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Fame And Fortune


[hook:] First thing's first, i heard that Everyone thinks they deserve a little fame and fortune They want it all, have it all Lastly that i find, i am bout to go for mine I can't explain it, i want it, i have to have it all [verse 1: outasight] Back from hiatus, let me be the first to say hi haters Tailored slacks, raw labors Substance, style, we all lust for the papers School of hard knocks, no majors Everyone's on ya tip, no waiters, still partying, no favors Got bacardi and some bitches but no faders And now you feel me and now you don't I don't care, i lost my mind with my wallet So i got no ideas, years of raising the bar and breaking in glass cheers Who knew it'd be so stressful to be successful? But now that i'm here, revenge is a dish best served cold So use it as an f-u to those who test you [hook] [verse 2: outasight] I want a house in the hills, not worry bout bills, i want it all I want the flyest clothes and the finest hoes, i want it all Don't care about greed, gimme what i need and so much more, i want it all And you shoulda known better, oh you a go-getter, i go get it Wanna be as big as zeppelin but escalade to heaven forever Kinda like infinity and beyond, i'm buzz lightyears ahead of 'em They gas, i unleaded them, if they good, i'm better [hook x2]