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Jim Ed Brown

5.999 exibições

Todas as Letras de Jim Ed Brown


  1. 001.A Million Miles from Nowhere
  2. 002.After Dark
  3. 003.Ain't Life Sweet
  4. 004.All I Had To Do
  5. 005.All The World And The Seven Seas
  6. 006.Almost Persuaded
  7. 007.Alone With You
  8. 008.Angel
  9. 009.Ann summertime Again
  10. 010.Arms Of August


  1. 011.Baby Again
  2. 012.Back To Louisville
  3. 013.Barrooms And Pop A Tops
  4. 014.Battle Of New Orleans
  5. 015.Beautiful Lies
  6. 016.Before The Next Teardrop Falls
  7. 017.Beyond The Shadow
  8. 018.Bottle Hasn't Been Made
  9. 019.Bubblegum Bandit
  10. 020.Bummin' Around
  11. 021.But I Won't
  12. 022.But That's All Right
  13. 023.Butterfly


  1. 024.Cajun Stripper
  2. 025.Circumstantial Evidence
  3. 026.City Cries At Night
  4. 027.Close
  5. 028.Coffee Cup


  1. 029.Dang Me
  2. 030.Darlin'
  3. 031.Dawn In San Antone
  4. 032.Days Of Sand And Shovels
  5. 033.Dear Heart
  6. 034.Detroit City
  7. 035.Dime At A Time
  8. 036.Don't Let Go
  9. 037.Drinking Again
  10. 038.Drinking Champagne


  1. 039.Easy Lovin'
  2. 040.El Paso
  3. 041.Evening
  4. 042.Every Mile Of The Way


  1. 043.Flowers On The Wall
  2. 044.Folk Singer
  3. 045.Four Seasons Of Life
  4. 046.Funny How Time Slips Away
  5. 047.Funny Way Of Laughin'


  1. 048.Gentle On My Mind
  2. 049.Gentle Woman Mine
  3. 050.Ginger Is Gentle And Waiting For Me
  4. 051.Gods Were Angry With Me
  5. 052.Goin' Away Party
  6. 053.Going Back To My Baby Tomorrow
  7. 054.Going Up To Country
  8. 055.Good Brother John
  9. 056.Gunfighter


  1. 057.Harlequin Melodies
  2. 058.Have I Stayed Away Too Long
  3. 059.Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
  4. 060.Healing Hands Of Time
  5. 061.Heartache Killer
  6. 062.Hearts Will Be Hearts
  7. 063.Heaven Says Hello
  8. 064.Help Me Make It Through The Night
  9. 065.Here's To Forever
  10. 066.Hey Good Lookin'
  11. 067.Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me
  12. 068.Honky Tonk Man
  13. 069.Honky Tonkin'
  14. 070.How I Love Them Old Songs
  15. 071.How Long Does It Take A Memory To Drown
  16. 072.How Long Has It Been


  1. 073.I Feel A Sin Coming On
  2. 074.I Guess I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night
  3. 075.I Heard From A Memory Last Night
  4. 076.I Just Came From There
  5. 077.I Run For My Love
  6. 078.I Take The Chance
  7. 079.I Won't Go Too Far
  8. 080.I Won't Mention It Again
  9. 081.I'd Just Be Fool Enough (to Fall)
  10. 082.I'd Rather Be Sorry
  11. 083.I'd Walk A Country Mile (for A Country Girl)
  12. 084.I'll Be There
  13. 085.I'll Make The Living
  14. 086.I'm Just A Country Boy
  15. 087.I've Got A Woman To Lean On
  16. 088.I've Just Been Wasting My Time
  17. 089.If Her Blue Eyes Don't Get You
  18. 090.If Wishes Were Horses
  19. 091.If You Were Mine Mary
  20. 092.It Doesn't Know Any Better
  21. 093.It's That Time Of Night


  1. 094.King Of The Road


  1. 095.Last Laugh
  2. 096.Laying Here Lying In Bed
  3. 097.Let It Be Me
  4. 098.Let Me Be The One
  5. 099.Letter To Daddy
  6. 100.Life Is Made Of This
  7. 101.Lift Ring Pull Open
  8. 102.Longest Beer Of The Night
  9. 103.Looking Back To See
  10. 104.Love
  11. 105.Love In The Hot Afternoon
  12. 106.Love Is Worth The Tryin'
  13. 107.Love Of The Common People
  14. 108.Lovin' Arms


  1. 109.Man And Wife Time
  2. 110.Meadowgreen
  3. 111.Molly Darling
  4. 112.Morning
  5. 113.Morning After
  6. 114.My Friend The Bottle My Friend The Glass
  7. 115.My Heart Left Long Ago
  8. 116.My New Love Is Ruby


  1. 117.Not As A Sweetheart (but Just As A Friend)
  2. 118.Now Is The Hour


  1. 119.Old Lamplighter
  2. 120.Only A Woman Like You


  1. 121.Paint Me The Color Of Your Wall
  2. 122.Party Girl
  3. 123.Pick-Me-Ups
  4. 124.Pop A Top


  1. 125.Regular On My Mind
  2. 126.Remember Me (i'm The One Who Loves You)


  1. 127.Scarlet Ribbons (for Her Hair)
  2. 128.Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On
  3. 129.She'll Remember
  4. 130.She's Leavin' (bonnie Please Don't Go)
  5. 131.Sing Me A Nursery Rhyme
  6. 132.Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay
  7. 133.Smaller Than The Bottle
  8. 134.Sock It To Me Country Style
  9. 135.Sometime Sunshine
  10. 136.Southern Loving
  11. 137.Summerset


  1. 138.Taste Of Heaven
  2. 139.Tender Touch Of Love
  3. 140.Then I'll Stop Loving You
  4. 141.There Goes My Everything
  5. 142.They Call The Wind Maria
  6. 143.Three Bells
  7. 144.To Be Or Not To Be
  8. 145.Tom Dooley
  9. 146.Too Good To Be True
  10. 147.Triangle


  1. 148.Unbelievable Love
  2. 149.Understand Little Man


  1. 150.Wake Me Up In Oklahoma
  2. 151.War Is Hell
  3. 152.We're Laughing At The World
  4. 153.What Does It Take (to Keep A Woman Like You Satisfied)
  5. 154.What's A Girl Like You (doing In A Place Like This)
  6. 155.Why Can't I Take You Home
  7. 156.Wicked Woman's
  8. 157.Will I Ever Stop Loving You


  1. 158.Yesterday
  2. 159.You Can Have Her
  3. 160.You Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry
  4. 161.You Comb Her Hair
  5. 162.You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
  6. 163.You Keep Right On Loving Me
  7. 164.You Wear A Smile
  8. 165.You've Seen That Look On Me A Thousand Times


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