charlie and Nellie
  5. 025.Chewing Gum
  6. 026.Coal Miner’s Blues
  7. 027.Cowboy Jack
  8. 028.Cowboy's Wild Song To His Herd
  9. 029.Cuban Soldier
  10. 030.Cyclone Of Rye Cove


  1. 031.Dark And Stormy Weather
  2. 032.Dark Haired True Lover
  3. 033.Darling Daisies
  4. 034.Darling Nellie Across The Sea
  5. 035.Dear Companion
  6. 036.Diamonds In The Rough
  7. 037.Don't Forget Me Little Darling
  8. 038.Don't Forget This Song


  1. 039.East Virginia Blues
  2. 040.Engine 143
  3. 041.Evening Bells Are Ringing


  1. 042.Faded Coat Of Blue
  2. 043.Faded Flowers
  3. 044.Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room
  4. 045.Foggy Mountain Top
  5. 046.Fond Affection
  6. 047.Forsaken Love
  7. 048.Funny When You Feel That Way


  1. 049.Gathering Flowers From The Hillside
  2. 050.Girl On The Greenbriar Shore
  3. 051.Give Him One More As He Goes
  4. 052.Give Me The Roses While I Live
  5. 053.Glory To The Lamb
  6. 054.God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign
  7. 055.Gold Watch And Chain
  8. 056.Goodbye To The Plains
  9. 057.Grave On The Green Hillside


  1. 058.Happiest Days Of All
  2. 059.Happy In Prison
  3. 060.Happy Or Lonesome
  4. 061.He Never Came Back
  5. 062.He Took White Roses From Her Hair
  6. 063.Heaven's Radio
  7. 064.Hello Central Give Me Heaven
  8. 065.Hello Stranger
  9. 066.Hold fast to the right
  10. 067.Home By The Sea
  11. 068.Home In Tennessee
  12. 069.Honey In The Rock


  1. 070.I Aint Going To Work Tomorrow
  2. 071.I Can't Feel At Home In This World Anymore
  3. 072.I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart
  4. 073.I Found You Among The Roses
  5. 074.I Have An Aged Mother
  6. 075.I Have No One To Love Me
  7. 076.I Loved This Better Than You Knew
  8. 077.I Never Loved But One
  9. 078.I Never Will Marry
  10. 079.I Wouldn't Mind Dying
  11. 080.I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
  12. 081.I'll Be Home Someday
  13. 082.I'll Never Forsake You
  14. 083.I'm Working On A Building
  15. 084.If One Wont The Other Will
  16. 085.In The Highways
  17. 086.In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain
  18. 087.In The Valley Of The Shenandoah
  19. 088.It'll Aggravate Your Soul
  20. 089.It's A Long, Long Road To Travel Alone
  21. 090.I’m Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes


  1. 091.Jealous Hearted Me
  2. 092.Jim Blake's Message
  3. 093.Jimmy Brown The Newsboy
  4. 094.John Hardy Was A Desperate Little Man
  5. 095.Just A Few More Days
  6. 096.Just Another Broken Heart


  1. 097.Keep On The Firing Line
  2. 098.Keep On The Sunnyside
  3. 099.Kissing Is Crime
  4. 100.Kitty Waltz


  1. 101.Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
  2. 102.Let the Church Roll On
  3. 103.Little Darling Pal Of Mine
  4. 104.Little Girl That Played Upon My Knee
  5. 105.Little Joe
  6. 106.Little Log Cabin By The Sea
  7. 107.Little Log Hut In The Lane
  8. 108.Little Moses
  9. 109.Little Poplar Log House On The Hill
  10. 110.Lonesome For You
  11. 111.Lonesome For You Darling
  12. 112.Lonesome Homesick Blues
  13. 113.Lonesome Pine Special
  14. 114.Lonesome Valley
  15. 115.Longing For Old Virginia
  16. 116.Look Away From The Cross
  17. 117.Lover's Farewell
  18. 118.Lover's Lane
  19. 119.Lover's Return
  20. 120.Lulu Walls


  1. 121.Maple On The Hill
  2. 122.March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues All Away
  3. 123.Meet Me By The Moonlight Alone
  4. 124.Meeting In The Air
  5. 125.Mid The Green Fields Of Virginia
  6. 126.Motherless Children
  7. 127.Mountains of Tennessee
  8. 128.My Clinch Mountain Home
  9. 129.My Dixie Darling
  10. 130.My Heart's Tonight In Texas
  11. 131.My Home Among The Hills
  12. 132.My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountain
  13. 133.My Native Home
  14. 134.My Old Cottage Home
  15. 135.My Texas Girl


  1. 136.Never Let the Devil Get The Upper Hand Of You
  2. 137.No Depression In Heaven
  3. 138.No Hiding Place Down Here
  4. 139.No Other's Bride I'll Be
  5. 140.No Telephone In Heaven


  1. 141.Oh Take Me Back
  2. 142.On A Hill Lone And Gray
  3. 143.On My Way To Canaan's Land
  4. 144.On The Rock Where Moses Stood
  5. 145.On the Sea of Galilee
  6. 146.Over the Garden Wall


  1. 147.Poor Orphan Child
  2. 148.Prisoner’s Song


  1. 149.Railroading on the Great Divide
  2. 150.Rambling Boy
  3. 151.River Of Jordan
  4. 152.Room In Heaven For Me


  1. 153.Sailor Boy
  2. 154.See That My Grave is Kept Green
  3. 155.Sinking In The Lonesome Sea
  4. 156.Something Got A Hold Of Me
  5. 157.Sow 'Em On The Mountain
  6. 158.Stern Old Bachelor
  7. 159.Storms Are On The Ocean
  8. 160.Sunshine In The Shadows
  9. 161.Sweet Fern
  10. 162.Sweet Heaven In My View
  11. 163.Sweet Mount'n Home


  1. 164.The Birds Were Singing Of You
  2. 165.The Church In The Wildwood
  3. 166.The Homestead On The Farm
  4. 167.The Little Black Train
  5. 168.The Spirit Of Love Watches Over Me
  6. 169.The Sun Of The Soul
  7. 170.The Wayworn Traveler
  8. 171.The Winding Stream
  9. 172.The Wonderful City
  10. 173.There'll Be Joy, Joy, Joy
  11. 174.There'll Be No Distinction
  12. 175.There's Someone Awaiting For Me


  1. 176.Wabash Cannonball
  2. 177.Waves On The Sea
  3. 178.We Shall Rise
  4. 179.Weary Prodigal Son
  5. 180.When The Roses Bloom In Dixieland
  6. 181.When the Roses Come Again
  7. 182.When The Springtime Comes Again
  8. 183.When The World's On Fire
  9. 184.When This Evening Sun Goes Down
  10. 185.Where Shall I Be
  11. 186.Where We'll Never Grow Old
  12. 187.Wildwood Flower
  13. 188.Will My Mother Know Me There
  14. 189.Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  15. 190.Will The Roses Bloom In Heaven
  16. 191.Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone?
  17. 192.Worried Man Blues


  1. 193.You Are My Flower
  2. 194.You Tied A Love Knot In My Heart
  3. 195.You're Gonna Be Sorry You Let Me Down
  4. 196.You've Been Fooling Me Baby
  5. 197.Your Mother Still Prays For You, Jack


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