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Frank Sinatra

19.930 exibições

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  1. 001.(How Little It Matters) How Little We Know
  2. 002.(I Don't Stand) A Ghost of a Chance
  3. 003.(I've Got You) Under My Skin
  4. 004.(Oldest Established) Permanent Floating Crap Game In New York
  5. 005.(There'll Be A) Hot Time In The Old Town Of Berlin


  1. 006.A Baby Just Like You
  2. 007.A Cottage For Sale
  3. 008.A Couple of Swells
  4. 009.A Day In The Life Of a Fool
  5. 010.A Dreamer's Holiday
  6. 011.A Fella With An Umbrella
  7. 012.A Fellow Needs A Girl
  8. 013.A Fine Romance
  9. 014.A Foggy Day
  10. 015.A Foogy Day
  11. 016.A Friend Of Yours
  12. 017.A Garden In The Rain
  13. 018.A Good Man Is Hard To Find
  14. 019.A Hundred Years From Today
  15. 020.A Little In Love
  16. 021.A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
  17. 022.A Lover is Blue
  18. 023.A Man Alone
  19. 024.A Marshmallow World
  20. 025.A Nightingale Sang In Berkley Square
  21. 026.A Sinner Kissed An Angel
  22. 027.A Tree In The Meadow
  23. 028.A Tree In The Meadow(traduçao)
  24. 029.A Wing And A Prayer
  25. 030.Accentuate The Positive
  26. 031.Accidents Will Happen
  27. 032.Ad Lib Blues
  28. 033.Adelaide, Adelaide
  29. 034.Adeste Fideles
  30. 035.After I Say I’m Sorry
  31. 036.After You've Gone
  32. 037.Again
  33. 038.Água de Beber
  34. 039.Ain't She Sweet
  35. 040.Ain'tcha Ever Coming Back
  36. 041.All Alone
  37. 042.All By Myself
  38. 043.All I Need Is The Girl
  39. 044.All My Tomorrows
  40. 045.All Of Me
  41. 046.All Of You
  42. 047.All Or Nothing At All
  43. 048.All the Things You Are
  44. 049.All The Way
  45. 050.All The Way Home
  46. 051.All This And Heaven Too
  47. 052.All Through The Day
  48. 053.Almost Like Being In Love
  49. 054.Along The Navajo Trail
  50. 055.Always
  51. 056.America The Beautiful
  52. 057.American Beauty Rose
  53. 058.Among My Souvenirs
  54. 059.Amor
  55. 060.An Affair To Remember
  56. 061.An Evening In Roma
  57. 062.An Old Fashioned Christmas
  58. 063.And Then You Kissed Me
  59. 064.Angel Eyes
  60. 065.Anything
  61. 066.Anything Goes
  62. 067.Anytime At All
  63. 068.Anytime, Anywhere
  64. 069.April in Paris
  65. 070.April Played a Fiddle
  66. 071.April Showers
  67. 072.Are You Lonesome Tonight
  68. 073.Aren't You Glad You Are You
  69. 074.Around The World
  70. 075.As Long As There Is Music
  71. 076.As Time Goes By
  72. 077.As You Desire Me
  73. 078.At Long Last Love
  74. 079.At Sundown
  75. 080.Auld Lang Syne
  76. 081.Autumn in New York
  77. 082.Autumn Leaves
  78. 083.Available
  79. 084.Avalon
  80. 085.Ave Maria
  81. 086.Azure-Te (Paris Blues)


  1. 087.Baby, It's Cold Outside
  2. 088.Baby, Won't You Please Come Home
  3. 089.Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
  4. 090.Bali Ha'i
  5. 091.Ban Bang (my Baby Shot Me Down)
  6. 092.Barbara
  7. 093.Baubles, Bangles And Beads
  8. 094.Be Careful, It's My Heart
  9. 095.Beer Barrel Polka
  10. 096.Begin the Beguine
  11. 097.Bein' Green
  12. 098.Besame Mucho
  13. 099.Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
  14. 100.Bewitched
  15. 101.Bim Bam Baby
  16. 102.Black Magic
  17. 103.Blame It On My Youth
  18. 104.Blue Hawaii
  19. 105.Blue Lace
  20. 106.Blue Moon
  21. 107.Blue Skies
  22. 108.Blues In The Night
  23. 109.Bob Haggart / Johnny Burke
  24. 110.Body and Soul
  25. 111.Bonita
  26. 112.Bop! Goes My Heart
  27. 113.Born Free
  28. 114.Both Sides, Now
  29. 115.Boys And Girls Like You And Me
  30. 116.Brazil
  31. 117.But Beautiful
  32. 118.But Not for Me
  33. 119.Button Up Your Overcoat
  34. 120.Buy A Piece Of The Peace
  35. 121.Bye Bye Baby
  36. 122.Bye Bye Blackbird


