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Made Man


38 exibições

Verse:1 B.G.
I been in this game for awhile I'm a paid man now (huh bruh)
On my sixth solo album I'm a made man now (yep)
Six years strong in this game
Been doing my thang (respect)
Livin' a millionaire dream (dream)
All my niggas worth ten Gs (off top)
Twenty on my rolex five on my pinky ring
In my younger day I was facin' penitentiary (fa sho)
I was packin' 22s back in elementary (i saved ya)
I done been through it all
A muthafuckin' juvenile I can go through fall (off top)
Hookin' up with my partnas takin' niggas to war (huh bruh)
Gettin' street drivers and poppin' up a nigga car (car)
Before the school bell ring I was smokin' a gar (gar)
Runnin' to my mama residence off the set (set)
Snatchin' bundles of rock is something that I regret (no mo)
But I done shaked that life cuz B.G. got plans (off top)
From being a wise guy to becoming a made man

(Chorus) 4x
I got the right to hold a K up in my hand
Cuz I'm a muthafuckin' muthafuckin' made man nigga

Verse:2 Baby
Nigga I'm a made man gold mouth dog (what)
Tattooed and scarred up playboy my neck and wrist fog (say dat)
But these white folks tryin' ta bust a nigga balls (fuck dem)
Tru to life game spittin' since 96 boy (alright)
Now I'm out cha with my homies and I'm actin' a hog (actin')
Tru to what I seek tryin' ta live my songs fall (livin')
Nigga outta line puttin' ten on his feet
Muthafuckas creep
Nigga want war lets take it to the street
Me and my lil b.g. tag teamin' in 93
I keep it real with my family and my fuckin' peeps (fuckin' right)
Nigga disrespect lets put the nigga to sleep (put'em ta sleep)
I'm discreet about the things that I do on the streets
Them niggas be sayin' baby put that fuckin' boy to sleep (baby done that?)
Them niggas be sayin' baby put that change on his feet (baby done that?)
I got these niggas sayin' that boy babys a crook (a crook?)
I got these hoes sayin' that boy baby off the hook (he off the hook)
Lockin' down the whole project
For self-respect (lock it down)
And them police be sayin I know he on paper he got a tech (aint that cold)
Nigga i'm a muthafuckin' made man
Fuck with my lil B.G.s and nigga you a dead man
Helicopters and choppers is what I save man
I'm a paid man
'Til I'm a dead man
Nigga I'm a muthafuckin' made man
I'm mutha made man

(Chorus) 4x

Verse:3 B.G.
I'm on a level where I ride on dubbs now (on dubbs)
I'm on a level old timers give me love now (love)
I walk the street nigga respect the B.G. (fa shizzi)
Because I made it I'm a major part of CMB (off top)
Baby gave me the game at a young age
Handle yo businees bust a head if you feel played (fa shizzi)
And best believe I done took some niggas off the shelf
God forgive me I got a graveyard under my belt (forgive me lawd)
I done walked in the killer shoes
The drug dealer shoes
Done bad masked up and gave niggas blues
I been in the game for awhile I done graduated
I feel deep down in my heart I can't be faded
You don't know what I done been through
To get to (not at all)
Where I'm at now cross me I'll flip you (fa sho)
I'm doin' hella good but I done done bad (millionaire dream)
I'm glad to say that i'm a made man (off top nigga)

(Chorus) 4x

[Talking] B.G.
My nigga Juve a muthafuckin made man nigga
My nigga Fresh a muthafuckin made man nigga
I know Baby a muthfuckin made man nigga
Suga slim a muthafuckin made man nigga

