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T Of Love

Virgílio Amaral

I close my eyes... Welcome to my dreams Don' show surprise It isn't sweet how it seems Take a look to that girl and you'll see The shine she has and the magic start Like the sky meeting the sea Suddenly I'm not apart And now I can say with all my heart Love for me begins with T I love you I love dreaming with you In my position is the best i can do And nothin' will make me give up Until I make this dream come true Until the sky turns from gray to blue I love you I love you so much But I can't have the heat of your touch I love kissing your lips But now all I see are pics I can feel I can see Love for me begins with T Now it's time to move I need to wake up... Sorry I didn't said this words before I promise now show my love more and more The love which takes me where I wanna be Which comprehend the things that I can't see And sometimes makes me weep This love which begins with T If is this a dream I wanna sleep for all the day Love for me begins with T And love for me ends with A.