  1. 123.C'est Magnifique
  2. 124.California
  3. 125.Call Me
  4. 126.Call Me Irresponsible
  5. 127.Call of the Canyon
  6. 128.Can I Steal a Little Love
  7. 129.Can't Take My Eyes Of You
  8. 130.Can't We Be Friends
  9. 131.Can't You Just See Yourself?
  10. 132.Candy
  11. 133.Cant Get Out Of This Mood
  12. 134.Careless Hands
  13. 135.Castle Rock
  14. 136.Catana
  15. 137.Change Partners
  16. 138.Charmaine
  17. 139.Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy
  18. 140.Cheek To Cheek
  19. 141.Cherry Pies Ought To Be You
  20. 142.Chicago
  21. 143.Chickery Chick
  22. 144.Christmas Dreaming
  23. 145.Christmas Memories
  24. 146.Christmas Song
  25. 147.Ciribiribin
  26. 148.Civilization
  27. 149.Close to You
  28. 150.Come Back To Me
  29. 151.Come Blow Your Horn
  30. 152.Come Dance With Me
  31. 153.Come Fly With Me
  32. 154.Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are
  33. 155.Come Rain Or Come Shine
  34. 156.Come Up To My Place
  35. 157.Come Waltz with Me
  36. 158.Comin In On A Wing And A Prayer
  37. 159.Comme Ci Comme Ca
  38. 160.Could'ja?
  39. 161.Count On Me
  40. 162.Cradle Song (Brahms' Lullaby)
  41. 163.Crazy
  42. 164.Crazy Love
  43. 165.Cycles


  1. 166.Dames, Dames
  2. 167.Dance Ballerina Dance
  3. 168.Dancing In The Dark
  4. 169.Dancing on the Ceiling
  5. 170.Day By Day
  6. 171.Day In Day Out
  7. 172.Daybreak
  8. 173.Days Of Wine and Roses
  9. 174.Dear Heart
  10. 175.Dear Little Boy Of Mine
  11. 176.Deck The Halls
  12. 177.Deep In A Dream
  13. 178.Deep Night
  14. 179.Deep Purple
  15. 180.Desafinado
  16. 181.Devil May Care
  17. 182.Diamonds Are A Girls Best
  18. 183.Dick Haymes, Dick Todd, and Como
  19. 184.Didn't We
  20. 185.Dig Down Deep
  21. 186.Dindi
  22. 187.Do I Worry
  23. 188.Do You Know Why
  24. 189.Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief
  25. 190.Dolores
  26. 191.Don'cha Go 'Way Mad
  27. 192.Don't Be That Way
  28. 193.Don't Blame Me
  29. 194.Don't Bring Lulu
  30. 195.Don't Change Your Mind About Me
  31. 196.Don't Cry Joe (Let Her Go, Let Her Go, Let Her Go)
  32. 197.Don't Ever Be Afraid To Go Home
  33. 198.Don't Ever Go Away
  34. 199.Don't Fence Me In
  35. 200.Don't Forget Tonight, Tomorrow
  36. 201.Don't Get Around Much Any More
  37. 202.Don't Like Goodbyes
  38. 203.Don't Make A Beggar Of Me
  39. 204.Don't Sleep In The Subway
  40. 205.Don't Take Your Love Away From Me
  41. 206.Don't Wait Too Long
  42. 207.Don't Worry Bout Me
  43. 208.Downtown
  44. 209.Dream ( When You're Feeling Blue )
  45. 210.Dream A Little Dream Of Me
  46. 211.Dream Away
  47. 212.Drinking Again
  48. 213.Drinking Water
  49. 214.Dry Your Eyes


