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Hank Locklin

8.804 exibições

Todas as Letras de Hank Locklin


  1. 001.Act Naturally
  2. 002.All The World Is Lonely Now
  3. 003.Almost
  4. 004.Always Missing You
  5. 005.And Then
  6. 006.Anna
  7. 007.Anna Marie
  8. 008.Anytime
  9. 009.Are You Teasing Me
  10. 010.As Long As I Live


  1. 011.Back Street Affair
  2. 012.Before I Met You
  3. 013.Before I'm Over You
  4. 014.Before The Next Teardrop Falls
  5. 015.Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
  6. 016.Blue Hawaii
  7. 017.Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  8. 018.Blue Side Of Lonesome
  9. 019.Blues In Advance
  10. 020.Bonaparte's Retreat
  11. 021.Border Of The Blues
  12. 022.Bouquet Of Roses
  13. 023.Bummin' Around


  1. 024.Candy Kisses
  2. 025.Chained To A Memory
  3. 026.Cold Cold Heart
  4. 027.Country Hall Of Fame
  5. 028.Crazy Over You
  6. 029.Cry Cry Darling


  1. 030.Danny Boy
  2. 031.Danny Dear


  1. 032.Each Minute Seems A Million Years


  1. 033.Faith And Truth
  2. 034.Filipino Baby
  3. 035.First Time
  4. 036.Flying South
  5. 037.Fool No.1
  6. 038.Foreign Car
  7. 039.Foreign Love
  8. 040.Foreign Love Affair
  9. 041.Forgive Me
  10. 042.Forty Shades Of Green
  11. 043.Four Walls
  12. 044.Fourteen Karat Gold
  13. 045.Fraulein
  14. 046.From Heaven To Heartache
  15. 047.From Here To There To You


  1. 048.Galway Bay
  2. 049.Geisha Girl
  3. 050.Girls Get Prettier (every Day)
  4. 051.Good Woman's Love
  5. 052.Great Speckled Bird


  1. 053.Happy Birthday To Me
  2. 054.Happy Face
  3. 055.Happy Journey
  4. 056.He'll Have To Go
  5. 057.Headin' Down The Wrong Highway
  6. 058.Heart Full Of Love
  7. 059.Hey Good Lookin'
  8. 060.Hiding In My Heart
  9. 061.High Noon (do Not Forsake Me)


  1. 062.I Came So Close To Living Alone
  2. 063.I Can See An Angel Walkin'
  3. 064.I Can't Stop Loving You
  4. 065.I Don't Hurt Anymore
  5. 066.I Don't Know Why (i Just Do)
  6. 067.I Forgot To Live Today
  7. 068.I Gotta Talk To Your Heart
  8. 069.I Love You A Thousand Ways
  9. 070.I Love You Because
  10. 071.I Need You Now
  11. 072.I Really Don't Want To Know
  12. 073.I Walk Alone
  13. 074.I Walk The Line
  14. 075.I'll Be There (if You Ever Want Me)
  15. 076.I'll Go On Alone
  16. 077.I'll Hold You In My Heart
  17. 078.I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
  18. 079.I'm Slowly Going Out Of Your Mind
  19. 080.I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
  20. 081.I'm So Tired Of Goin' Home All By Myself
  21. 082.If Loving You Means Anything
  22. 083.Imagination Running Wild
  23. 084.It Hardly Hurts Anymore
  24. 085.It's A Little More Like Heaven
  25. 086.It's A Sin
  26. 087.It's Another World


  1. 088.Jambalaya (on The Bayou)
  2. 089.Johnny My Love (grandma's Diary)


  1. 090.Keeper Of The Key
  2. 091.Kentucky Waltz
  3. 092.Kevin Barry


  1. 093.Last Thing On My Mind
  2. 094.Laura (what He's Got That I Ain't Got)
  3. 095.Let Me Be The One
  4. 096.Lili Marlene
  5. 097.Little Acorns
  6. 098.Little Bit Lonesome
  7. 099.Livin' Alone
  8. 100.Long Gone Lonesome Blues
  9. 101.Longing To Hold You Again
  10. 102.Love Has A Mind Of Its Own
  11. 103.Love Or Spite
  12. 104.Love Song For You
  13. 105.Lovesick Blues
  14. 106.Lovin' You (the Way I Do)
  15. 107.Loving Arms


