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Buck Owens

3.071 exibições

Todas as Letras de Buck Owens


  1. 001.(Goin') Down To The River
  2. 002.41-St Street Lonely Heart's Club


  1. 003.A-11
  2. 004.Abilene
  3. 005.Above And Beyond
  4. 006.Across This Town And Gone
  5. 007.Act Naturally
  6. 008.Adios Farewell Goodbye Good Luck So Long
  7. 009.After You Leave Me
  8. 010.Ain't It Amazing Gracie
  9. 011.Alabama Louisiana Or Maybe Tennessee
  10. 012.All Around Cowboy Of 1964
  11. 013.All I Want For Christmas Is My Daddy
  12. 014.All I Want For Christmas Is You
  13. 015.All The Dreamin' They Could Stand
  14. 016.All The Way With Jesus
  15. 017.Amsterdam
  16. 018.Arms Full Of Empty
  17. 019.Ashes Of Love


  1. 020.Bad Bad Dream
  2. 021.Band Keeps Playin' On
  3. 022.Because It's Christmas Time
  4. 023.Before You Go
  5. 024.Big In Vegas
  6. 025.Bile 'em Cabbage Down
  7. 026.Black Texas Dirt
  8. 027.Blue Christmas Lights
  9. 028.Blue Christmas Tree
  10. 029.Blues For Life
  11. 030.Bridge Over Troubled Water
  12. 031.Bring Back My Peace Of Mind
  13. 032.Bring It To Jesus
  14. 033.But I Do
  15. 034.But You Know I Love You


  1. 035.Cadillac Lane
  2. 036.Charlie Brown
  3. 037.Christmas Ain't Christmas Dear Without You
  4. 038.Christmas Shopping
  5. 039.Christmas Time Is Near
  6. 040.Christmas Time's A Comin'
  7. 041.Cigareets Whusky And Wild Wild Women
  8. 042.Cinderella
  9. 043.Close Up The Honky-Tonks
  10. 044.Cold Cold Wind
  11. 045.Congratulations (you're Absolutely Right)
  12. 046.Corn Liquor
  13. 047.Cotton Fields
  14. 048.Crying Time


  1. 049.Dang Me
  2. 050.Darling You Can Depend On Me
  3. 051.Devil Like Me (needs An Angel Like You)
  4. 052.Devil Made Me Do That
  5. 053.Diggy Liggy Lo
  6. 054.Don't Ever Tell Me Goodbye
  7. 055.Don't Let Her Know
  8. 056.Don't Let True Love Slip Away
  9. 057.Don't Wipe The Tears That You Cry
  10. 058.Down Down Down
  11. 059.Down On The Corner Of Love
  12. 060.Dust On Mother's Bible


  1. 061.Eternal Vacation
  2. 062.Everybody Needs Somebody
  3. 063.Everything Reminds Me You're Gone
  4. 064.Excuse Me


  1. 065.Fallin' For You
  2. 066.Fishin' On The Mississippi
  3. 067.Fool Me Again
  4. 068.Foolin' Around
  5. 069.Forever And Ever
  6. 070.Full Time Daddy


  1. 071.Get Out Of Town Before Sundown
  2. 072.Girl On Sugar Pie Lane
  3. 073.Gonna Have Love
  4. 074.Good Old Days (are Here Again)
  5. 075.Good Old Fashioned Country Christmas
  6. 076.Goodbye Good Luck God Bless You
  7. 077.Great Judgement Day
  8. 078.Great White Horse


  1. 079.Hangin' On To What I Got
  2. 080.Happy Times Are Here Again
  3. 081.He Don't Deserve You Anymore
  4. 082.Heartaches By The Number
  5. 083.Heartaches For A Dime
  6. 084.Heartbreak Mountain
  7. 085.Hello California
  8. 086.Hello Happiness Goodbye Loneliness
  9. 087.Hello Trouble
  10. 088.Here Comes Santa Claus Again
  11. 089.High As The Mountain
  12. 090.High On A Hilltop
  13. 091.Holdin' On
  14. 092.Home On Christmas Day
  15. 093.Homeward Bound
  16. 094.Honey Let's Fall In Love
  17. 095.House Down The Block
  18. 096.How Long Will My Baby Be Gone
  19. 097.Hurry Come Running Back To Me
  20. 098.Hurtin' Like I've Never Hurt Before