  1. 215.East of the Sun and West of the Moon
  2. 216.Ebb Tide
  3. 217.Elizabeth
  4. 218.Embraceable You
  5. 219.Emily
  6. 220.Empty Saddles
  7. 221.Empty Tables
  8. 222.Everybody Loves Somebody
  9. 223.Everything Happens to Me


  1. 224.Fable of the Rose
  2. 225.Fairy Tale
  3. 226.Falling In Love with Love
  4. 227.Farewell, Farewell To Love
  5. 228.Feelings
  6. 229.Five Minutes More
  7. 230.Flowers Mean Forgiveness
  8. 231.Fly Me To The Moon
  9. 232.Follow Me
  10. 233.Fools Rush In
  11. 234.For a While
  12. 235.For Once In My Life
  13. 236.For the Good Times
  14. 237.Forget Domani
  15. 238.Forget To Remember
  16. 239.French Foreign Legion
  17. 240.From Here to Eternity
  18. 241.From This Moment On
  19. 242.Full Moon And Empty Arms
  20. 243.Future


  1. 244.Gentle on My Mind
  2. 245.Get Happy
  3. 246.Get Me to the Church On Time
  4. 247.Getting To Be A Habit With Me
  5. 248.Gimme a Little Kiss
  6. 249.Glad To Be Unhappy
  7. 250.Go, Tell It On the Mountain
  8. 251.God Rest Ye Gentleman
  9. 252.Goin' Out Of My Head
  10. 253.Gone With The Wind
  11. 254.Good Thing Going
  12. 255.Good-Bye
  13. 256.Goody, Goody
  14. 257.Granada
  15. 258.Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry
  16. 259.Guys and Dolls


  1. 260.Had the Craziest Dream
  2. 261.Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue
  3. 262.Half As Lovely (Twice As True)
  4. 263.Hallelujah, I Love Her So
  5. 264.Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  6. 265.Haunted Heart
  7. 266.Have You Met Miss Jones
  8. 267.Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  9. 268.Head On My Pillow
  10. 269.Hear My Song, Violetta
  11. 270.Hello Dolly
  12. 271.Hello, Young Lovers
  13. 272.Here Goes
  14. 273.Here's That Rainy Day
  15. 274.Here's To Love
  16. 275.Here's To The Losers
  17. 276.Hey! Jealous Lover
  18. 277.Hidden Persuasion
  19. 278.High Hopes
  20. 279.Holly Jolly Christmas
  21. 280.Home On The Range
  22. 281.House I Live in
  23. 282.How About You
  24. 283.How Am I To Know
  25. 284.How Are Ya' Fixed For Love
  26. 285.How Come You Do Me Like You Do
  27. 286.How Could You Do a Thing Like That to Me
  28. 287.How Deep Is The Ocean (how Blue Is The Sky)
  29. 288.How Do You Do Without Me?
  30. 289.How Do You Keep the Music Playing
  31. 290.How Insensitive (Insensatez)
  32. 291.How Little We Know
  33. 292.How Old Am I


