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Times Changed

Roger Daltrey

8 exibições

Everybody knows
That times changed
Times changed

Some boys look older
And the young ones smile in jest
Lads born to be the chosen one
While the wise man sings in the cuckoo’s nest
I walked the West End late last night
After seein’ an old friend of mine
We talked about this place and the way it was
When a bloke could get a break before these

Times changed
These times changed
These times changed

I heard a DJ spin in Brixton
Some of that fresh massive attack
Here in the house of mass consumption
Where the ecstasy goes fast
On the screen in this month’s fashion
Lots of leather and a tattooed breast
Better this than some guru
Who’s trying to teach you how to live
When you know
Times changed
Times changed
You know times changed
Times changed

I saw a bastard slap his girl around
I said man have you gone mad
What’s gotten into you
That’s makin’ you so bad
You think love is anything when you
Can’t get work
You think life is on TV
Then he turned up some of that speed metal
And said this is what I think

I rode the East End early yesterday
I was hit by the way it’s changed
From the days of Krays in my teenage years
When we all knew our place
Now the welfare state is a state of wealth
For some the hope is gone
And a cardboard box in Westminster is hard to
Call a home but you know

Times changed
Times changed
Times changed
Times changed
Everybody knows
Everybody knows
They know that times changed…

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  82. 82.Roger Daltrey - Doing It All Again
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