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Excerpts From the Upcoming Book

Emilie Autumn

81 exibições

And when i looked out i saw that we were heading fast upon a series of iron gates set in stone, wickedly arched, and crowned with tall spikes. but what unnerved me completely was beyond the gates, a set of doors, heavy and wooden, pointed arched towering higher than any entrance to any building i had ever seen. crossed with iron bars, and studded with heavy bolts, the doors were set in a great wall that appeared to be protecting whatever waited inside.

So paralysed was i by the sight before me, i did not notice that we had already driven past the first of the three spiked gates guarding access to the door, until i heard it crashing to a close behind us. where am i? a short drive onward and we were at the second gate, i turned to look behind me and saw the gates closing, one after the other by power of unseen hands, or simply through years of habit more accustomed were they to being closed than opened. were these gates erected for the protection of this great establishment? for the security of these admirable administers of magical medicines? were these prison bars meant to keep intruders out, or to keep it's inhabitants in?

With each turn of the wheels that brought me closer to the last gate, i tried harder to drown out the answer to my questions with whatever music i could conjour into my head. approaching the third, i began to lose my grasp on reality. i imagined we were going in circles, driving through the same gates over and over again, endlessly circling. as though there were a certain number of rotations that must be completed before access to this unknown world was granted to us. i thought of the lock on the cabinet in my music master's study, the one with four lettered plates that had to be rotated a definite amount, and then alligned in a perfect secret order before it would open. i had once unlocked it.

I felt dizzy, and much too warm. the wind screamed around the carriage, the wheels rattled, and though the gate was close ahead, we seemed to be eternally racing towards it, making no progress. a bird, something like a raven, but a great deal larger, soared overhead, and, emitting a strange, metallic growl into the blackening sky, circled above the ever-approaching gates. as it did so, i caught sight of the sharp spikes gleaming in the pumelling rain. still galloping at full speed, i heard the muffled squeals of what sounded like a swarm of insects.

Looking out, i swore i saw, though i did not believe my eyes at the time, a great pack of rodents, perhaps a hundred, perhaps more, sleek furry bodies skimming the earth leaping over each other, black eyes sparkling. a quivering mass, they swam over the cobblestones like one creature, squid's ink, spilling into water, and infecting it with deep black in seconds. how they were able to keep up with the horses mystified me, and when the swarm dispersed, and shot on ahead of us, they darted in and out beneath the wheels of the carriage and around the horses hammering hooves, yet, were never trampled. i followed them with my eyes as they melded together again and slipped beneath the gate to the other side like a gush of dark water, the tide coming in.

It was all so ghastly, so intoxicating, my body convulsed in a quivering wave, somewhere between horror, and wild anticipation. and then, the final gate having slammed closed behind us, we were at the ultimate precipice at last. doors began to open, there was an awful grinding of metal, a clashing of loosened chains. and with the skies seeming to come down around us, it appeared. the asylum.