  1. 293.I Am Loved
  2. 294.I Begged Her
  3. 295.I Believe (I Believe, I Believe In Wishing Wells)
  4. 296.I Believe In You
  5. 297.I Can Read Between The Lines
  6. 298.I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me
  7. 299.I Can't Get Started
  8. 300.I Can't Give You Anything But Love
  9. 301.I Can't Stop Loving You
  10. 302.I Concentrate On You
  11. 303.I Could Have Danced All Night
  12. 304.I Could Have Told You
  13. 305.I Could Make You Care
  14. 306.I Could Write a Book
  15. 307.I Couldn't Care
  16. 308.I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night
  17. 309.I Cover The Waterfront
  18. 310.I Don't Know Why (I Just Do)
  19. 311.I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance With You
  20. 312.I Dream Of You
  21. 313.I Fall In Love Too Easily
  22. 314.I Fall In Love With You Every Day
  23. 315.I Fall In Love With You Every Day
  24. 316.I Get A Kick Out Of You
  25. 317.I Get Along Without You Very Well
  26. 318.I Give You My Word
  27. 319.I Got A Right To Sing The Blues
  28. 320.I Got It Bad (and That Ain't Good)
  29. 321.I Got Plenty Of Nothing
  30. 322.I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan
  31. 323.I Guess I'll Have to Dream the Rest
  32. 324.I Hadn't Anyone Till You
  33. 325.I Have Dreamed
  34. 326.I Haven't The Time To Be A Millionaire
  35. 327.I Hear a Rhapsody
  36. 328.I Heard The Bells on Christmas Day
  37. 329.I Left My Heart In San Francisco
  38. 330.I Like The Sunrise
  39. 331.I Like to Lead When I Dance
  40. 332.I Love Paris
  41. 333.I Love You
  42. 334.I Never Knew
  43. 335.I Only Have Eyes for You
  44. 336.I Saw Your Face In A Cloud
  45. 337.I See It Now
  46. 338.I See Your Face Before Me
  47. 339.I Should Care
  48. 340.I Sing The Songs (I Write The Songs)
  49. 341.I Think Of You
  50. 342.I thought about you
  51. 343.I Wanna Be Around
  52. 344.I Will Drink The Wine
  53. 345.I Wish I Were in Love Again
  54. 346.I Wish You Love
  55. 347.I Wished On The Moon
  56. 348.I Won't Dance
  57. 349.I Would Be In Love (Anyway)
  58. 350.I Wouldn't Trade Christmas
  59. 351.I'd Know You Anywhere
  60. 352.I'll Be Around
  61. 353.I'll Be Home for Christmas
  62. 354.I'll Be Seeing You
  63. 355.I'll Never Be The Same
  64. 356.I'll Never Let a Day Pass By
  65. 357.I'll Never Smile Again
  66. 358.I'll Only Miss Her When I Think of Her
  67. 359.I'll Remember April
  68. 360.I'll See You In My Dreams
  69. 361.I'll Take Tallulah
  70. 362.I'm a Fool to Want You
  71. 363.I'm an Old Cowhand
  72. 364.I'm Beginning To See The Light
  73. 365.I'm Getting Sentimental Over You
  74. 366.I'm Glad There is You
  75. 367.I'm Going to Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter
  76. 368.I'm In The Mood For Love
  77. 369.I'm Not Afraid
  78. 370.I'm Walking Behind You
  79. 371.I've Got a Crush On You
  80. 372.I've Got A Restless Spell Lyrics
  81. 373.I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues
  82. 374.I've Got My Eyes On You
  83. 375.I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
  84. 376.I've Got The World On A String
  85. 377.I've Got The World On A String
  86. 378.I've Got You Under My Skin
  87. 379.I've Lost My Heart Again
  88. 380.I've Never Been In Love Before
  89. 381.Ida Sweet As Apple Cider
  90. 382.If
  91. 383.If I Forget You
  92. 384.If I Had My Way
  93. 385.If I Had You
  94. 386.If I Loved You
  95. 387.If I Should Lose You
  96. 388.If It's The Last Thing I Do
  97. 389.If You Are But a Dream
  98. 390.If You Go Away
  99. 391.If You Knew Susie Like I Knew Susie
  100. 392.If You Never Come to Me
  101. 393.If You Please
  102. 394.Ill Wind (You're Blowing Me No Good)
  103. 395.Imagination
  104. 396.Impatient Years, The
  105. 397.In the Blue of the Evening
  106. 398.In The Cool, Cool, Cool Of The Evening
  107. 399.In the Still of the Night
  108. 400.In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning
  109. 401.Indian Summer
  110. 402.Indiscreet
  111. 403.Is There A Chance For Me
  112. 404.Isle Of Capri
  113. 405.It All Comes Back To Me Now
  114. 406.It All Depends on You
  115. 407.It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
  116. 408.It Gets Lonely Early
  117. 409.It Had To Be You
  118. 410.It Happened In Monterey
  119. 411.It Might As Well Be Spring
  120. 412.It Never Entered My Mind
  121. 413.It Only Happens When I Dance With You
  122. 414.It Started All Over Again
  123. 415.It Was A Very Good Year
  124. 416.It Worries Me
  125. 417.It's A Lonesome Old Town
  126. 418.It's a Lovely Day Tomorrow
  127. 419.It's A Wonderful World
  128. 420.It's All Right with Me
  129. 421.It's All So New To Me
  130. 422.It's Always You
  131. 423.It's Been A Long Long Time
  132. 424.It's Nice To Go Trav'ling
  133. 425.It's Only a Paper Moon
  134. 426.It's the Same Old Dream
  135. 427.I’ve Got The World On a String


