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Call Um Out


42 exibições

[Talking: K-Rino]
We goin send this one out, to all these scared to death Negros
In the streets, in the suites
At your job, under their own roof
Hiding under covers
Grown men wearing panties in their own house
Listen, listen...

[Verse 1:]
What's your purpose in the game? fool let's get things straight
All you ever brought to the table was a fork and a plate
How we goin elevate and throat cutting never decrease
You steady tryna start war I'm tryna delegate peace
We tryna mash up in these streets you road blocking the grind
I'm tryna stop boys from doing dope you steady supplying
Trusting dead hopeless wounded bad and fake inside
Love is on life support and happiness got murdered for smiling
We love the kids that's why you give em words that don't benefit them
We tryna stay away from the police you chopping game with em (snitch)
Making money and live good is the general consistence
We the hater's terminators if you ain't with us you against us

When the haters in the game start mentioning yo name
Throwing dirt telling lies tryna knock you out the frame
Call um out!
Uh, don't be playing 'round with em' call um out!
Don't be staying down with em'

[Verse 2:]
What the hell is you a sensitive thug?
I would give you a hug but I prefer a 38 slug
To the side of yo skull and open up a circular plug
And let the contents of yo mug spill all over the rug
You talk a lot of gangsta talk but weak as your atheist
I can detect hating and fakeness from a 90 mile radius
They used to say the devil made em do it no shame
But boys is coming up with things now that the devil won't claim
I'm from the hood where murders get ignored and folks get framed
When the streets talk better hope that they don't mention ya name
And if you doing dirt then do it by yourself no crew
So if you get caught can't nobody tell on you but you


[Verse 3:]
Call um out when they killing the mood
When you tryna feed the family but they hogging the food
If somebody disrespect you or play with your cash
Do they ass like a sound system and put em' on blast
All that fronting that they do is affecting you
And if your preacher is a hypocrite then check him too
Don't let these vipers throw you off track and twist up the facts
Talking behind your back about business you tryna transact
And rule #1 in the Real Player Handbook
If you don't stand up for your's then you deserved to get it took
And it's an eye for an eye, a lick for a lick
And a life for a life, and haters they die quick
You punked out when it was time to face up to the powers
And got physically devoured cause even God hates a coward
There your tongue cause you ain't know what being real is about
You gon die anyway you might as well call um out


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