  1. 001.Emilie Autumn - Heard It All
  2. 002.Emilie Autumn - Gloomy Sunday (cover)
  3. 003.Emilie Autumn - In Praise Of Cyrano (Poem)
  4. 004.Emilie Autumn - Funny How Things Change (Poem)
  5. 005.Emilie Autumn - How to Break a Heart (Poem)
  6. 006.Emilie Autumn - Come Away
  7. 007.Emilie Autumn - What If
  8. 008.Emilie Autumn - Never You Mind
  9. 009.Emilie Autumn - Russian Bride
  10. 010.Emilie Autumn - Never Tasted Tears (Poem)
  11. 011.Emilie Autumn - Post-Apocalyptic Love Song: Crazy He Calls Me (cover)
  12. 012.Emilie Autumn - Remember
  13. 013.Emilie Autumn - Rose Red
  14. 014.Emilie Autumn - Hollow Like My Soul
  15. 015.Emilie Autumn - Castle Down
  16. 016.Emilie Autumn - I Saved the World Today (cover)
  17. 017.Emilie Autumn - Opheliac
  18. 018.Emilie Autumn - Don't Blame Me
  19. 019.Emilie Autumn - Everybody's Girl (Poem)
  20. 020.Emilie Autumn - Gentlemen Aren't Nice
  21. 021.Emilie Autumn - The Day You Love (Poem)
  22. 022.Emilie Autumn - 306
  23. 023.Emilie Autumn - Save You
  24. 024.Emilie Autumn - On Artistic Integrity (Poem)
  25. 025.Emilie Autumn - At What Point Does A Shakespeare Say (poem)
  26. 026.Emilie Autumn - Girls Just Want to Have Fun
  27. 027.Emilie Autumn - Faces Like Mine
  28. 028.Emilie Autumn - Across The Sky
  29. 029.Emilie Autumn - I Don't Care Much
  30. 030.Emilie Autumn - Ever
  31. 031.Emilie Autumn - Nearer Than You (Poem)
  32. 032.Emilie Autumn - God Help Me
  33. 033.Emilie Autumn - Goodbye (Poem)
  34. 034.Emilie Autumn - At What Point Does A Shakespeare Say (poem)
  35. 035.Emilie Autumn - If You Feel Better
  36. 036.Emilie Autumn - Constant (Poem)
  37. 037.Emilie Autumn - Thank God I'm Pretty
  38. 038.Emilie Autumn - Let The Record Show
  39. 039.Emilie Autumn - In The Lake
  40. 040.Emilie Autumn - Space (Poem)
  41. 041.Emilie Autumn - Rapunzel
  42. 042.Emilie Autumn - Juliet
  43. 043.Emilie Autumn - If (Poem)
  44. 044.Emilie Autumn - In a World Of My Own
  45. 045.Emilie Autumn - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (cover)
  46. 046.Emilie Autumn - Asleep
  47. 047.Emilie Autumn - 4 o'Clock
  48. 048.Emilie Autumn - A Plea To The Dying
  49. 049.Emilie Autumn - Willow
  50. 050.Emilie Autumn - Empty (Poem)
  51. 051.Emilie Autumn - Let It Die
  52. 052.Emilie Autumn - Homesick Sonnets (Poem)
  53. 053.Emilie Autumn - Didn't (Poem)
  54. 054.Emilie Autumn - The Star Spangled Banner (cover)
  55. 055.Emilie Autumn - I Didn't Mean You (Poem)
  56. 056.Emilie Autumn - A Letter From A Friend (Poem)
  57. 057.Emilie Autumn - In Reality
  58. 058.Emilie Autumn - Rant II (Poem)
  59. 059.Emilie Autumn - I Could Jump The Track (Poem)
  60. 060.Emilie Autumn - Misery Loves Company
  61. 061.Emilie Autumn - Absynthe
  62. 062.Emilie Autumn - Little Boy (Poem)
  63. 063.Emilie Autumn - Blackbird Sonnets (Poem)
  64. 064.Emilie Autumn - Shalott
  65. 065.Emilie Autumn - Thank God I'm Pretty
  66. 066.Emilie Autumn - Medicate with tea
  67. 067.Emilie Autumn - Gothic Lolita
  68. 068.Emilie Autumn - The Music I Heard Once (Poem)
  69. 069.Emilie Autumn - What Right Have I (Poem)
  70. 070.Emilie Autumn - Ghost
  71. 071.Emilie Autumn - Constant
  72. 072.Emilie Autumn - Liar
  73. 073.Emilie Autumn - Let It Die
  74. 074.Emilie Autumn - Photographic Memory
  75. 075.Emilie Autumn - Best Safety Lies In Fear
  76. 076.Emilie Autumn - Bohemian Rhapsody
  77. 077.Emilie Autumn - My Fairweather Friend
  78. 078.Emilie Autumn - I Want My Innocence Back
  79. 079.Emilie Autumn - Smirking Girl (Poem)
  80. 080.Emilie Autumn - Manipulation (Poem)
  81. 081.Emilie Autumn - Second Hand Faith
  82. 082.Emilie Autumn - All my loving (cover)
  83. 083.Emilie Autumn - How Strange
  84. 084.Emilie Autumn - Find Me a Man
  85. 085.Emilie Autumn - If You Fell Better (Poem)
  86. 086.Emilie Autumn - If You Could Only Know (Poem)
  87. 087.Emilie Autumn - By The Sword
  88. 088.Emilie Autumn - The Ballad of Mushroom Down (Poem)
  89. 089.Emilie Autumn - O Mistress Mine
  90. 090.Emilie Autumn - I Cried For You (Poem)
  91. 091.Emilie Autumn - Try My Best (Poem)
  92. 092.Emilie Autumn - Alas (The Knight)
  93. 093.Emilie Autumn - So Many Fools (Poem)
  94. 094.Emilie Autumn - Visions (Poem)
  95. 095.Emilie Autumn - The One (Poem)
  96. 096.Emilie Autumn - Delirium
  97. 097.Emilie Autumn - All My Lovin' (tradução)
  98. 098.Emilie Autumn - Castle Down
  99. 099.Emilie Autumn - Be silent, be still
  100. 100.Emilie Autumn - Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches
  101. 101.Emilie Autumn - Untitled (Is It My Body)
  102. 102.Emilie Autumn - Excerpts From the Upcoming Book
  103. 103.Emilie Autumn - Epilogue: What If
  104. 104.Emilie Autumn - Dead Is The New Alive
  105. 105.Emilie Autumn - Woman (Poem)
  106. 106.Emilie Autumn - Close (Poem)
  107. 107.Emilie Autumn - Swallow
  108. 108.Emilie Autumn - Two Masks (Poem)
  109. 109.Emilie Autumn - The Muse (Poem)
  110. 110.Emilie Autumn - The Art Of Suicide
  111. 111.Emilie Autumn - Chambermaid
  112. 112.Emilie Autumn - Crazy He Calls Me
  113. 113.Emilie Autumn - Rapunzel Sonnets (Poem)
  114. 114.Emilie Autumn - Is It My Body (Alice Cooper Cover)
  115. 115.Emilie Autumn - Dreams (Poem)
  116. 116.Emilie Autumn - With Every Passing Day (cover)
  117. 117.Emilie Autumn - Marry Me
  118. 118.Emilie Autumn - Lady Anne
  119. 119.Emilie Autumn - I Know Where You Sleep
  120. 120.Emilie Autumn - Mad Girl
  121. 121.Emilie Autumn - Rant I (Poem)
  122. 122.Emilie Autumn - I Know It's Over (cover)