  1. 099.I Ain't Gonna Be Treated This A Way
  2. 100.I Always Get A Souvenir
  3. 101.I Am A Rock
  4. 102.I Betcha Didn't Know
  5. 103.I Can't Stop My Loving You
  6. 104.I Don't Believe I'll Fall In Love Today
  7. 105.I Don't Care (just As Long As You Love Me)
  8. 106.I Don't Hurt You
  9. 107.I Finally Gave Her Enough Rope To Hang
  10. 108.I Know That You Know (that I Love You)
  11. 109.I Know You're Married (but I Love You Still)
  12. 110.I Love You So Much It Hurts
  13. 111.I Thank Him For Sending Me You
  14. 112.I Think I'm Going To Like Loving You
  15. 113.I Wanna Be Wild And Free
  16. 114.I Want No One But You
  17. 115.I Was Born To Be In Love With You
  18. 116.I Was Looking Back To See
  19. 117.I Was There
  20. 118.I Won't Go Huntin' With You Jake
  21. 119.I Would Do Anything For You
  22. 120.I Wouldn't Live In New York City
  23. 121.I'd Love To Be Your Man
  24. 122.I'll Catch You When You Fall
  25. 123.I'll Give My Heart To You
  26. 124.I'll Go To Church Again With Momma
  27. 125.I'll Take A Chance On Loving You
  28. 126.I'm Goin' Home
  29. 127.I'm Gonna Live It Up
  30. 128.I'm Layin' It On The Line
  31. 129.I've Got A Happy Heart
  32. 130.I've Got A Right To Know
  33. 131.I've Got A Tiger By The Tail
  34. 132.I've Got It Bad For You
  35. 133.I've Got You On My Mind Again
  36. 134.I've Never Had A Dream Come True Before
  37. 135.If I Had Three Wishes
  38. 136.If I Had You Back Again
  39. 137.If I Knew
  40. 138.If You Ain't Lovin' (you Ain't Livin')
  41. 139.If You Fall Out Of Love With Me
  42. 140.If You Want A Love
  43. 141.In God I Trust
  44. 142.In The Middle Of A Teardrop
  45. 143.In The Palm Of Your Hand
  46. 144.It Don't Show On Me
  47. 145.It Takes People Like You To Make People Like Me
  48. 146.It Tickles
  49. 147.It Was With Love
  50. 148.It's A Long Way To London Town
  51. 149.It's Christmas Time For Everyone But Me
  52. 150.It's Not What You Give


  1. 151.Jesus Jesus Hold To Me
  2. 152.Jesus Saved Me
  3. 153.Johnny B. Goode
  4. 154.Just A Few More Days


  1. 155.Kansas City Song
  2. 156.Keeper Of The Key
  3. 157.Kickin' Our Hearts Around
  4. 158.King Of Fools


  1. 159.Leave Me Something To Remember You By
  2. 160.Let Me Get My Message Thru
  3. 161.Let The Sad Times Roll On
  4. 162.Let The World Keep On A Turnin'
  5. 163.Let's Agree To Disagree
  6. 164.Lodi
  7. 165.Lonesome Valley
  8. 166.Long Hot Summer
  9. 167.Long Long Ago
  10. 168.Loose Talk
  11. 169.Louisiana Man
  12. 170.Love Is A Strange
  13. 171.Love Makes The World Go Around
  14. 172.Love's Gonna Live Here


  1. 173.Made In Japan
  2. 174.Maybe If I Close My Eyes (it Will Go Away)
  3. 175.Memphis Tennessee
  4. 176.Mental Cruelty
  5. 177.Merry Christmas From Our House To Yours
  6. 178.Mirror Mirror On The Wall
  7. 179.My Everlasting Love
  8. 180.My Heart Skips A Beat
  9. 181.My Last Chance With You
  10. 182.My Saviour Leads The Way


  1. 183.No Fool Like An Old Fool
  2. 184.No Love Have I
  3. 185.No More Me And You
  4. 186.Nobody's Fool But Yours


  1. 187.Old Faithful
  2. 188.Old Time Religion
  3. 189.Ole Slew Foot
  4. 190.One Of Everything You Got
  5. 191.One Way Love
  6. 192.One You Slip Around With
  7. 193.Only You (can Break My Heart)
  8. 194.Only You And You Alone
  9. 195.Out There Chasing Rainbows
  10. 196.Over And Over Again


