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Cam' Ye O'er Frae France

Steeleye Span

20 exibições

(hogg's "jacobite reliques")
Cam ye o'er frae france?
Cam ye doon by lunnon?
Saw ye geordie whelps
And his bonnie woman?
Oh, weren't ye at the place
Called the kittle housie?
Saw ye geordie's grace
A-ridin' on a goosie?
Geordie, he's a man,
There is little doot o't,
And he's done a' he can,
All can dae wi'oot it,
Doon there cam' a blade,
Linkin' like ma lordie,
He wad drive a trade
At the loom o' geordie.
Though the claith were bad,
Blythly may we niffer
Gin we git oor wab,
It makes little differ,
We hae tint oor plaid,
Bonnet, belt and swordie
Ha's and mailin's braid,
But we hae oor geordie.
Jocky's gone to france,
And montgomery's lady
There will learn to dance;
Madam, are ye ready?
They'll be back belyve,
Belted brisk and lordly,
Brawly, may they thrive
To dance a jig wi' geordie!
Hey for sandy don,
Hey for cockalorum,
Hey for bobbin' john,
And his hielan' quorum!
Mony a sword and lance
Swings at hielan hurdie;
How they'll skip and dance
O'er the bum o' geordie!
Note: when george i imported his seraglio of impoverished gentlewomen
From germany, he provided the jacobite songwriters with material for
Some of their most ribald verses. madame kilmansegge, countess of platen,
Is referred to exclusively as "the sow" in the songs, while the king's
Favorite mistress, the lean and haggard madame schulemburg (afterwards
Named duchess of kendall) was given the name of "the goose". she is the
"goosie" referred to in this song. the "blade" is the count koningsmark.
"bobbing john refers to john, earl of mar, who was at the time recruiting
Highlanders for the hanoverian cause. "geordie whelps" is, of course,

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