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Jack Greene

3.556 exibições

Todas as Letras de Jack Greene


  1. 001.(i'm So) Afraid Of Losing You Again
  2. 002.12


  1. 003.All I Have To Offer You Is Me
  2. 004.All The Time
  3. 005.Almost Persuaded
  4. 006.Always Remember
  5. 007.Am I That Easy To Forget
  6. 008.Another Place Another Time
  7. 009.April's Fool
  8. 010.Arms Of A Fool


  1. 011.Back In The Arms Of Love
  2. 012.Before The Next Teardrop Falls
  3. 013.Birth Of Our Love
  4. 014.Born To Love You
  5. 015.Bring Me Sunshine
  6. 016.But You Know I Love You
  7. 017.By The Time I Get To Phoenix


  1. 018.Chained To A Memory
  2. 019.Cincinnati Ohio
  3. 020.Crazy
  4. 021.Crying Time


  1. 022.Don't Put Your Hurt In My Heart
  2. 023.Don't Wake Me I'm Dreaming
  3. 024.Don't You Ever Get Tired (of Hurtin' Me)


  1. 025.Ever Since My Baby Went Away
  2. 026.Everybody Knew But You And Me (with Jeannie Seely)


  1. 027.First Day
  2. 028.Fool In Me
  3. 029.Fraulein


  1. 030.Gentle On My Mind


  1. 031.Hanging Over Me
  2. 032.Happy Tracks
  3. 033.Hardest Easy Thing
  4. 034.Here Comes My Baby Back Again
  5. 035.Honey
  6. 036.How Can Our Cheatin' Be Wrong (with Jeannie Seely)
  7. 037.Hungry Eyes


  1. 038.I Don't Need Tomorrow
  2. 039.I Fall To Pieces
  3. 040.I Love You Because
  4. 041.I Love You More Today
  5. 042.I Never Had It So Good
  6. 043.I Take A Lot Of Pride In What I Am
  7. 044.I Turn My Mind On You
  8. 045.I Wanna Be Free
  9. 046.I Will Always (with jeannie seely)
  10. 047.I'll Love You More
  11. 048.I'm a Lonesome Fugitive
  12. 049.I'm Still Not Over You
  13. 050.If God Can Forgive You So Can I
  14. 051.If I Can Stay Away Long Enough
  15. 052.If It Ain't Love (let's Leave It Alone) (with Jeannie Seely)
  16. 053.If My Heart Had Windows
  17. 054.If Not For You
  18. 055.If This Is Love
  19. 056.Image of me
  20. 057.It Just Doesn't Seem To Matter (with Jeannie Seely)


  1. 058.Joyride
  2. 059.Just A Little While Ago
  3. 060.Just Enough To Start Me Dreamin'
  4. 061.Just Someone I Used To Know (with jeannie seely)


  1. 062.Key That Fits Her Door


  1. 063.Last Letter
  2. 064.Left Over Feelings
  3. 065.Like A Bird (spread My Wings And Fly)
  4. 066.Lord Is That Me
  5. 067.Love Is No Excuse
  6. 068.Love Me And Make It All Better
  7. 069.Love Me Love Me
  8. 070.Love Takes Care Of Me


  1. 071.Make The World Go Away
  2. 072.Montego Bay
  3. 073.My Elusive Dreams
  4. 074.My Special Angel
  5. 075.My Tears Don't Show (with jeannie Seely)


  1. 076.Next In Line
  2. 077.No One's Gonna Hurt You Anymore


  1. 078.Only A Woman Like You
  2. 079.Only The Lonely (know The Way I Feel)
  3. 080.Our Chain Of Love


  1. 081.Rainin' In My Heart
  2. 082.Ribbon Of Darkness
  3. 083.Room For One More Heartache


  1. 084.Satisfaction
  2. 085.She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye
  3. 086.She Wakes Me With A Kiss Every Morning
  4. 087.She's Gone Gone Gone
  5. 088.Something Unseen
  6. 089.Statue Of A Fool


  1. 090.Take My Hand For Awhile
  2. 091.Tender Years
  3. 092.That's What I Tell Myself
  4. 093.That's When She Started To Stop Loving You
  5. 094.The Hurt's On Me
  6. 095.Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
  7. 096.There Goes My Everything
  8. 097.There's a Whole Lot About a Woman
  9. 098.There's More To Love
  10. 099.Think I'll Go Somewhere (and Cry Myself To Sleep)
  11. 100.To See My Angel Cry
  12. 101.Today I Started Loving You Again
  13. 102.Together Again
  14. 103.Too Much Of You
  15. 104.Touch My Heart
  16. 105.Try A Little Kindness


  1. 106.Until My Dreams Come True


  1. 107.Walk Through This World With Me
  2. 108.Walking On New Grass
  3. 109.Wanting You But Never Having You
  4. 110.Watching My World Walk Away
  5. 111.We Found It In Each Other's Arms (with Jeannie Seely)
  6. 112.We Know An Ending
  7. 113.We'll Try a Little Bit Harder
  8. 114.What In The World Has Gone Wrong With Our Love
  9. 115.What Locks The Door
  10. 116.What's The Use
  11. 117.When The Grass Grows Over Me
  12. 118.Whiskey Dirt
  13. 119.Whole World Comes To Me
  14. 120.Wichita Lineman
  15. 121.Willingly
  16. 122.Wish I Didn't Have To Miss You (with Jeannie Seely)
  17. 123.With Pen In Hand
  18. 124.World Needs A Melody
  19. 125.Wound Time Can't Erase


  1. 126.Yearning (to Kiss You)
  2. 127.Yesterday's Letters
  3. 128.You And Me Against The World (with Jeannie Seely)
  4. 129.You Are My Treasure
  5. 130.You Gave Me a Mountain
  6. 131.You Turned The Lights On
  7. 132.You're Heavy On My Mind Today (with Jeannie Seely)
  8. 133.You're Mine (with Jeannie Seely)
  9. 134.You've Still Got a Place In My Heart
  10. 135.Your Favorite Fool
  11. 136.Your Tender Loving Care


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