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Almost There

Killah Priest

19 exibições

First time in rap history
Your mind will be tooken to a level

Prepare yourself

When I relax with thoughts, then my brain
Hovers new york, my third eye glides with the view like a hawk
Defined, my mind is automatic, rhymes are tragic
Fount in the attic, lost you in asia, minor, find you in amazin
Beams I’m supreme my mindstate is like a dream, stargazer
Scarred from the radar, beyond gods and bombs and airwaves
And channels; desert rats and camels, reptiles and mammals
Stand wisdom daniel, and man who is samuel
Ezekiel’s gonna overthrow in trees in hills and mountains
Fountains rivers lakes brooks and ponds
Inhabit by rabbit snakes and swans
Energy is solar life barreling beyond the sun controller
Over jehovah through the days of noah, tremendous speed
I ride the octavus seed, black seed, sea of caspainian
Persian gulf all the way to the mediterranean
City of atlantis, skin is gettin tight as a mantis
Styles organic, mechanic seagulls, swings over the eagles
Soars over the cathedral built durin the medieval
Shall remain in the ordained byzantine empire
Take you higher one stage is a mass of fire, but sting like
Niger your archrival constantine, dark ages got sparked
Through the stages, 3m7 ages
Constantinople ruled mobile seeking global filled with
Motion over the odds of oceans, scan the land, every inch
Of the sand, never bring plans, animals woman child and man
Beasts and fish every inch length and width
Come through the abyss, over egypt..
This odyssey, more angles than photography
More exotic pusses erotic like pornography..

Am I almost there?
Yeah I’m almost there?
Am I almost there?
Yeah I’m almost there?

Am I almost there?

I’m a space cadet from a tape in the cassette, player
By fasting and prayer, I’m passing the ozone layer
I meditate in the mere, top of skyscrapers
Grew through a nature, droppin blew through a vapor
Then there’s paper, the wind that take ya, quiet as
The breath in your nose appear in the cold from the depths of my soul
Which has no weight, constant rotate at a slow rate
Through the black hole, purple rainbows in kuwait
Destination operation alternation of the sun
Circuit stars positions seasons that weigh a ton
And mortalic through galaxies I’m burning, it’s like
The accomplished, plus the comets keeps turning
Beautiful virgin release every burden, I travel when I preheated
The urban, hit the firmament and shock waves are permanent
Rays of children gaze and stand amazed, so long I’m gone
To the place paul apostle was born
Which is in tarses, small city in solicia
Then I move south, all the way to nigeria, golden tigers
Travel all the way to syria, mesopatamia
All the way to syria, euphrates to the urban child these
Of the high land located near iran
Fertile crescent, til I reach a section, from each direction
From east to west and, from north to south
All over the equator, neptune from the womb
Of the creator; killah priest dyin sheep from the middle east
I’m almost there so prepare I say peace... peace...

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