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Represent (feat BulletProof)


55 exibições


(Team up)
(Team up, team up)
(Team up)
(Team up)

Verse 1: BulletProof

I'm full of that raw
???? a cop cho choo chop
I live and die 17 shots without a glock
Bought downtown
When I hit your spot I'm tearin it down
Chopper City be coming playing with over a hundred rounds
SK's, AK's, 10 and 4's, G's and Mac's
All you can do is put it on your fuckin back
Call ???? pronunciation might sell ounce that dope
I see nothing but cars Eclipse and Camaroes
Times are hard to explore I made my own fort
Fifteen hundred pearl white ain't that a bitch?
Doing this uptown behind a tint
Nigga chopper
Better watcha
You slip we gotcha
They say the richest nigga in the click slip they lose
Hang it up your on the news
Partner sings the blues
Can't be no baller if your a hoe tryin to slang yah-yo
Smart tymer thought I'm the one tryin to see their neck broke
Flip by Calliope
Hurrah my fo-fo's
My niggaz in public run in the store bank froze


(Team up)
(Team up, team up)
(Oh Uptown)

Verse 2: B.G.

Nigga I got a hustle I'm trying to move keys
Baby give it to me I front it all to B.G
Trying to live swell
Slang yale
Stack Mill
Doing my come up is living hell
But its cool cause ballin is all on my mind
On my block I got iron
Cause its do or die
A nigga best not fuck with me
Cause I got a click strictly don't fuck with me
We gettin full of that forty gon duck with me
Spray with me
I got that AK with me
Don't play with me
Because I spittin non stop
Anything within my target cho.. chop
Shoot to kill
On the real
Recognize me
From the U.P.T
Carry the title B.G.
You heard of me
I represent pimp niggaz
On my songs I got advice for the wimp niggaz
I'm bout mine so I lay back and scope niggaz
Plan it out and then I straight up rope niggaz
I'm taxing niggaz with chips off the cellyah
Fucking hoes, smoking blunts on the regular
I ain't no hoe I'm taking on all competitors
I'm a pop em
It ain't no secret nigga I got to chop em
Drop em
Right where they stand
Sayin with their chest open
Believe me I ain't playin
I'm a leave that ass funky nigga
When it's time to handle biz I'm a act donkey nigga
Ain't no movin around
I'm a stand my ground
You gotta work for me I'm on Valence, Uptown
My niggaz play with choppas and choppas only
Come up here you ain't cause your bitch ass phony
If you decide to come check and you do
That's where I'm a leave you
Delete you
Mute You
Close your mouth and your eyes all that playa hatin
I put dicks in the dirt nigga I ain't fakin


I'm bout to go off
Go off
I'm bout to go off
Go off
Go off
(Team up)
Go off
Go off
(Team up, team up)
(Team up)
(Team up)
Go off

Verse 3: B.G.

Bitch I gots to have it
Nigga up it
And if you don't release it
Then my gat I'm going to have to pluck it
Fuck it
Its time to kill all you real niggaz feel me
Gotta bust a weapon some pussy he gonna fell me
Spill me
When on concrete
But I cannot let that happen
Slippin and clippin my gun straight CAPPIN!
Loose clips go get that motherfucker something
50 rounds from that chop will go get that buster straight dump
I might pop that trunk
I'm a motherfuckin Trill B.G.
Roll rollin with me
With that 223
Go and find this nigga
Bump this nigga
Stomp this nigga
Stank this nigga
I'm a have to bank this nigga
Gank this nigga
Pop this nigga
Stop this nigga
I'm on V.L. so you know I'm going to chop this nigga quick
We hit to split the scene go and blow something
I don't need no witness so nobody will no nothing
Nigga talked to much he had to straight wreck him
Check him
He wanted beef so I had to disrespect him
Let him know nigga like me ain't no hoe
I split hats on niggaz I'm beefin with watch your back UHHH!!!
V.L. got'cha catchin' up the guard quicker
They got a T-shirt waitin' on yo fuckin' picture
V.L. got'cha catchin' up the guard quicker
They got a T-shirt waitin' on yo fuckin' picture UHHH!!


(Team up)
(Team up, team up)
(Team up)
(Team up)
Valence Street in effect

Go off, go off
Go off, go off
Go off, go off

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