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Radio Arcade

Kill Paradise

I believe in the sand beneath my toes Nobody knows Nobody knows I believe that everything is free Try just to help me breath Nothing is ever the same Whos left to blame Were all the same The people that fight for our name That is your reasoning (x2) (Oh oh oh oh.) Oh my god shes back again The music made her happy and Shes hold'n hands She brought a friend Forever shes a dancer What the hecks an attitude? Shes dancing and her face is nude She twirls her dress like fancy food Forever shes a dancer Watch her move and dance to the music Make your move and dance with her do it The more that you do Baby thats the more you stay true Get down deep in love angel sent from up above (oh she knows, oh she knows it now) Fall over ocean side fighting just to stay alive (oh she knows, oh she knows it now) I believe in stars I believe in sky THE MORE YOU KNOW THE LESS YOU KNOW The more you try So believe in the music It will take you right threw it Yo it's the tick-tock rippen I make the beets that go I got the synthesizer glistening in every note Yo hope floats (ucker what?) You know we turn it on Like lights of a dawn I be sip'n perignon Now scream You know we bout to dream We got the beets bumping So you know we wana lean Figure it out baby You know this music is crazy Ain't no lazy hazy baby The lazy will never phase me Drip it out