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The Last Supper

Killah Priest

35 exibições

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Our Father going through Heaven I'll be thy ming
They Kingdom Come and will be done
And Earth does it in (.. ? ..)

[Killah Priest]
The last supper, Christ around the master brothers
Same story but this time they have color
Stars and moon hover, everybody wrapped in covers
In the upper, the lamb's tell him what he has to suffer
Last cup of wine poured, a knock at the door
Simon Peter had his hand locked on the sword
Every eye watched the Lord to see what he do
But he was peaceful, before he knew
The time was at hand, they should kill the Son of Man
So the man sat down, all the disciples around him
Him and his center, then entered the twelth member
And Christ reached down, took a loaf of bread
Divided it amongst twelve heads
Then he spoke and this is what he said
"This is my body for rememberance, I'm dead
Likewise, after we sup', in this cup is my blood
Which shall be shed for you for the love"
He said his grace then "Let's grub"
Everyone dug in their plate by Christ's face didn't budge
I guess he was searching who the snake was
Then he said "Also one of you shall betray me"
Take Matthew, looked at him like he was crazy
He felt scared then they all worried
Asked him, "Who could it be?"
Then he said, "The one who dipped his hand in the dish with me
At the same time I do mine that shall be the sign"
His head in a forward direction, he reached down
Across the table, Judas reaches like his own shadow reflection
I guess every could stop guessing
So Judas looked around the table like "What the fuck?"
He got up and walked out
Everyone shocked, covered their mouth
(Oh shit that's Judas son? I can't believe it!)

[Chorus: Killah Priest]
In the day that we live
We live, never consider those that were here before us
Did the same deeds so they wrote to warn us
Though as it was written, let it be told
Check for the clues as the story unfolds

[Killah Priest]
So the Messiah chased him to Mount Olive
Told every man to stay awake, at least to daybreak
Beware of traitors and snakes, keep the faith
Describe your falecies after me, then the chapter reads.
Upon the hill where he kept it real, he knealed
Told the Lord, if it's his will, let it done
The death of his son, will have his reward when the ressurection comes
Then he rode from his prayer, glored of his hair, walked down from the lair
Saw his disciples lying there, screamed on them
With that he walked back to his PJ's
Then he begins to talk about how he's betrayed
Die and rise in three days and Peter so afraid
That he spoke out in rage, stop the land from speaking
He said, "Whoever put his hand on my Lord, we'll kill 'em all
This is the acts of a real Christian", but Christ just listened
Leaned back recalled a vision, told him coldly
"In the final hour, before the rooster crows three times
You will deny that you every known me"
At the same time Judas comes back with a money sack
attached to his jock strap, gave him a kiss on the jaw
Christ asked, "What was that for?"
Soldiers kicked in the back door
Like cops, Peter whipped out the ox

[Interlude: Killah Priest]
Damn.. to be continued
Then.. a View From Masada
You'll know the stories unfold every time

[Killah Priest]
Shots were fired, screeching tires, cars peal off
Screaming kid knealing by the sidewalk
Cops swarming at night dressed like cyborgs
Villains escaped from a time off
In 2000, crime in New York.

[Outro: ???]
We all go blood, we all gon' go
Look at these thugs man, we all gon' go
We all got a plate to eat
You know? You know? Times of New York

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