  1. 428.Jeepers Creepers
  2. 429.Jingle Bells
  3. 430.Just As Though You Were Here
  4. 431.Just Friends
  5. 432.Just In Time
  6. 433.Just One Of Those Things
  7. 434.Just The Way You Are


  1. 435.Killing Me Softly
  2. 436.Kiss Me Again


  1. 437.L.A. is My Lady
  2. 438.L.o.v.e
  3. 439.L.O.V.E.
  4. 440.Lady Day
  5. 441.Lamplighter's Serenade
  6. 442.Last Night When We Were Young
  7. 443.Laura
  8. 444.Lean Baby
  9. 445.Learn To Croon
  10. 446.Learnin' the Blues
  11. 447.Leaving On A Jet Plane
  12. 448.Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
  13. 449.Let Me Try Again
  14. 450.Let's Do It
  15. 451.Let's Face The Music And Dance
  16. 452.Let's Fall In Love (Lets do it)
  17. 453.Let's Get Away From It All
  18. 454.Let's Take an Old Fashioned Walk
  19. 455.Light A Candle In The Chapel
  20. 456.Like Someone in Love
  21. 457.Little Drummer Boy
  22. 458.Little Girl Blue
  23. 459.Little Green Apples
  24. 460.Little White Lies
  25. 461.Live Till I Die
  26. 462.London By Night
  27. 463.Lonely Town
  28. 464.Look To Your Heart
  29. 465.Looking At The World Thru Rose Colored Glasses
  30. 466.Looking For Yesterday
  31. 467.Lost In The Stars
  32. 468.Love And Marriage
  33. 469.Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing
  34. 470.Love Is Blue
  35. 471.Love Is Just Around The Corner
  36. 472.Love Lies
  37. 473.Love Looks So Well On You
  38. 474.Love Me
  39. 475.Love Me Or Leave Me
  40. 476.Love Me Tender
  41. 477.Love Walked In
  42. 478.Love You (tradução)
  43. 479.Love's Been Good To Me
  44. 480.Lover
  45. 481.Luck Be A Lady


  1. 482.MacArthur Park
  2. 483.Mack The Knife
  3. 484.Make Believe
  4. 485.Making Whoopee
  5. 486.Mam'selle
  6. 487.Marie
  7. 488.Maybe This Time
  8. 489.Maybe You'll Be There
  9. 490.Me And My Shadow
  10. 491.Meditation
  11. 492.Meet Me at the Copa
  12. 493.Melody of Love
  13. 494.Memories of You
  14. 495.Michael and Peter
  15. 496.Mistletoe And Holly
  16. 497.Misty
  17. 498.Moments In The Moonlight
  18. 499.Monique
  19. 500.Mood Indigo
  20. 501.Moon River
  21. 502.Moon Was Yellow
  22. 503.Moonlight Becomes You
  23. 504.Moonlight In Vermont
  24. 505.Moonlight On The Ganges
  25. 506.Moonlight Serenade
  26. 507.More
  27. 508.More Than You Know
  28. 509.Mr. Bojangles
  29. 510.Mr. Success
  30. 511.Mrs. Robinson
  31. 512.My Baby Just Cares For Me
  32. 513.My Blue Heaven
  33. 514.My First Edition
  34. 515.My Funny Valentine
  35. 516.My Girl
  36. 517.My Heart Stood Still
  37. 518.My Ideal
  38. 519.My Kind Of Girl
  39. 520.My Kind Of Town
  40. 521.My Melancholy Baby
  41. 522.My Memoirs
  42. 523.My One And Only Love
  43. 524.My Romance
  44. 525.My Shining Hour
  45. 526.My Silent Love
  46. 527.My Sweet Lady
  47. 528.My Way


