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Gene Watson

3.087 exibições

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  1. 001.A Better Place To Die
  2. 002.After The Party
  3. 003.Ain't No Fun Being Alone In San Antone
  4. 004.All Hat No Cattle
  5. 005.Almost Like Having You Here
  6. 006.Amazing grace
  7. 007.Ashes To Ashes
  8. 008.At last
  9. 009.Atlanta Anymore


  1. 010.Baby Me, Baby
  2. 011.Back In The Fire
  3. 012.Bad Water
  4. 013.Beautiful You
  5. 014.Because You Believed In Me
  6. 015.Bedroom Ballad
  7. 016.Between This Time and the Next Time
  8. 017.Bitter They Are Harder They Fall
  9. 018.Bottle Of Tears


  1. 019.Carmen
  2. 020.Change Her Mind
  3. 021.Come Back Home
  4. 022.Completely Out Of Love
  5. 023.Cowboys Don't Get Lucky All The Time


  1. 024.Desperation
  2. 025.Don't Waste It On The Blues
  3. 026.Down Here On My Knees
  4. 027.Dreams Of A Dreamer
  5. 028.Drinkin' My Way Back Home


  1. 029.Even At Its Worst It's Still The Best
  2. 030.Everything I Used To Do


  1. 031.Farewell Party
  2. 032.Fighting Fire With Fire
  3. 033.For the First Time
  4. 034.For The Memories
  5. 035.Forever again
  6. 036.Fourteen Carat Mind
  7. 037.From Cotton To Satin
  8. 038.Full Time Fool


  1. 039.Getting Over You Again
  2. 040.Glass Hearts
  3. 041.Got No Reason Now for Going Home


  1. 042.Harvest Time
  2. 043.He Little Thing'd Her Out Of My Arms
  3. 044.Her Body Couldn't Keep You
  4. 045.Hold me
  5. 046.Hold That Thought
  6. 047.How Good a Bad Woman Feels


  1. 048.I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love With You)
  2. 049.I Don't Know How To Tell Her (she Don't Love Me Anymore)
  3. 050.I Don't Need a Thing At All
  4. 051.I Don't Think She'd Really Mind At All
  5. 052.I Fell Apart
  6. 053.I Knew We Could Never Love For Long
  7. 054.I Need A Thing At All
  8. 055.I Saved Your Place
  9. 056.I Wish I'd Have a Circle Driveway
  10. 057.I Won't Be Sleeping Alone
  11. 058.I Wonder How It Is In Colorado
  12. 059.I'd Love To Live With You Again
  13. 060.I'd Settle For Just Crossing Her Mind
  14. 061.I'm Gonna Kill You
  15. 062.I'm Telling Me a Lie
  16. 063.If I'm A Fool For Leaving
  17. 064.If The Shoe Fits Wear It
  18. 065.It Don't Hurt Me Half As Bad


  1. 066.John's Back In Town
  2. 067.Just At Dawn
  3. 068.Just How Little I Know


  1. 069.Leaving's Been Coming (For a Long Long Time)
  2. 070.Let's Give It Up Or Get It On
  3. 071.Little by little
  4. 072.Lonely Me
  5. 073.Long Enough To Care
  6. 074.Look In My Baby's Eyes
  7. 075.Love In The Hot Afternoon


  1. 076.Mama Sold Roses
  2. 077.Maybe I Should've Been Listening
  3. 078.Memories To Burn
  4. 079.Missing You Just Started Hitting Home
  5. 080.Most Of All Why


  1. 081.No One Will Ever Know
  2. 082.No Trash in My Trailer
  3. 083.Nothin' Sure Looked Good on You
  4. 084.Nothing About Her Reminds Me Of You


  1. 085.Old Loves Never Die
  2. 086.Old Man And His Horn
  3. 087.Old Porch Swing
  4. 088.One and One and One
  5. 089.One Hell of a Heartache
  6. 090.One Sided Conversation
  7. 091.Only yesterday


  1. 092.Paper Rosie
  2. 093.Pick The Wildwood Flower
  3. 094.Public Enemy


  1. 095.Raining In Dallas
  2. 096.Roads And Other Rroads Of Other Reasonseasons
  3. 097.Rollin' Home
  4. 098.Rose In The Sand


  1. 099.Shadows On The Wall
  2. 100.She Found The Key
  3. 101.She's No Lady
  4. 102.Should I Come Home (Or Should I Go Crazy)
  5. 103.Sittin' On A Gold Mine
  6. 104.Somethin' 'bout Bein' Gone
  7. 105.Somewhere Over You
  8. 106.Sorry Willie
  9. 107.Speak Softly, (You're Talking To My Heart)
  10. 108.Starting New Memories Today
  11. 109.Stranger in Our House Tonight
  12. 110.Sun Never Comes Up Again


  1. 111.Take It From Me
  2. 112.Take Me As I Am Or Let Me Go
  3. 113.Take Off Them Shoes
  4. 114.Tennessee Sunshine
  5. 115.That Evil Child
  6. 116.That Tone Of Voice
  7. 117.The Girl I Used To Run Around On
  8. 118.The Great Divide
  9. 119.The Heart Of A Clown
  10. 120.The Jukebox Played Along
  11. 121.The Last Thing I Planned To Do Today Was Cheat
  12. 122.The Man An' Me And You
  13. 123.The Old Man And His Horn
  14. 124.The Sun Never Comes Up Again
  15. 125.This Dream's On Me
  16. 126.This Is My Year For Mexico
  17. 127.This Just Ain't No Good Day For Leavin'
  18. 128.This Torch That I Carry For You
  19. 129.Three
  20. 130.Through The Eyes Of Love
  21. 131.Till Melinda Comes Around
  22. 132.Till You Can Make It On Your Own


  1. 133.We Got a Bad Thing Goin'
  2. 134.What She Don't Know Won't Hurt Her
  3. 135.When A Fool Learns
  4. 136.When My World Left Town
  5. 137.Where Love Begins


  1. 138.You Could Know As Much About A Stranger
  2. 139.You Gave Me a Mountain
  3. 140.You Sure Make Cheatin' Seem Easy
  4. 141.You're Out Doing What I'm Here Doing Without
  5. 142.Your Uncharted Mind


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