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Killah Priest

31 exibições

[Intro: Killah Priest]
Yeah, breathe in, Priesthood
Let's do it...

[Killah Priest]
Slug out, never that, young dude, clever cat
Eat shit, smoke spliffs, get high, reminisce
Innocence, bulletproof, any one, pullin' through
Junior High, do it fly, fuck in grade Summer school
Comin' through, get me drunk, blunted too, every month
Hundred shoes, every son, wanted jewels, never front
Got older, hunger grew, watched most the younger fools
Squat out from the guns they usin', not close to the most of them
Quarter rolls, microphones, one, two, revolution
Sons due, evolution, in a rhyme, ghetto music
In the mind, cuz I'm movin, in time, intwine
Lines all out of ideas, thoughts expose the road
Painted pictures, mask very clear, like a spear
Fallin' from the atmos, my raps soaked in the pages
Kids I play with, different flavors, instant paper
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Chorus 2X: Killah Priest]
I just breathe, the breathe of life in the mics
Feel my notepads with sites, now, guide you like God did to Israelites
I just breathe, the breathe'll in whole tap
Into my cassettes, fate awakin' you, holdin' in like herb in your chest

[Killah Priest]
I'd rather spit it to it right, then a dome
Like a jewel in a throne, microphone, recite a poem
Hypotone, mellow out the ghetto route, track thugs meadow out
Crack blood devil house, gat slugs, here's your addict
Pushers of conceited habits, took us, look and seen me mad it
Cash laws, blast hog, gas talk in the hood
Black boars, burnin' wood, crack walls turnin' good
Nickel bags, crystal mag, blackout, semi' four
Black watch, ready for war, sasquatch, fantastic four
Blood, strength, through the Clan, wear the colors of our black
Love our mothers, love our dads, sister drug out on that glass
You ain't mad when they ain't sell refer, jump out the window, chasin' Jesus
Hunt me in the garbage, told me, he's a prophet
Used to recite scriptures, and dust, now our skin poppin'
Gems drop in '88, baby cake, first born
I'm crazy late, words long, worst one was '91

[Chorus 2X]

[Killah Priest]
Second son, I'm stressin' young, blesses come, record deal
Kept it real, tess my skills, '96, my third born
Word born, vicious like he held him tight, and mellow hobby
I'm the father and the author, change my name to Masada
First rhyme, search mine, first crime, I stole a ring
Sold it, soak in dreams, felt guilty but the feelin' passed
Learned to put, all my feelings in my past
Kids that had a thinking, took my books and bring
Gave you read, all these laws
Blow coasts, smoke spliff, old flicks, focused
Flip cake, chicks scrape, that's me, thick braids
Swift blade, in the pockets, sick days in the projects
Slick way, I'm the stocking cap, I just got in rap
Family, photo albums, gun, drugs, know the outcome
Book, sweater, picture very, wedding flicks, obituraries
Lyrics that be military, haunt you like a cemetary
Hahahah... breathe in

[Chorus 2X]

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  32. 32.Killah Priest - If I Die
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  39. 39.Killah Priest - Greyhound Part 2
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  44. 44.Killah Priest - My Life
  45. 45.Killah Priest - First time in rap history
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  48. 48.Killah Priest - Breathe
  49. 49.Killah Priest - The One
  50. 50.Killah Priest - Horsemen Talk
  51. 51.Killah Priest - Militant
  52. 52.Killah Priest - Almost There
  53. 53.Killah Priest - Priesthood
  54. 54.Killah Priest - The Law
  55. 55.Killah Priest - Blessed Are Those
  56. 56.Killah Priest - Theme Song
  57. 57.Killah Priest - Deja Vu
  58. 58.Killah Priest - Atoms to Adams
  59. 59.Killah Priest - Wisdom
  60. 60.Killah Priest - My Hood
  61. 61.Killah Priest - Greatest Lesson
  62. 62.Killah Priest - Ghetto Government
  63. 63.Killah Priest - When I'm Writing
  64. 64.Killah Priest - What Part Of The Game
  65. 65.Killah Priest - Time
  66. 66.Killah Priest - Cross My Heart
  67. 67.Killah Priest - Thug Revelations
  68. 68.Killah Priest - Maccabean Revolt
  69. 69.Killah Priest - Crusaids
  70. 70.Killah Priest - Fall Of Solomon

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