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Empress in Thorns

Amidst the labyrinthine heart of gnarled olive groves Where silver leaves sigh and the breath of Zephyrus blows Beyond the lustful reprise of contagious Propoetides Upon a promontory besieged by Poseidon's whimsical tides Ataraxia gathered beneath longanimus skies In that bruised amethyst dawn, as the hosts rose forlorn Impure to stalk a naked shadow I anoint the scorn of those downtrodden pawns With conflagration burn the hallowed The curse of fate incestuous divinities debate Yet I proffer prayer for their omens To chisel grandeur as paint on a canvas of hate The aspirant of desires unspoken Moonlight caressed my piquant Madonna in eerie silver hues A monument carved in sympathy and lustful eyes adeux Her maiden's hair the buoyant light in a dioramic sky Where cold fingers trace the fleeting day and urging kisses pry Intimate liaisons with the Rose of Amathus Love and desire to confute the odious Alas she doth ignore sexual transports Sour dalliance misanthropically wrought This beauty condoned upon I hath grown And Aphrodite's prodigy's exotically sown Statue inert embraced to my girth The sterile seas smile in undulating surf Unleash the dogs of Hades Their mauls a slaver of greed To hunt the eternal Hesperus Embrace her supernal feast Do you see them bleeding Where teeth as daggers feed? Whilst behind the crimson veil A mistress Pasithia seized Feast upon my breast and mingle by my side Bedeck me with kisses in the gleaming rift of life Yearn for my veil more dazzling than flame In pity I vow to take thee now and assuage thy deepest shame In godly recompense my spellbound mistress Awoke as a baroque temptress And when malfeasance pressed in a tourniquet of flesh We united in benighted incest