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What We Came To Do

Hell Razah

46 exibições


Just bounce and bounce and keep bouncin' (4X)
(GG'z, Hell Razah, all the world
We gon' hold it strong, holdin' ya head
Listenin' to ya shit, now listen to our shit)
2000, Fortune 5000, aiyo, Reg', we gon' put it down now
(+Bop Ya Head+ and bop ya feet to this shit right here)
Staight up, +Bop Ya Head+, bop ya feet

(Chorus 2x)

Ain't no shame in our game, +What We Came To Do+
Ya be actin' like we get paid for you
You want war?, bring it on, it's the same for you
You better warn them niggas that came wit you
They don't wanna die, better stay away from you
You don't like me, shit, I don't like you too

(Hell Razah)

I'm a GG, you heard, go and spread the word
If you been shot by us, then that's what ya deserve
We stay ghetto, not suburb, dress superb
Keep birds in the cage wit they pussy desert
You can catch me in the back of a Cad'
Gat in the bag, black doo-rag
Me and 7th and Baghdad
Drinkin' our drinks, faces like Sphinx
Makin' ya link, and loop wit our links
The black banker, chain that hang like an anchor
Who dare wanna step in the rise of my chamber
22?, seen things that money do
Be +Careful+ cuz the hustle you do can hustle you
The cats that be comin' to you, could split a crew
For example: that's why I can fuck wit GG'z
Through example: and still make sure we see cheese
Got ya girlfriend neckin' and smokin' my weed
Only God up above supplyin' my needs, die for my seed
Ride for my g, the rest of ya niggas to me is thieves
Freeze, music 'Preme


(Hell Razah)

I'm a classic, the +Shining Star+, ya head nod
To the A and R, baggin' ya bitch wit no car
I swing like monkey bars, ask ya moms
Who the best since welfare checks and Malcolm X?
I rep that Red Hook shit, my projects
We ain't dead yet, I just begun to progress
I go out for a GG, like Hitler did for a Nazi
Autopsy ya whole posse, seen rich niggas cop pleads
Back when we use to rock leaves, Ghetto Government the monarchy
Crush weed that be green broccoli
Makin' ya forget where ya car key, the real Jewish of a Dark Sea
'89 rock Biz Markie, beneton, wit the matchin wallabie
Take the head of a nominee, nominated for wack mc's
Ya be better off doin' comedy, bow down and honor me
It be the agony that make me knock off the faculty
Rap-pily, each bullet claim one casualty
Freeze, music 'Preme

(Chorus 2x)


Yeah, GG'z, Hell Razah
Represent to the fullest, number one to the fullest
Straight up, Fortune 5000, Ghetto Government

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  51. 51.Hell Razah - Article One
  52. 52.Hell Razah - Underground To Da Heavens
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  60. 60.Hell Razah - Verbal Fire
  61. 61.Hell Razah - Intro / Hood For Life
  62. 62.Hell Razah - Maccabee House
  63. 63.Hell Razah - The Messengers

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