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Mexico Or Crazy

Jason Boland

Chorus: Well I might go crazy, I might go to Mexico Youíre too far away as far as I can see Iím just a lonely gringo, a lazy desperado Oh, Mexico or crazy itís the same to me I walked half a mile just to call you from a payphone Every time I tried it you werenít there I know itís been a while since your loviní manís been home Well the wheels and the miles arenít always fair The sun burned my neck and I could use a shower Been liviní life on far too little sleep The rain misses this land the way my breath misses your shoulder Sometimes what you give away is what you keep Chorus Rolled the man a dollar, he rode us across the river Itís not as wide as the rift between you and me But thereís a mountain taller the ones here on the Rio Itís hard to climb a hill on bended knee Chorus