  1. 529.Nancy (With the Laughing Face)
  2. 530.Nature Boy
  3. 531.Nevertheless
  4. 532.New York, New York
  5. 533.New York, New York
  6. 534.Nice 'N' Easy
  7. 535.Nice Work If You Can Get It
  8. 536.Night And Day
  9. 537.No One Cares
  10. 538.No One Ever Tells You
  11. 539.Noah
  12. 540.Nobody Wins
  13. 541.None But The Lonely Heart
  14. 542.Nothing In Common
  15. 543.Now Is The Hour
  16. 544.Now Is The Hour


  1. 545.O Come All Ye Faithful
  2. 546.Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem
  3. 547.Oh! Look at Me Me Now
  4. 548.Oh! What a Beautiful Morning
  5. 549.Oh, What it Seemed to Be
  6. 550.Oh, You Crazy Moon
  7. 551.Ol' Man River
  8. 552.Old Cape Cod
  9. 553.Old Devil Moon
  10. 554.Old Macdonald
  11. 555.On A Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
  12. 556.On The Atchison Topeka And Santa Fe
  13. 557.On The Road To Mandalay
  14. 558.On The Sunny Side Of The Street
  15. 559.Once I Loved (O Amor En Paz)
  16. 560.Once In A While
  17. 561.Once in Love With Amy
  18. 562.Once Upon A Time
  19. 563.One for My Baby (And One From The Road)
  20. 564.One Note Samba
  21. 565.Only The Lonely
  22. 566.Our Love Is Here to Stay
  23. 567.Over the Rainbow


  1. 568.Paper Doll
  2. 569.Paradise
  3. 570.Pass Me By
  4. 571.Pennies From Heaven
  5. 572.People Will Say We're in Love
  6. 573.Perdido
  7. 574.Pick Yourself Up
  8. 575.Please Be Kind
  9. 576.Pocketfull Of Miracle
  10. 577.Poinciana
  11. 578.Polkadots and Moonbeams
  12. 579.Poor Butterfly
  13. 580.Poor You
  14. 581.Prisoner Of Love
  15. 582.Put Your Dreams Away (For Another Day)


  1. 583.Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)


  1. 584.Rain (Falling From The Sky)
  2. 585.Rain In My Heart
  3. 586.Ring-a-Ding-Ding
  4. 587.River, Stay Away From My Door


  1. 588.S'posin'
  2. 589.Same Old Saturday Night
  3. 590.Same Old Song And Dance
  4. 591.Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
  5. 592.Saturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night of the Week)
  6. 593.Say It
  7. 594.Say It Isn't So
  8. 595.Secret Love
  9. 596.Send In the Clowns
  10. 597.Sentimental Baby
  11. 598.Sentimental Journey
  12. 599.September in the Rain
  13. 600.September Song
  14. 601.Serenade In Blue
  15. 602.Shadow of Your Smile
  16. 603.Shadows On the Sand
  17. 604.Shake Down the Stars
  18. 605.She Says
  19. 606.She's Funny That Way
  20. 607.Should I (Reveal)
  21. 608.Silent Night
  22. 609.Silver Bells
  23. 610.Singing In The Rain
  24. 611.Sleep Warm
  25. 612.Snootie Little Cutie
  26. 613.So In Love
  27. 614.Softly, As I Leave You
  28. 615.Soliloquy
  29. 616.Some Enchanted Evening
  30. 617.Somebody Loves Me
  31. 618.Someone to Light Up My Life
  32. 619.Someone To Watch Over Me
  33. 620.Something
  34. 621.Something Old, Something New
  35. 622.Something Stupid
  36. 623.Something Stupid
  37. 624.Something Wonderful Happens in Summer
  38. 625.Something's Gotta Give
  39. 626.Somewhere A Voice Is Calling
  40. 627.Somewhere Beyond The Sea
  41. 628.Somewhere in Your Heart
  42. 629.Somewhere My Love
  43. 630.Song Is You
  44. 631.Song Sung Blue
  45. 632.South Of The Border
  46. 633.Speak Low
  47. 634.Spring Is Here
  48. 635.Star!
  49. 636.Stardust
  50. 637.Stars Fell on Alabama
  51. 638.Stella By Starlight
  52. 639.Stormy Weather
  53. 640.Strangers In The Night
  54. 641.Street of Dreams
  55. 642.Suddenly It's Spring
  56. 643.Summer Me, Winter Me
  57. 644.Summer Wind
  58. 645.Sunday
  59. 646.Sunday, Monday Or Always
  60. 647.Sunny
  61. 648.Sunrise In The Morning
  62. 649.Sunrise Over Taxco
  63. 650.Sunshine of Your Smile, The
  64. 651.Sweet Lorraine
  65. 652.Swingin' Down the Lane
  66. 653.Swinging On A Star


