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Silence Of The Hams (feat. Esham)

Insane Clown Posse

147 exibições

Silence of the hams squeal pigs
Split they wigs
Mr. bigs
This is gonna flip they lids
Screw you fucking bitch

Now me tell you something about my side of town
Pork chops get sauteed so they don't fuck around
You have the right to remain silent
I plead the 4 5th flip the script on the bitch and get violent

And we high on Mary Jane enphadamies
Cutting they ears off ten year sergeant veterans
I'm like a young pig skinna from the H.O.K.
Ain't no way we ain't gonna spray away
4 Killas and a Lapro? Ham
We staying ice out like the abdominal snowman
Ain't no man no ham no goddamn coppa gonna drop me
I'll pop em with the heart stopper

Silence of the hams is what I burst
But first
Let me tell you what's worst
October 31st
Bloody Halloweens
Screams and police sirens
Rapid firing my auto mattic pistol
I pop Chris
And I pop crystals
Shootin' off my missiles at police cars
Right out side your local tittie bars
These wicked stars

It's the silence of the hams and you lookin' hammy (uh-oh)
Sawed off pistol grip and I glock click bammy (pow)
Oooooh ride with me and drop a coppa (bacon bits) (oh ya)
Brake out with the trumpet service something proper proper

So silence of the hams
Clint East I smell your cut
Lets talk about it over a watermelon blunt
Hannibal cannibal ate a cop for lunch
And chewed on his badge like some captain crunch
APB out on the juggalo
ICP and 3 insane search through the 313
You can't protect or serve me
Matter of fact ,you work for me
You fired faggot, FUCK THAT!

Me and D and T and E and Shaggy 2 Dope
Rear rear fuck that buck pat dun dun dun dun
Psychopathic hatchets swinging catching a flinging bloody bacon
Body dropping bitches singing preacher preaching fuckin faking
Booty heavy bitches waiting back at my house
I be anticipatin' putting dick in they mouth
Ain't no fuckin cop about to raid on my parade
When I been dreaming about killing a cop from 2nd grade

P-o-l-i-c-e me,
You don't wanna see me
Red and blue lights talking on the CB
Luitenant and a rookie
Damn I gotta cookie
All through my shit they wanna take a extra lookie
Probably wanna book me
Off to jail they took me
I know I'm looking at alot of time without some nookie

It's the silence of the hams and you lookin' hammy (uh-oh)
Sawed off pistol grip and I glock click bammy (pow)
Oooooh ride with me and drop a coppa (bacon bits) (oh ya)
Brake out with the trumpet service something proper proper

Boom boom boom (Switch)
Boom "Who the fuck is that?" It's E & J, Bitch
I don't give a fuck if you rap you gets no love
You can wrap your lips around my dick and suck faggot, what?
We getting wicked hallowicked when we kick it
Bring the pickit sign
Wicked rhyme d-time
It's raining diamonds
The sixth joker's card is in your front yard
Bitch don't be sccccured

It's the silence of the hams and you lookin' hammy (Cop killaz, police killaz)
Sawed off pistol grip and I glock click bammy (pow) (muthafucka don't test me)
Oooooh ride with me and drop a coppa (bacon bits) (oh ya)
Brake out with the trumpet service something proper proper (Insane Clown Posse and Esham)

Me and J SV what? ICP
OGin' ICP and. You know it


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  7. 121.I Hate Santa Claws
  8. 122.I Stab People
  9. 123.I Stuck Her With My Wang
  10. 124.I Want My Shit
  11. 125.I'm Coming Home
  12. 126.I'm Not Alone
  13. 127.If
  14. 128.If I Was A Serial Killer
  15. 129.If I Was King
  16. 130.If You Can't Beat 'Em Join 'Em
  17. 131.In My Room
  18. 132.In The Haughhh!
  19. 133.In Your Face
  20. 134.Insane Clown Posse, Legs Diamond
  21. 135.Insane Killers
  22. 136.Intro
  23. 137.Intro ( Riddle Box )
  24. 138.Intro ( The Amazing Jeckel Brothers )
  25. 139.Intro ( The Great Milenko )
  26. 140.Intro (Hell's Pit)
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  16. 182.Murder Rap
  17. 183.Murder, Murder, Murder
  18. 184.My Axe
  19. 185.My Fun House
  20. 186.My Homie Baby Mama
  21. 187.My Kind Of Bitch


  1. 188.Neden Game
  2. 189.Never Had It Made
  3. 190.News At 6 O'Clock
  4. 191.Night Of The Axe
  5. 192.Ninja
  6. 193.Nobody Move
  7. 194.Nothin' But A Bitch
  8. 195.Nothing's Left
  9. 196.Nuttin' But A Bitch Thang


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  2. 198.Ol' Evil Eye
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  4. 200.Out
  5. 201.Out There


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  2. 203.Panties
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  4. 205.People
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  22. 250.Super Balls
  23. 251.Super Star
  24. 252.Swallow This Nut


  1. 253.Take It!
  2. 254.Take Me Away
  3. 255.Take Me Home
  4. 256.Taste
  5. 257.Terrible
  6. 258.The Bone
  7. 259.The Clowns Are Back
  8. 260.The Dead One
  9. 261.The Entire Hatchet Family
  10. 262.The Great Show
  11. 263.The Joker's Wild
  12. 264.The Juggla
  13. 265.The Killing Fields
  14. 266.The Loons
  15. 267.The Madness
  16. 268.The Night Of The 44
  17. 269.The Oddities
  18. 270.The Party
  19. 271.The Pendulum's Promise
  20. 272.The Perfect Night
  21. 273.The Raven's Mirror
  22. 274.The Shaggy Show
  23. 275.The Show Must Go On
  24. 276.The Sky Is Falling
  25. 277.The Smog
  26. 278.The Staleness
  27. 279.The Tower
  28. 280.The Witch
  29. 281.The Wraith
  30. 282.Thrill Of The Kill
  31. 283.Thug Pit
  32. 284.Thy Unveiling
  33. 285.Tilt-A-Whirl
  34. 286.To Catch A Predator
  35. 287.Toxic Love
  36. 288.Toy Box
  37. 289.Truly Alone


  1. 290.Under The Moon


  1. 291.Wagon Wagon
  2. 292.Walk Into The Darkness
  3. 293.Walk Into The Light
  4. 294.Watch My Ride
  5. 295.Wax Museum
  6. 296.We Belong
  7. 297.We Gives No Fucks
  8. 298.We'll Be Alright
  9. 299.Welcome To The Show
  10. 300.What About Now?
  11. 301.What Is A Juggalo?
  12. 302.When I Get Out
  13. 303.When Vamprio Gets High
  14. 304.Who Asked You
  15. 305.Who Wanna Flex?
  16. 306.Whut
  17. 307.Wicked Halloween
  18. 308.Wicked Rappers Delight (feat. Esham)
  19. 309.Willy Bubba
  20. 310.Wind Me Up
  21. 311.Wizard Of The Hood


  1. 312.Y
  2. 313.Yellow Bus
  3. 314.You Belong
  4. 315.Your Rebel Flag
  5. 316.Yours Begins Tonight


  1. 317.Zombie Slide

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