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Flow Session Number 2


20 exibições

Can you imagine a place?
Where all the trials and tribulations in the world...
Don't existed, [laughs]
It's a real place
But right now it only existed through man's mind because...
The reality of it is that...
Until a time comes for you to get there... [laughs]
And you can only picture it...
So what I wanna do is try to give you a little sneak preview of...
My perception
Watch this

Nothing but happiness and peace felt daily
A place where ya children and babies can play safely
Where people genuinely, believe in being friendly
No such thing as hatred and no memory of envy
When no problems to face every morning when you awaken
You can sleep with doors wide open and nobody'll break in
Where love's force field is too solid to be shaken
Where each child grows up to be great women and great men
No depression or loneliness and no sad moments
And people full-grown who never heard of being homeless
Will we manifested our gifts and no dream is to distance
And they'll no hospital cause sickness is non-existed
And love perpetuates itself while no child suffers
And treatment of one another's not based around color
And you'll never hear 'Slander come' from anyone's tongue
In a hundred years old it's still considered young

In a perfect world (there would be no pain)
In a perfect world (no stress, no strain)
In a perfect world (we would all be wise and see the whole world through the tides)
In a perfect world (no war, no crimes)
In a perfect world (we would share one mind)
In a perfect world (and all we'd see is peace and real L.O.V.E.)

Nations wouldn't verbally spar with one another
Point out flaws and seek to go to war with each other
Each person has a place in the purpose destined to flourish
No child is ever hurt a male nourish money is worthless
We learn in the most spiritually advance schools
And everything is done God's way, no man made rules
And poverty is no longer in man's vocabulary
Erase from human thought regulation or dictionary
No dream, the most wonderful thing you've every scene
Every living being bleeming with infinite self-esteem
And believe in the all wise ruler and best planner
We walked the planet in the most harmonious manner
Where those who rest in here get uncountable blessings
Total strengths and trustworthy with'cha most prize precession
If a man give his word, he keeps with no deception
In the mind full of knowledge is the only loaded weapon


Is this heaven or the hereafter the geographical area post rapture?
The book of life's unclear chapter
If it's in the sky then who derides it?
Find someone who's ever died and visualize it then returned here to describe it
Since none had carried out that mission
The question isn't if it's real, the question is it is a place or a condition?
See heaven has a great description
But men exaggerate and create division, make up written lies and fabricate depictions
So stop imaging and understand the basics
Your place been in the heavenly state, it's self-created
That old statement life is what you make it, is a true one
Your old existence erased and replaced it with a new one
See years of resentment left your progress restricted
Knew love could never move until your heart till hates evicted
And this place that I've pictured, look inside if you're wondering where is it
You don't have to give your spirit up to visit

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