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Nat Stuckey

2.628 exibições

Todas as Letras de Nat Stuckey


  1. 001.Alabama Wild Man
  2. 002.All My Good Times Are Gone
  3. 003.All My Tomorrows
  4. 004.Always Late (with Your Kisses)
  5. 005.Amanda
  6. 006.Anywhere I Am


  1. 007.Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me
  2. 008.Bad Moon Rising
  3. 009.Before I Found The Wine
  4. 010.Brown Eyed Handsome Man
  5. 011.By The Time I Get To Phoenix


  1. 012.Caffein Nicotine Benzedrine (and Wish Me Luck)
  2. 013.Can't You See
  3. 014.Carolyn
  4. 015.Clean Up Your Own Backyard
  5. 016.Crumbs From The Table (with connie smith)
  6. 017.Crystal Chandeliers
  7. 018.Cut Across Shorty


  1. 019.Daddy Sang Bass (with connie smith)
  2. 020.Delta Dawn
  3. 021.Did You Let Your Light Shine (with connie smith)
  4. 022.Don't Pay The Ransom
  5. 023.Don't You Believe Her
  6. 024.Don't You Ever Get Tired (of Hurtin' Me)
  7. 025.Dreams Of The Everyday Housewife


  1. 026.Easy Lovin'
  2. 027.Even The Bad Times Are Good (with connie smith)


  1. 028.Folsom Prison Blues
  2. 029.For The Good Times
  3. 030.Forgive Me For Calling You Darling


  1. 031.Gardener For Her Roses
  2. 032.God Will (with connie smith)
  3. 033.Good Hearted Woman
  4. 034.Good Hearted Woman 2
  5. 035.Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
  6. 036.Got It Comin' Day


  1. 037.Half The Love
  2. 038.Harper Valley P.T.A
  3. 039.He Turned The Water Into Wine (with Connie Smith)
  4. 040.He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
  5. 041.Hello Darlin'
  6. 042.Help Me Make It Through The Night
  7. 043.Here I Go Again
  8. 044.Hound Dog
  9. 045.House Of The Rising Sun
  10. 046.How Much More Can She Stand


  1. 047.I Believe In You
  2. 048.I Can't Stop Loving You
  3. 049.I Got You
  4. 050.I Knew Her When
  5. 051.I Never Once Stopped Loving You
  6. 052.I Sure do Enjoy Loving You
  7. 053.I Used It All On You
  8. 054.I Wonder (where The Bird Flies)
  9. 055.I'll Share My World With You
  10. 056.I'm Gonna Act Right
  11. 057.If God Is Dead (who's This Living For My Soul)
  12. 058.In The Ghetto
  13. 059.In The Year 2525 (exordius And Terminus)
  14. 060.Is Anybody Going To San Antone
  15. 061.Is It Any Wonder That I Love You
  16. 062.It Takes Me All Night Long
  17. 063.It's Impossible (somos Novios)


  1. 064.Last One To Touch Me
  2. 065.Let It Be Me
  3. 066.Letter
  4. 067.Letter To Shirley
  5. 068.Life
  6. 069.Listen To The Band
  7. 070.Lookin' For a Way
  8. 071.Love Me
  9. 072.Love Takes Care Of Me
  10. 073.Lovin' On Backstreets
  11. 074.Loving Her Was Easier
  12. 075.Loving You
  13. 076.Lucille


  1. 077.Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys
  2. 078.Man That I Am
  3. 079.Margaritaville
  4. 080.My Can do Can't Keep Up With My Want To


  1. 081.Never Ending Song Of Love
  2. 082.No One Will Ever Know I Lied (but Me)
  3. 083.Now Lonely Is Only a Word
  4. 084.Now Lord What Can I do For You


  1. 085.Oh Lonesome Me
  2. 086.On The Other Hand
  3. 087.One Mile More
  4. 088.Only a Woman Like You


  1. 089.Plastic Saddle
  2. 090.Pop a Top


  1. 091.Raining In My Heart
  2. 092.Rainy Night In Georgia
  3. 093.Roll Over Beethoven
  4. 094.Round And Round
  5. 095.Ruby Don't Take Your Love To Town


  1. 096.Sadness Follows Me Home
  2. 097.She Thinks I Still Care
  3. 098.She Wakes Me With a Kiss Every Morning
  4. 099.She's All I Got
  5. 100.Sock It To Me Country Style
  6. 101.Something Pretty
  7. 102.Son Of a Bum
  8. 103.Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp
  9. 104.Stand Beside Me
  10. 105.Statue Of a Fool
  11. 106.Sunday Morning
  12. 107.Sunday Morning Coming Down
  13. 108.Sweet Thang
  14. 109.Sweet Thang And Cisco


  1. 110.Take Me Home Country Roads
  2. 111.Take Time To Love Her
  3. 112.Talk Back
  4. 113.Tears Tears
  5. 114.That's All That Matters
  6. 115.There's a Lot More
  7. 116.These Eyes
  8. 117.This Guy's In Love With You
  9. 118.To My Sorrow
  10. 119.Together Again
  11. 120.Together Alone
  12. 121.Two Together


  1. 122.Waitin' In Your Welfare Line
  2. 123.Walk Through This World With Me
  3. 124.Way Up On The Mountain
  4. 125.Welcome To My World
  5. 126.Well It's All Right
  6. 127.Weren't The Roses Beautiful In May
  7. 128.What Am I Doing In L.A.
  8. 129.What's Made Milwaukee Famous
  9. 130.When Is a Kiss Really a Kiss
  10. 131.When You're Hot You're Hot
  11. 132.Whiskey Whiskey
  12. 133.Whispering Hope
  13. 134.Whole Lot Of Lonesome Ago
  14. 135.Wine In The Cellar
  15. 136.With Pen In Hand
  16. 137.Woman Of Hurt


  1. 138.You Make Me Feel Like a Man
  2. 139.You're Puttin' Me On
  3. 140.Young Love
  4. 141.Yours Love


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