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When It's Time


39 exibições

[Verse 1:]
Say Man, think you can outspeak us
I'll tape your mouth shut and make you keep on throwing up until your cheeks bust
My pentacol is where no men will go
My winds count twice bro so after my fifth battle I was ten and O
I blow your chest away, low is where it's best to lay
I did everything on your career resume yesterday
Better call some help but by the time they come
You'll be ate up like a baseball team leading nine to one
You never made a mixtape so stop bluffing
In the rap game you like Larry Fix-Gerrel cause you don't drop nothing
Your chance to ever win or hit a dead end
Soon as I put the thread in?, begins to set in
You constipating dissing, better back off man
The only thing stornger than my flow is your jackoff hand
His momma told him if he lose he bet not come back in that fence
That was five years ago this fool ain't seen his momma since

When It's Time To Rhyme
I don't say nothing I just dump
Words pumping from my throat executing rappers who bump
When It's Time To Rhyme
Some starts ripping and other fold
I'm leaving the seeds lock in a verbal submission hole
When It's Time To Rhyme
Suckers get nervous and try to walk
Cause they specializing in a bunch of studio talk
When It's Time To Rhyme
Boys hang they mics on the shelfs
It's only two types of rapper me and everybody else

[Verse 2:]
That verse you said about me, you goin' pay for that
Apologizing ass like ya grandma giving breast implants to late for that
So you a consist reenactment of slackness
You got a practice just to work your way up to wackness
I'm blowing skin patches off rappers and going savage
You've become a statistic like an athlete scoring average
I should smack ya just for trying that bull
He so dumb he tried to leave me a voicemail and telling me mine was full
To me it seems like you haven't been rehearsing in awhile
I reverse the frown on my face and curse you with a smile
I don't have to tell the people that you get worse with ever style
Cause when they hear you was a parent, like a person with a child
The burden of being this great, you know you can't shoulder it
So like the Doc on the lower case side trick get over it
Another day, another verse to say, another flow to spit
Cause like a pigeon in Alaska, trick I drop the coldest shit


[Verse 3:]
You wanna roll to descruction I'm mapping the course for ya
If you married to the game, then I'm the divorce lawyer
I punch you would you have see fight a bees
Step to me and I'll promise you get touched more then tight right of keys
Me and you, no comparassion son
You couldn't be in the same breath as me if we was sharing a lung
And it ain't wise criticizing my skill
That's suicide like an Indy 500 driver that sleep at the wheel
I reveal coward rappers talking about they use guns
The only nine you ever touched was followed by two ones
My rhyme shcemes are out of your most exotic dreams
Eternal while yours go bad like ruffold cologreens
When I step in I'm focused, I'll spit a dragon flame to win
No one remembers loses by the way what was your name again
I'm known to bust a lyrical cap
And splat a fragment on the glow so I guess you can say I put'chu on the map


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