  1. 654.Take a Chance
  2. 655.Take Me
  3. 656.Take Me Out To The Ball Game
  4. 657.Taking a Chance on Love
  5. 658.Tangerine
  6. 659.Tea For Two
  7. 660.Teach Me Tonight
  8. 661.Tell Her You Love Her
  9. 662.Tell Me At Midnight
  10. 663.Tender Trap, The
  11. 664.Thanks For the Memories
  12. 665.That Lucky Old Sun
  13. 666.That Old Black Magic
  14. 667.That Old Feeling
  15. 668.That's All
  16. 669.That's Amore
  17. 670.That's For Me
  18. 671.That's How It Goes
  19. 672.That's Life
  20. 673.That's What God Looks Like To Me
  21. 674.The Beautiful Strangers
  22. 675.The Bells Of Christmas
  23. 676.The Best Is Yet To Come
  24. 677.The Best of Everything
  25. 678.The Birth of the Blues
  26. 679.The Boys' Night Out
  27. 680.The Brooklyn Bridge
  28. 681.The Christmas Song
  29. 682.The Christmas Waltz
  30. 683.The Coffee Song
  31. 684.The Continental
  32. 685.The Curse Of An Aching Heart
  33. 686.The End Of A Love Affair
  34. 687.The First Noel
  35. 688.The Gal That Got Away
  36. 689.The Girl From Ipanema
  37. 690.The Girl Next Door
  38. 691.The Girl That I Marry
  39. 692.The Good Life
  40. 693.The Hucklebuck
  41. 694.The Impossible Dream
  42. 695.The Lady From 29 Palms
  43. 696.The Lady Is a Tramp
  44. 697.The Last Call For Love
  45. 698.The Last Dance
  46. 699.The Look of Love
  47. 700.The Lord's Prayer
  48. 701.The Man In the Looking Glass
  49. 702.The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  50. 703.The Music Stopped
  51. 704.The Nearness Of You
  52. 705.The Night We Called it a Day
  53. 706.The One I Love (Belongs To Somebody Else)
  54. 707.The Real Mccoy
  55. 708.The Second Time Around
  56. 709.The September Of My Years
  57. 710.The Sky Fell Down
  58. 711.The Song is You
  59. 712.The Summer Wind
  60. 713.The Things We Did Last Summer
  61. 714.The Train
  62. 715.The Twelve Days of Christmas
  63. 716.The Very Thought Of You
  64. 717.The Way You Look Tonight
  65. 718.The World Is In My Arms
  66. 719.The World We Knew (Over And Over)
  67. 720.Theme From New York New York
  68. 721.There Are Such Things
  69. 722.There Goes That Song Again
  70. 723.There I Go
  71. 724.There Used To Be A Ballpark
  72. 725.There Used to Be a Ballpark Right Here
  73. 726.There's A Small Hotel
  74. 727.There's No Business Like Show Business
  75. 728.There's No You
  76. 729.There's Something Missing
  77. 730.These Foolish Things
  78. 731.They All Laughed
  79. 732.They Can't Take That Away From Me
  80. 733.They Say It's Wonderful
  81. 734.Things I Love, The
  82. 735.This Happy Madness
  83. 736.This Is All I Ask
  84. 737.This Is My Song
  85. 738.This Is the Beginning of the End
  86. 739.This Is What You Are
  87. 740.This Love of Mine
  88. 741.This Nearly Was Mine
  89. 742.This Town
  90. 743.This Was My Love
  91. 744.Three Coins In The Fountain
  92. 745.Three Little Words
  93. 746.Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Ole Oak Tree
  94. 747.Till the End Of Time
  95. 748.Time After Time
  96. 749.Tina
  97. 750.To Love and Be Loved
  98. 751.Too Close For Comfort
  99. 752.Too Marvelous for Words
  100. 753.Too Romantic
  101. 754.Trade Winds
  102. 755.Triste
  103. 756.Try a Little Tenderness
  104. 757.Two In Love


