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Car Of Pain

The Arrogant Worms

43 exibições

I bought me an auto
An '81 Ford Escort Wagon
Now the fan it be broke
And the tail-pipe it be draggin'
I feel like a schlemiel
My mechanic's fit for hangin'

I got to go to Rust Check
Bout the price I'll be hagglin'
I can't drive it home 'cause
The muffler it be saggin'

Got a car full of pain!
Satan's is my engine
Beelzebub's in my trunk
Mephistopheles' at the wheel
Because I'm too gosh darn drunk
Baal's my passenger
And Lucifer's beside him
A demon's in the coolant

I got bats in the transmission
This Escort needs an exorcism
Pan is to blame
Got a car full of pain!

I put a tiger in my tank
I let a champ spark my gas
Now I got's a demon in the hood
A pain in the ass
I think the seats are broken
(Oh no!)

(*spoken* Okay play us some blues on that harp.. Blind
Lemon Trevor!*)

*Trevor plays somewhat badly*
Please please mister
Take your blessed wrench

Cast out this demon horde
And replace the brimstone stench
With the smell of gasoline
A heavenly muffled roar
I'll worship you oh Speedy man
Mister Goodwrench even more

Let it run
Let it run
Let it run
Oh God, let it run!

And now it purrs just like a kitten
It roars just like a lion

It runs just like a temple golden
Carved by the Mayans
Here comes the mechanic
Oh no, how much?
Four hundred bucks?!
You piece of slime!
You smell and you suck!
Your father was a jackal
Your mom's his sister's bitch

Got a car full of pain!
Yeah I got a car full of pain!
I got a car full of pain!
I got a car full of pain!
Got a car full of pain!
I got a car full of pain!
I got a car full of pain!
Car full of
Car full of
Car full of pain!

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  109. 109.The Arrogant Worms - The Golf Song
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  112. 112.The Arrogant Worms - Dog Named Bob
  113. 113.The Arrogant Worms - Oh God, I'm Santa Claus
  114. 114.The Arrogant Worms - A Real Letter From A Real Yahoo
  115. 115.The Arrogant Worms - Real Letter From A Real Yahoo
  116. 116.The Arrogant Worms - Goin Huntin
  117. 117.The Arrogant Worms - Baby Poo
  118. 118.The Arrogant Worms - Cows With Guns
  119. 119.The Arrogant Worms - It's Great To Be A Nerd
  120. 120.The Arrogant Worms - Toronto Sucks
  121. 121.The Arrogant Worms - Fuzzy Dice
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