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Todas as Letras de Emilie Autumn


  1. 001.306
  2. 002.4 o'Clock


  1. 003.A Letter From A Friend (Poem)
  2. 004.A Plea To The Dying
  3. 005.Absynthe
  4. 006.Across The Sky
  5. 007.Alas (The Knight)
  6. 008.All My Lovin' (tradução)
  7. 009.All my loving (cover)
  8. 010.Asleep
  9. 011.At What Point Does A Shakespeare Say (poem)
  10. 012.At What Point Does A Shakespeare Say (poem)


  1. 013.Be silent, be still
  2. 014.Best Safety Lies In Fear
  3. 015.Blackbird Sonnets (Poem)
  4. 016.Bohemian Rhapsody
  5. 017.By The Sword


  1. 018.Castle Down
  2. 019.Castle Down
  3. 020.Chambermaid
  4. 021.Close (Poem)
  5. 022.Come Away
  6. 023.Constant
  7. 024.Constant (Poem)
  8. 025.Crazy He Calls Me


  1. 026.Dead Is The New Alive
  2. 027.Delirium
  3. 028.Didn't (Poem)
  4. 029.Don't Blame Me
  5. 030.Dreams (Poem)


  1. 031.Empty (Poem)
  2. 032.Epilogue: What If
  3. 033.Ever
  4. 034.Everybody's Girl (Poem)
  5. 035.Excerpts From the Upcoming Book


  1. 036.Faces Like Mine
  2. 037.Find Me a Man
  3. 038.Funny How Things Change (Poem)


  1. 039.Gentlemen Aren't Nice
  2. 040.Ghost
  3. 041.Girls Just Want to Have Fun
  4. 042.Gloomy Sunday (cover)
  5. 043.God Help Me
  6. 044.Goodbye (Poem)
  7. 045.Gothic Lolita


  1. 046.Heard It All
  2. 047.Hollow Like My Soul
  3. 048.Homesick Sonnets (Poem)
  4. 049.How Strange
  5. 050.How to Break a Heart (Poem)


  1. 051.I Could Jump The Track (Poem)
  2. 052.I Cried For You (Poem)
  3. 053.I Didn't Mean You (Poem)
  4. 054.I Don't Care Much
  5. 055.I Know It's Over (cover)
  6. 056.I know it's over (tradução)
  7. 057.I Know Where You Sleep
  8. 058.I Saved the World Today (cover)
  9. 059.I Want My Innocence Back
  10. 060.If (Poem)
  11. 061.If You Could Only Know (Poem)
  12. 062.If You Feel Better
  13. 063.If You Fell Better (Poem)
  14. 064.In a World Of My Own
  15. 065.In Praise Of Cyrano (Poem)
  16. 066.In Reality
  17. 067.In The Lake
  18. 068.Is It My Body (Alice Cooper Cover)

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