  1. 197.Pfft You Were Gone
  2. 198.Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
  3. 199.Playboy
  4. 200.Pray Every Day


  1. 201.Right After The Dance
  2. 202.Rock Hard Love
  3. 203.Rocks In My Head
  4. 204.Rocky Top
  5. 205.Roll Out The Red Carpet
  6. 206.Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
  7. 207.Roving Gambler
  8. 208.Ruby (are You Mad)


  1. 209.Sally Mary And Jerry
  2. 210.Sally Was A Good Ole Girl
  3. 211.Sam's Place
  4. 212.San Francisco Town
  5. 213.Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy
  6. 214.Santa's Gonna Come In A Stagecoach
  7. 215.Satan's Gotta Get Along With Me
  8. 216.Save The Last Dance For Me
  9. 217.Saw Mill
  10. 218.Second Fiddle
  11. 219.She's Had All The Dreamin' She Can Stand
  12. 220.Sing A Happy Song
  13. 221.Sing Me Back Home
  14. 222.Smooth Sailin'
  15. 223.Someone With No One To Love
  16. 224.Song And Dance
  17. 225.Storm Of Love
  18. 226.Streets Of Bakersfield
  19. 227.Streets Of Laredo
  20. 228.Sweet Rosie Jones
  21. 229.Sweethearts In Heaven
  22. 230.Swinging Doors


  1. 231.Take Me Back Again
  2. 232.Take Taste Of My Wine
  3. 233.Tall Dark Stranger
  4. 234.That's All Right With Me (if It's All Right With You)
  5. 235.That's How I Measure My Love For You
  6. 236.That's What I'm Like Without You
  7. 237.The Key's In The Mailbox
  8. 238.Then Maybe I Can Get Some Sleep
  9. 239.There Goes My Love
  10. 240.There Never Was A Fool
  11. 241.There's A Gonna Come A Day
  12. 242.There's Gotta Be Some Changes Made
  13. 243.Think It Over
  14. 244.Think Of Me
  15. 245.This Old Heart
  16. 246.Tijuana Lady Lyrics
  17. 247.Till These Dreams Come True
  18. 248.Tired Of Living
  19. 249.Today I Started Loving You Again
  20. 250.Together Again
  21. 251.Togetherness
  22. 252.Tomorrow Is Christmas Day
  23. 253.Too Old To Cut The Mustard
  24. 254.Touch Me
  25. 255.Trouble And Me
  26. 256.Truck Drivin' Man


  1. 257.Uncle Pen
  2. 258.Under The Influence Of Love
  3. 259.Under Your Spell Again
  4. 260.Understand Your Man


  1. 261.Very Merry Christmas


  1. 262.Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus
  2. 263.Waitin' In Your Welfare Line
  3. 264.Walk The Floor
  4. 265.Way I Love You
  5. 266.Way That I Love You
  6. 267.We Split The Blanket
  7. 268.We Were Made For Each Other
  8. 269.We're Gonna Get Together
  9. 270.We're Gonna Let The Good Times Roll
  10. 271.Weekend Daddy
  11. 272.Wham Bam
  12. 273.What A Liar I Am
  13. 274.Whatcha Gonna Do Now
  14. 275.When Jesus Calls All His Children
  15. 276.When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder
  16. 277.When You Get To Heaven (i'll Be There)
  17. 278.Where Does The Good Times Go
  18. 279.Where Has Our Love Gone
  19. 280.White Satin Bed
  20. 281.Who's Gonna Mow Your Grass
  21. 282.Whole Lot Of Somethin'
  22. 283.With Lonely
  23. 284.Within My Loving Arms
  24. 285.Would You Be Ready


  1. 286.You Ain't Gonna Have Ol' Buck To Kick Around
  2. 287.You Can't Make Nothing Out Of That But Love
  3. 288.You Gotta Have A License
  4. 289.You Left Her Lonely Too Long
  5. 290.You Made A Monkey Out Of Me
  6. 291.You You Only You
  7. 292.You'll Never Miss The Water
  8. 293.You're A Real Good Friend
  9. 294.You're For Me
  10. 295.You're Welcome Anytime
  11. 296.Your Monkey Won't Be Home Tonight
  12. 297.Your Mother's Prayer
  13. 298.Your Tender Loving Care


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