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Olho na Letra



Driven by an unknown force, awakened from eternal sleep Dried up eyes snap open wide as hunger starts to creep Deflated hearts begin to pump, sunken chests begin to rise Crypts and tombs around the globe spit forth sepulchral cries Rotten hands break though the earth, morgue draws start to open Funeral parlours liven up as coffin-lids a broken Hysteria begins to mount as people flee and try to hide As shambling armies of the dead begin to end mankind The uttermost catastrophe, surpassing your worst dreams Chewing at the insides of vomit-coated cheeks, to prevent your final screams A hoard of decayed twisted filth, a horrid mass of wormy flesh The air fills with the stench of rot, diseased and fetid putrid death A thirst for blood the taste of flesh, their only thought the need to eat To fondle innards warm and soft, embedding teeth in blood-soaked meat Chorus Lips pulled back in a rictus grin Bones protrude through decayed skin Rotten lungs breathe nauseous breath Through twisted fangs in jaws of death A vile and nauseous rancid stench chokes the once pure air Decayed left over dinner scraps, discarded everywhere An arm, a leg, a severed head - body parts and ravaged meat Clotted stains lay on the ground of silent city streets