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If You Belongeg To Me

George Harrison
Compositor: George Harrison

72 exibições

Waltzing round the room tonight
In someone else's clothes
You're always coming out of things
Smelling like a rose
You hang your head and your heart is filled with so much misery
You'd be happy as you could be
If you belonged to me

You say let's go to the rodeo
And see some cowboy fall
Sometimes it seems to me you've
Got no sympathy at all
You keep on going on and on about how you're so free
You'd be happy as you could be
If you belonged to me

It ain't easy to get to you
But there must be some kind of a way
If only two could look to you
For only one moment of each day

You're saying that you're all washed up
Got nothing else to give
Seems like you never figured out
How long you have to live
You could feel like a baby again sitting on your daddy's knee
Oh how happy you would be
If you belonged to me

The guy your with is a ruthless pimp
Everybody knows
Every cent he takes from you
Goes straight up his nose
You look so sad, you're going so mad, any fool can see
You'd be happy as you could be
If you belonged to me
You'd be happy as you could be
If you belonged to me


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  25. 122.If You Belongeg To Me
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  27. 124.Isn't It A Pity
  28. 125.Isn't It A Pity (Version 1)
  29. 126.Isn't It A Pity (Version 2)
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  6. 155.Mr. Tambourine Man
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  8. 157.Mystical One


  1. 158.Never Get Over You
  2. 159.New Blue Moon
  3. 160.No Reply
  4. 161.Not A Second Time
  5. 162.Not Guilty


  1. 163.Old Brown Shoe
  2. 164.Ooh Baby (You Know That I Love You)


  1. 165.P.S. I Love You
  2. 166.P2 Vatican Blues
  3. 167.Piggies
  4. 168.Pisces Fish
  5. 169.Please Mister Postman
  6. 170.Please Please Me
  7. 171.Poor House
  8. 172.Poor Little Girl
  9. 173.Pure Smokey


  1. 174.Rattled
  2. 175.Rising Sun
  3. 176.Rock and Roll Music
  4. 177.Rocking Chair In Hawaii
  5. 178.Roll Over Beethoven
  6. 179.Run Of The Mill
  7. 180.Run So Far


  1. 181.Save The World
  2. 182.Savoy Truffle
  3. 183.See Yourself
  4. 184.Shanghai Surprise
  5. 185.She Loves You
  6. 186.She's My Baby
  7. 187.Simply Shady
  8. 188.So Sad
  9. 189.Soft Touch
  10. 190.Soft-Hearted Hana
  11. 191.Someplace Else
  12. 192.Something
  13. 193.Sour Milk Sea
  14. 194.Sri Guruvastakam
  15. 195.Stuck Inside a Cloud
  16. 196.Sue Me, Sue You Blues
  17. 197.Sunshine Life For Me (Sail Away Raymond)


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  4. 201.Tell Me Why
  5. 202.That Is All
  6. 203.That Which I Have Lost
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  16. 213.The Pirate Song
  17. 214.There's A Place
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  19. 216.Think For Yourself
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  21. 218.This Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)
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  23. 220.This Song
  24. 221.Ticket To Ride
  25. 222.Till There was You
  26. 223.Tired Of Midnight Blues
  27. 224.Travelling Willburys Volume One
  28. 225.True Love
  29. 226.Try Some Buy Some
  30. 227.Twist And Shout


  1. 228.Unconsciousness Rules
  2. 229.Unknown Delight


  1. 230.Wah-Wah
  2. 231.Wake Up My Love
  3. 232.What Is Life
  4. 233.What You're Doing
  5. 234.When Every Song Is Sung
  6. 235.When I Get Home
  7. 236.When We Was Fab
  8. 237.When We Was Fab (Reverse End)
  9. 238.When We Was Fab (Unextended Version)
  10. 239.While My Guitar Gently Weeps
  11. 240.Who Can See It
  12. 241.Wilbury Twist
  13. 242.Woman Don't You Cry For Me
  14. 243.Words Of Love
  15. 244.World Of Stone
  16. 245.Wreck Of The Hesperus
  17. 246.Writing's On The Wall


  1. 247.Yellow Submarine
  2. 248.Yesterday
  3. 249.You
  4. 250.You Can't Do That
  5. 251.You Like Me Too Much
  6. 252.You really got a hold on me
  7. 253.You Took My Breath Away
  8. 254.You're Gonna Lose That Girl
  9. 255.You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
  10. 256.Your Love Is Forever
  11. 257.Your Mother Should Know


  1. 258.Zig Zag

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