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Holla At Me


14 exibições

Look mayne
I know I ain't telling you nothing you don't already know
Sometimes it's good just at the same thang just to get it in ya brain
Pick yourself up
Get back on ya notes ya feel me

[Verse 1:]
Don't let nobody undermined you
Just grind and remain on the post you was assign too
Don't let money and cars blind you
Just take the time to look inside in yourself and find you
Whatever you was is now history
Whatever you are is not greater then what you will be
I'm talking to you, you listening to me?
Your activity is the key not just wishing to be
Why believe when you can know, why hope when you can pray?
Why quit when you can win, why leave when you can stay?
If you wanna put the weed or the drank or the crack down
Fight it like a soldier don't back down
Mind to yourself just habit was given
How can an anonymous object rule something that's limited?
Every minute of the day we got our minds thinking of you
We all got sin so we won't judge you we love you

[Chorus: x2]
If you ever wanna talk about it (holla at me)
Pick the phone up or come by and (holla at me)
No matter what time of day and night (holla at me)
Don't ever feel like ya bothered with ya boy listen

[Verse 2:]
I'm try'na get you out the bed before ya life is finished
But you keep asking me for five more minutes
If you add up all the extra five minutes of sleep
Then you done slept over the years you done wasted nine weeks
At some point you gotta do it yourself
You a culminating dust just like a book on a shelf
I ain't saying what I'm saying just to preach or to bore you
I rather teach you how to fish then keep catching em for you
You process so much talent and depth
But the problem that I see is you goin challenge yourself
It's alot of success from people who be defeated
And tried to fail multiple times before they finally succeed it
You was blessed with the very same thang they got
The only differences between you and them is they didn't stop
Keep yourself up player, stay focus and driven
Cause when you stop chasing ya dreams is when ya stop living

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Don't let the pressure stress ya
You can't go through life feeling like the world won't test ya
What's done is done that milk is spilt
It ain't mentally good for ya to keep holding that guilt
Confessional is step 1, changing is step 2
Problem is everybody forgave you except you
If I don't give you this advice what kind of friend would I be?
I'm telling you the same things I would want you to tell me
Feeling sorry for our self, acting like people owe us
Always gravitating toward things that ain't good for us
And girl don't get all depressed over a dawg from ya past
It's like being sad cause the garbage man picked up the trash
You might be blinded by emotional or sometime a friend
Can access your world better from the outside looking within
I can ride with you to the end if I lead you great
But if you don't think you are, my thoughts carried no weight

[Chorus x2]

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