  1. 001.B.G. - To My People
  2. 002.B.G. - Act a Ass
  3. 003.B.G. - Fuck That Shit
  4. 004.B.G. - What Ya Wanna Do?
  5. 005.B.G. - You Know How We Do (feat Lil' Wayne)
  6. 006.B.G. - Reality Check Part 2
  7. 007.B.G. - Bling Bling
  8. 008.B.G. - Hot Boys 226 (feat Hot Boys)
  9. 009.B.G. - Jungle
  10. 010.B.G. - Como Puede Ser
  11. 011.B.G. - Clean Up Man Pt. 2
  12. 012.B.G. - Don't Talk to Me
  13. 013.B.G. - Just Like That
  14. 014.B.G. - Let It Flow (feat Hakim, Gar, Sniper, Wyndi|)
  15. 015.B.G. - Rip
  16. 016.B.G. - Niggas N Trouble
  17. 017.B.G. - Si Mi CorazóN Se Pierde
  18. 018.B.G. - Press One (feat Baby)
  19. 019.B.G. - 'U' All 'N'
  20. 020.B.G. - Made Man
  21. 021.B.G. - Playn And Laughn
  22. 022.B.G. - Niggas Don't Understand
  23. 023.B.G. - Doing Bad
  24. 024.B.G. - Play'n It Raw
  25. 025.B.G. - I'm Tryin' (feat Lil' Wayne, Juvenile)
  26. 026.B.G. - He Used 2 Be a Man
  27. 027.B.G. - Gun Slinger
  28. 028.B.G. - Hard Times
  29. 029.B.G. - Ride Or Die
  30. 030.B.G. - Move Around
  31. 031.B.G. - Round My Way
  32. 032.B.G. - I Want It
  33. 033.B.G. - Geezy Where You Been (feat Ziggler the Wiggler)
  34. 034.B.G. - Llega La Noche
  35. 035.B.G. - Ride 2 Night
  36. 036.B.G. - Let's Get Funky
  37. 037.B.G. - Thug'n
  38. 038.B.G. - Get On My Feet
  39. 039.B.G. - Real Niggas and Real Bitches
  40. 040.B.G. - Factory (feat Gar, Hakim, Sniper)
  41. 041.B.G. - I Know (feat Lil' Wayne)
  42. 042.B.G. - With Tha B.G.
  43. 043.B.G. - All On U
  44. 044.B.G. - 'Bout My Paper
  45. 045.B.G. - Doce Horas
  46. 046.B.G. - Maldita Noche
  47. 047.B.G. - 'N' My city
  48. 048.B.G. - Clean Up Man
  49. 049.B.G. - The Second Line
  50. 050.B.G. - Only 4 U (feat Wyndi)
  51. 051.B.G. - Uptown Thang (Wait'n On Your Picture)
  52. 052.B.G. - Retaliation
  53. 053.B.G. - Reed Richards
  54. 054.B.G. - A-Ha
  55. 055.B.G. - Battemup
  56. 056.B.G. - 187
  57. 057.B.G. - Run With My Chopper
  58. 058.B.G. - What's That Smell (feat Turk)
  59. 059.B.G. - Represent (feat BulletProof)
  60. 060.B.G. - Bounce With Me
  61. 061.B.G. - True Story
  62. 062.B.G. - Dog Ass
  63. 063.B.G. - Rollin' Raw
  64. 064.B.G. - Thugged Out
  65. 065.B.G. - Trigga Play
  66. 066.B.G. - Get Your Shine On (Remix)
  67. 067.B.G. - This Nigga Die
  68. 068.B.G. - Livin' Legend
  69. 069.B.G. - Change the World (feat Big Tymers, Hot Boys)
  70. 070.B.G. - The Colour Of My Dreams
  71. 071.B.G. - R.I.P.
  72. 072.B.G. - Plan Went Sour
  73. 073.B.G. - Hennessy & XTC (feat Big Tymers)
  74. 074.B.G. - Knock Out
  75. 075.B.G. - 6 Figure (feat Hot Boys)
  76. 076.B.G. - Play'n and Laugh'n
  77. 077.B.G. - Order 20 Keys
  78. 078.B.G. - Uptown My Home
  79. 079.B.G. - Get Wild With It (feat Ying Yang Twins)
  80. 080.B.G. - Hottest of the Hot
  81. 081.B.G. - Problems
  82. 082.B.G. - Batt'Em Up (feat Gar & Red)
  83. 083.B.G. - I'm Straight (T.I. feat. B.G., Pimp C, Young Jeezy)
  84. 084.B.G. - Stay 'N' Line Hoe
  85. 085.B.G. - Silent B.G.
  86. 086.B.G. - My Bitches (feat Bullet, Juvenile)
  87. 087.B.G. - Bat a Bitch
  88. 088.B.G. - Cuidame
  89. 089.B.G. - Gangsta Shit!!
  90. 090.B.G. - Doing My Thang
  91. 091.B.G. - Guapas
  92. 092.B.G. - I Be Thinking
  93. 093.B.G. - My Son & Daughter
  94. 094.B.G. - Cash Money Is An Army
  95. 095.B.G. - Real Niggaz
  96. 096.B.G. - Cash Money Roll
  97. 097.B.G. - Wheel Chairs (feat Big Tymers, Ms. Tee)
  98. 098.B.G. - Fuck These Hoez
  99. 099.B.G. - So Much Death (feat Keisha)
  100. 100.B.G. - Mr.fantastic
  101. 101.B.G. - Get in Line (feat Juvenile)
  102. 102.B.G. - Ah Ha


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