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Blast On Um


34 exibições

Blast On Um

[Verse 1:]
I heard your album and although it's far from brilliant
I'm a give you a ten out of a possible million
Beating K-Rino, wassup, who jumping on that?
A damn midget got a better chance of dunking on Shaq
These counterfeiters getting slaned by vernacular
Daily I'm producing more bars than a soap manufacture
Put me on the mic I win wars
Fuck over you like I was having sex with my wife in apartment upstairs from yours
They goin hunt for you like Red October
I stood on the same side of the street for five weeks, cause I ain't wanna crossover
You say you make hits, H.I.T.S. let's see
Put the S in front of the H that's what it sound like to me
You took a calis-tropical L and it's time to pay up
And I ain't gotta dunk I'll break the backboard doing a lay-up
And you goin pay me what'cha owe me
And I ain't whooping with a switch I beat his ass with the whole tree

[Hook: K-Rino]
Blast On Um
Forget his wife and his kids
Just verbally execute him for that shit that he did
And blast on um, uh
Just think homicide
Even after he apologize he don't let him slide
Blast on um, yeah
Before you could blink
I'll poison your mind and make you sick whenever you think
Blast on um
Hit em with dangerous words
That run for miles cause they contain a flight range of a bird

[Verse 2:]
We look at you as trash (yeah)
Your an imitation of the rapper who is imitating the one-hit wonder from last year
I can't believe that these fools done built up the gumption
Your rhymes softer than a fool with a reptile dysfunction
The last rhyme I heard you say (wassup) I just couldn't follow it
My stomach cramped up when you said it because I'm wackflows intolerant
The truest, fool you got sliced up and you knew it
Your style is so basic and easy a caveman wouldn't do it
Stop lying; your whole persona's built off part of mine
A bootlegger heard yo shit and said this is where I draw the line
You been trying to analyze me like you K's psychiatrist
You must want a foot in yo ass like a gay podiatrist
See my raps are Venus flat trap, I unfolded
And clatter plot your soul across the spiritual threshold
Till they know you faker than a deal though
I call you 30 seconds cause you the commercial shit that interrupts the real show

Got damn!
Look what you made me do, muthafucka
I told yo ass to shut the fuck up and guess what's coming to ya!
But nah
You wanna open up yo MUTHAFUCKING MOUTH!
So I'm a stick this pitbull on ya
K-Rino where you at?

[Hook: K-Rino]

[Verse 3:]
The only way that you can drop a tight CD you clown
Is if you pick one of mine up and let it fall to the ground
Don't get mad because your mind can't follow me
That's like expecting a 92 cellular to have iPhone technology
Hit you with every deadly word I know and set a murder flow
That stagich you worse that a wino invertigo
When you step into my zone it gets hot
You in the wrong space like an able-bodied person parked in a handicapped spot
Now when I see you, I ain't talking a pant in ya lame ass
Like a college student in the fifth grader we ain't in the same class
Like a young trick in love I'm turning the game out
The best case scenario is if you blow your brains out
They call me the paper stacker, with a trunk full of ends
They call you a pain in the ass like a punk in the pen
And with K-Rino, places you would integration
You get took out like bad kidneys and transplant patients

[Hook: K-Rino]

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