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Mad Happy

Smoked a lotta cigarettes since we last spoke Quit so many times it's almost a joke Rollin' up another one, take another toke Thinkin' better this than stuff you shoot Bang bang Shoot bang bang Fall down on the sofa and pick up the remote Tuesday afternoon it's only talk shows and soaps Grainy latin station got a western 'Bout a bloke who's desperate Lover begs her husband not to shoot Bang bang Shoot bang bang Underneath the coffee table pile o' magazines Mostly catalogues that get mailed here for free One full o guns tryina advertise to me The fastest you can legally shoot Bang bang Shoot bang bang What a crazy world we are livin' in, livin' in It's a mad bad life but it's ours For the living so let's do it up right And let's use what we're given i'm confused But i'm driven this is just the next revision Nothing more Bang bang Shoot bang bang If you're done with your religion You can put it on Ebay Mine's up to 97 cents the auction ends today Sitting by the laptop with a gun to my head Hoping that i find a reason not to shoot Bang bang Shoot bang bang