  1. 108.Mademoiselle
  2. 109.Maiden's Prayer
  3. 110.Mansion On The Hill
  4. 111.Maple On The Hill
  5. 112.May You Never Be Alone
  6. 113.Melody Of Love
  7. 114.Mexicali Rose
  8. 115.Minute You're Gone
  9. 116.Mommy Please Stay Home With Me
  10. 117.My Blue Heaven
  11. 118.My Happiness
  12. 119.My Heart Cries For You
  13. 120.My Melancholy Baby
  14. 121.My Old Hometown
  15. 122.My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You
  16. 123.My Wild Irish Rose


  1. 124.Night Train To Memphis
  2. 125.No One Is Sweeter Than You


  1. 126.Oh How I Miss You (since You Went Away)
  2. 127.Old Bog Road
  3. 128.On One Is Sweeter Than You
  4. 129.Once A Day
  5. 130.Once More
  6. 131.One Has My Name (the Other Has My Heart)
  7. 132.One Step Ahead Of My Past
  8. 133.Only A Fool
  9. 134.Other Side Of The Door


  1. 135.Paper Face
  2. 136.Peace In The Valley
  3. 137.Pins And Needles (in My Heart)
  4. 138.Please Help Me I´m Fallin'
  5. 139.Precious Jewel
  6. 140.Put Me In Your Pocket


  1. 141.Rich And The Poor
  2. 142.Rosalita


  1. 143.Same Sweet Girl
  2. 144.Second Fiddle
  3. 145.Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On
  4. 146.Seven Days (hummin' Song)
  5. 147.Seven Or Eleven
  6. 148.Shame On You
  7. 149.She Thinks I Still Care
  8. 150.She's As Close As I Can Get To Loving You
  9. 151.She's Better Than Most
  10. 152.Signed Sealed And Delivered
  11. 153.Silver Dew On The Blue Grass Tonight
  12. 154.Simple Things
  13. 155.Singing The Blues
  14. 156.Slowly
  15. 157.Softly
  16. 158.Sweet Memories


  1. 159.T For Texas (blue Yodel No.1)
  2. 160.Tender Side Of Me
  3. 161.Tennessee Border
  4. 162.That's How Much I Love You
  5. 163.There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight
  6. 164.There's More Pretty Girls Than One
  7. 165.They'll Never Take Her Love From Me
  8. 166.This Song Is Just For You
  9. 167.Tie Me To Your Apron Strings Again
  10. 168.Time Nor Tide
  11. 169.Today I Started Loving You Again
  12. 170.Together Again
  13. 171.Too Close To Her (and Too Far From You)
  14. 172.Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral (that's An Irish Lullaby)
  15. 173.Toujours Moi (always Me)


  1. 174.Wabash Cannonball
  2. 175.Walking The Floor Over You
  3. 176.Waltz Of The Wind
  4. 177.We're Gonna Go Fishin
  5. 178.Welcome Home Mr. Blues
  6. 179.When I Grow Too Old To Dream
  7. 180.When I Lost You
  8. 181.When I Stop Dreaming
  9. 182.When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
  10. 183.When The Band Plays The Blues
  11. 184.Where The Blue Of The Night Meets The Gold Of The Day
  12. 185.Who Can I Count On
  13. 186.Why Baby Why
  14. 187.Why Don't You Love Me
  15. 188.Wild Side Of Life
  16. 189.Wishing It Was You
  17. 190.With One Exception
  18. 191.Wreck On The Highway


  1. 192.You Can't Never Tell
  2. 193.You Only Want Me When You're Lonely
  3. 194.You Win Again
  4. 195.You're The Reason
  5. 196.Your Cheatin' Heart


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