  1. 758.Unforgetable
  2. 759.Unforgettable
  3. 760.Until the Real Thing Comes Along


  1. 761.Violets for Your Furs
  2. 762.Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)


  1. 763.Wait For Me
  2. 764.War Bond Advertisement
  3. 765.Watch What Happened
  4. 766.Watertown
  5. 767.Wave
  6. 768.We Kiss in a Shadow
  7. 769.We Three, My Echo, My Shadow, and Me
  8. 770.We Wish You The Merriest
  9. 771.We'll Be Together
  10. 772.We'll Be Together Again
  11. 773.Weep They Will
  12. 774.Well Did You Evah?
  13. 775.Well, Did You Evah
  14. 776.What a Funny Girl (You Used to Be)
  15. 777.What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life
  16. 778.What Is This Thing Called Love
  17. 779.What Kind Of Fool Am I
  18. 780.What Makes the Sunset
  19. 781.What Now My Love
  20. 782.What Time Does The Next Miracle Leave
  21. 783.What'll I Do
  22. 784.What's New
  23. 785.What's Now is Now
  24. 786.Whatever Happened To Christmas
  25. 787.When I Take My Sugar To Tea
  26. 788.When Love Comes Again
  27. 789.When No One Cares
  28. 790.When Somebody Loves You
  29. 791.When the Wind Was Green
  30. 792.When You're Smiling
  31. 793.When Your Lover Has Gone
  32. 794.Where Are You?
  33. 795.Where Do You Go?
  34. 796.Where Is The One?
  35. 797.Where or When
  36. 798.White Christmas
  37. 799.Who
  38. 800.Who wants to be a millionaire
  39. 801.Who wants to be a millionaire?
  40. 802.Why Should I Cry Over You?
  41. 803.Why Shouldn't I
  42. 804.Why Try to Change Me Now
  43. 805.Why Was I Born?
  44. 806.Willow Weep For Me
  45. 807.Winners
  46. 808.Winter Wonderland
  47. 809.Witchcraft
  48. 810.With A Song In My Heart
  49. 811.With Every Breath I Take
  50. 812.Without a Song
  51. 813.Wives And Lovers
  52. 814.World War None
  53. 815.Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams


  1. 816.Yellow Days
  2. 817.Yes Indeed
  3. 818.Yes Sir, That's My Baby
  4. 819.Yesterdays
  5. 820.You And I
  6. 821.You And Me (We Wanted It All)
  7. 822.You And The Night And The Music
  8. 823.You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
  9. 824.You Are There
  10. 825.You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
  11. 826.You Do Something to Me
  12. 827.You Forgot All The Words
  13. 828.You Go to My Head
  14. 829.You Got The Best Of Me
  15. 830.You Lucky People You
  16. 831.You Make Me Feel So Young
  17. 832.You Might Have Belonged to Another
  18. 833.You Really Fill The Bill
  19. 834.You Will Be My Music
  20. 835.You'd Be So Easy to Love
  21. 836.You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To
  22. 837.You'll Never Know
  23. 838.You'll Never Walk Alone
  24. 839.You're Breaking My Heart All Over Again
  25. 840.You're Driving Me Crazy
  26. 841.You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
  27. 842.You're Lonely And I'm Lonely
  28. 843.You're My Girl
  29. 844.You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
  30. 845.You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
  31. 846.You're Part of My Heart
  32. 847.You're Sensational
  33. 848.You're So Right (For What's Wrong In My Life)
  34. 849.You're Stepping On My Toes
  35. 850.You're The One
  36. 851.Young At Heart
  37. 852.Younger Than Springtime
  38. 853.Yours Is My Heart Alone
  39. 854.You’re Gonna Hear From Me


  1. 855.Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart


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