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Patty Loveless

4.114 exibições

Todas as Letras de Patty Loveless


  1. 001.A Handful Of Dust
  2. 002.A Little Bit In Love
  3. 003.A Little On The Lonely Side
  4. 004.A Thousand Times A Day
  5. 005.After All
  6. 006.All I Need (Is Not To Need You)
  7. 007.Away In A Manger


  1. 008.Baby's Gone Blues
  2. 009.Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem
  3. 010.Big Chance
  4. 011.Blame It On Your Heart
  5. 012.Blue Is Not A Word
  6. 013.Blue Memories
  7. 014.Blue Side Of Town
  8. 015.Born-Again Fool
  9. 016.Boys Are Back In Town
  10. 017.Bramble And The Rose
  11. 018.Busted


  1. 019.Can't Get Enough
  2. 020.Can't Stop Myself From Loving You
  3. 021.Chains
  4. 022.Christmas Time's A Comin'


  1. 023.Daniel Prayed
  2. 024.Diamond In My Crown
  3. 025.Don't Toss Us Away
  4. 026.Draggin' My Heart Around
  5. 027.Dreamin' My Dreams


  1. 028.Everybody's Equal In The Eyes Of Love
  2. 029.Everything But The Words


  1. 030.Feelin' Good About Feelin' Bad
  2. 031.Feelings Of Love
  3. 032.Fly Away
  4. 033.Fools Thin Air


  1. 034.Go On
  2. 035.God Will


  1. 036.Half Over You
  2. 037.Halfway Down
  3. 038.Here I Am
  4. 039.High on Love
  5. 040.Higher Than The Wall
  6. 041.How About You
  7. 042.How Can I Help You To Say Goodbye?
  8. 043.Hurt Me Bad (In A Real Good Way


  1. 044.I Already Miss You (Like You're Already Gone)
  2. 045.I Came Straight To You
  3. 046.I Can't Get You Off My Mind
  4. 047.I Can't Stop Myself From Loving You
  5. 048.I Did
  6. 049.I Don't Wanna Be That Strong
  7. 050.I Don't Want To Feel Like That
  8. 051.I Just Wanna Be Loved By You
  9. 052.I Know You're Married
  10. 053.I Miss Who I Was (With You)
  11. 054.I Try To Think About Elvis
  12. 055.I Wanna Believe
  13. 056.I Won't Gamble With Your Love
  14. 057.I'm On Your Side
  15. 058.I'm That Kind Of Girl
  16. 059.I've Got To Stop Loving You And Start Living Again
  17. 060.If It's The Last Thing I Do
  18. 061.If My Heart Had Windows
  19. 062.If You Don't Want Me
  20. 063.If You Think


  1. 064.Jealous Bone
  2. 065.Joy To The World (Patty Loveless with Jon Randall)
  3. 066.Just Someone I Used To Know


  1. 067.Keep Your Distance
  2. 068.Key Of Love


  1. 069.Last In A Long Lonesome Line
  2. 070.Last Thing On My Mind
  3. 071.Like Water Into Wine
  4. 072.Little Drummer Boy (Patty Loveless with Rebecca Lynn Howard)
  5. 073.Lonely Days, Lonely Nights
  6. 074.Lonely Too Long
  7. 075.Long Stretch of Lonesome
  8. 076.Lonley Side Of Love
  9. 077.Lookin' For A Heartache Like You
  10. 078.Looking In The Eyes Of Love
  11. 079.Love Builds The Bridges (Pride Builds The Walls)
  12. 080.Lovin' All Night


  1. 081.Mr. Man In The Moon
  2. 082.My Heart Will Never Break This Way Again
  3. 083.My Kind Of Woman/My Kind Of Man
  4. 084.My Old Friend The Blues


  1. 085.Never Ending Song Of Love
  2. 086.Nobody Here By That Name
  3. 087.Nobody Loves You Like I Do
  4. 088.Nothin' Like The Lonely
  5. 089.Nothing But The Wheel


  1. 090.O Little Town Of Bethlehem
  2. 091.Old Soul
  3. 092.Old Weakness (Coming On Strong)
  4. 093.On Down The Line
  5. 094.On The Verge Of Tears
  6. 095.On Your Way Home
  7. 096.Once In A Lifetime
  8. 097.Out of Control Raging Fire
  9. 098.Over My Shoulder
  10. 099.Overtime


  1. 100.Pieces Of The Ground
  2. 101.Pretty Little Miss
  3. 102.Prisoner's Tears


  1. 103.Rise Up Lazarus


  1. 104.Same Kind of Crazy
  2. 105.She Drew A Broken Heart
  3. 106.She Never Stopped Loving Him
  4. 107.Ships
  5. 108.Silent Night
  6. 109.Silver Bells
  7. 110.Slow Healin' Heart
  8. 111.So Good To Be In Love
  9. 112.Some Blue Moons Ago
  10. 113.Some Morning Soon
  11. 114.Someday I Will Lead The Parade
  12. 115.Someone I Used to Know
  13. 116.Sorrowful Angels
  14. 117.Soul of Constant Sorrow
  15. 118.Sounds Of Loneliness
  16. 119.Strong Heart


  1. 120.Tear-stained Letter
  2. 121.That's Exactly What I Mean
  3. 122.That's The Kind Of Mood I'm In
  4. 123.The Boys Are Back In Town
  5. 124.The First Noel
  6. 125.The Grandpa That I Know
  7. 126.The Key of Love
  8. 127.The Lonely Side Of Love
  9. 128.The Night's Too Long
  10. 129.The Party Ain't Over Yet
  11. 130.The Rainbow Down The Road
  12. 131.The Richest Fool Alive
  13. 132.The Trouble With The Truth
  14. 133.Thirsty
  15. 134.Thirsty (Patty Loveless/Travis Tritt
  16. 135.Timber I'm Fallin' In Love
  17. 136.To Feel That Way At All
  18. 137.To Have You Back Again
  19. 138.Too Many Memories
  20. 139.Two Coats


  1. 140.Waitin' For The Phone To Ring
  2. 141.We Are All / Children Of Abraham
  3. 142.What's A Broken Heart
  4. 143.When I Reach The Place I'm Going
  5. 144.When The Fallen Angels Fly
  6. 145.Where I'm Bound
  7. 146.Wicked Ways
  8. 147.Wine Women and Song
  9. 148.Workin' Man's Hands
  10. 149.Working On A Building


  1. 150.You Burned The Bridge
  2. 151.You Can Feel Bad
  3. 152.You Can't Run Away From Your Heart
  4. 153.You Don't Even Know Who I Am
  5. 154.You Don't Get No More
  6. 155.You Don't Know How Lucky You Are
  7. 156.You Don't Seem To Miss Me
  8. 157.You Will
  9. 158.You'll Never Leave Harlan Alive
  10. 159.You're So Cool


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