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Imagine A Man

Roger Daltrey

Imagine a man Not a child in any remote But a plain man tied up in lies Imagine the son Running out as he struts Parading and fading ignoring his wife Imagine a road So long looking back But you can't really see where it began to run out Imagine a love So large and so smooth With against it all manners of that And you will see the end You will see the end Oh lord Imagine events That occur everyday Like a shooting or raping Or a simple act of deceit Imagine a fence Around you as high as prudential Cast two shadow's who can't see or feel Imagine a girl With long flowing hair And her body all trouble, perfection and truth Imagine a past That you wish you had lived Full of heroes and villain's and fools And you will see the end You will see the end You will see the end Imagine a man Not a child of any remote But a man of today Feeling new Imagine a soul So old and its broken And you know Your invention Is you