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Kill Paradise

It must have been like an hour or two That I been staring at you Such a pretty face one I cannot erase I just dont know what to do Ive never dreamt the dreams Im dreaming now I feel like kissing you Pushing back your pretty hair and place it behind your ear Im downtown dreaming with you (Chorus) And man I feel like, fell like I can reach the sky oh I Just grab you when I know its right tonight And just dance the night away just going with what you say And now I dont feel the pressure and now I just need a refresher Oh and you, and you, just do what you do (chorus end) Im might of been to shy (shy shy shy.), Im not that type of guy To risk everything its only the first night (night night night.) Or should I do it man I think Ill be alright And it started in the first grade What have I become You can drink your cherry sparkle Ill just drink my rum Debate if ima take you now The night is very young I hope that you had fun (repeat chorus) I can hide for forever your beauty is a treasure I can hide forever from you