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God's Voice


31 exibições

The self-designed first mind
The define essence transferred throughout multiple vessels overtime
For what nine maker of sunshine
Righteously incline affected wisdom in His inertial confine
Standing paramount if there's a doubt he'll cast or aura out
You get a count for every human thought and molecule and his whereabouts
Without Him no material or life form would existed an ounce
The author of the galaxies the one who atheist denounced
God can speak to you in an unknown voice
But it's best line in contact is through your own voice
The one inside you that guides you
And helps you rise through the rough times and derivate pride like the wise do
Will you hear it? Will you recognize it?
It's obvious that it's deposited within you but self-hatred disguise it
He's speaks too us then through us then feeses His spirit
But before you could speak the word you first gotta hear it

Now that God is talking, who is listening?
He sent the message to the shrimpers and the fisherman
To the weatherman and all the economist
The media mobiles down to your local gossip columnist
He warns what the problem is
Stop doing the following worshipping corporations that hollow out nations and swallow men
Exploiting the woman and children
Fooling the citizens by blowing up the buildings
Using the prophet's name to disguise the dirty religion
Keeping the racism 'cross the state of division
So God's in-division is instrumental
The sister is corrupt from the jaw up to the presidential
And higher levels, where you get higher knowledge you see the higher devils
Rapid fire from rebels and greater odds
Will you learn to speak the language of God?
Figuring out who is really talking and his name isn't hard
You can pick out the flaws
And avoid not hearing the truth, you can trace the prove back to his roots
And what he constitutes meaning what is consistent of
The main characteristic of what I'm speaking of is love

Have you ever heard the voice of God and obeying what was said?
Heard the voice in ya head and thought back to the bible you read?
Well I do it, it happens all the time each and everyday
To know the word and not obey, my life is in disarray
Chance after chance but I come up with the same ole song
Not taking his grace for granted but still I choose Him right over wrong
I hear God's voice and it's powerful, full of conviction
Never a contradiction, just rules to defeat the opposition
Have you ever heard a God works in mysterious ways?
And will never let'cha down and deserves a limited praise?
Listen close and pay attention, he ain't hard to find
Some say he might not come when ya want but he's right on time
He ain't goin force you to follow him when you hear his voice
He leaves it all up to you, so you make the choice
And I believe that with every ounce of body and soul
So be a leader to His commandments to reach the ultimate goal

Eh, Yeah
I hear Him
Even at the time I felt the presents of God walking with me
Talking to me, but the darkness in me would argue with He
I borrow my own conscience till my conscience with God's responsive
Rushing full speed ahead with the nonsense
He dig what I wanted walking a fine line between sanity and insanity
Evolve the seven devils envy, greed, lust, and vanity
But it was ware to set me on the path to being the main? niffa?
With my gift became crisper for God's voice became a whisper
I was OG you knew me, hose be like whose he?
Cause I got my paper either by oozy or ooze
I'm really started to lose me, chained by my own pain
With the God I was His people till his voice became a mutant
And I can't change years
I lost my mother and my son in the same year
And I still can't hear after death came near
I'm slipping into adult war
To the honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan I heard God's voice

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