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Cartrouble (Parts 1 & 2)

Adam And The Ants

50 exibições

I've got a pizzaland complection
And bright green socks
I am the happy little face
On the charity box
But you don't look in my direction
You always look away
You thank the Lord God above
That you were not made my way

Then I woke up
Right in the middle of a horrible dream
I woke up
I dreamt I was a spastic
But my boots were clean

You are the solid instigator
Of the human code
You held back the traffic
While I crossed the road
But please don't try and be a martyr
The good samaritan way
Because my silly cuban heels
Will give your games away

Then I woke up...

Pray for me
Pray for me
Pray for me
Pray for me
Then I woke up, right in the middle of a
I woke up
I woke up

Have you ever had a ride in a light blue car?
Have you ever stopped to think
Who's the slave and who's the master?
Have you ever had trouble with your automobile?
Have you ever had to
Push push push push?
You might have seen them very busy at the weekends
Licking and polishing the beep-beeps into shape
And then its proudly up the M.1. M.2. M.3.
And keep your feet off the upholstery Ronnie
Cartrouble oh yeah
And remember this:
You don't need anything after an icecream
I used to sit at home silently and wonder
Why all the preference is polishing the chrome
While all the mothers and the sisters and the babies
Sit and rot at home
Cartrouble oh yeah
And remember this:
You don't need anything after an icecream
Car carcar trouble car carcar trouble...

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  68. 068.Adam And The Ants - Seems to Me
  69. 069.Adam And The Ants - Cartrouble (Parts 1 & 2)
  70. 070.Adam And The Ants - Can't Set Rules about Love
  71. 071.Adam And The Ants - Apollo 9
  72. 072.Adam And The Ants - Fall-In
  73. 073.Adam And The Ants - Scorpios
  74. 074.Adam And The Ants - Ants Invasion
  75. 075.Adam And The Ants - Montreal
  76. 076.Adam And The Ants - All Girl Action
  77. 077.Adam And The Ants - Catholic Day
  78. 078.Adam And The Ants - Killer In The Home
  79. 079.Adam And The Ants - Greta - X
  80. 080.Adam And The Ants - Animals And Men
  81. 081.Adam And The Ants - Anger Inc.
  82. 082.Adam And The Ants - Friend or Foe
  83. 083.Adam And The Ants - Feed Me To the Lions
  84. 084.Adam And The Ants - S.E.X
  85. 085.Adam And The Ants - Five Guns West
  86. 086.Adam And The Ants - Human Bondage Den
  87. 087.Adam And The Ants - Red Scab
  88. 088.Adam And The Ants - Day I Met God
  89. 089.Adam And The Ants - A.n.t.s.
  90. 090.Adam And The Ants - Hell's Eight Acres
  91. 091.Adam And The Ants - Cajun Twisters
  92. 092.Adam And The Ants - Baby, Let Me Scream at You
  93. 093.Adam And The Ants - Dog Eat Dog
  94. 094.Adam And The Ants - Tabletalk
  95. 095.Adam And The Ants - Image of Yourself
  96. 096.Adam And The Ants - Whip In My Valise
  97. 097.Adam And The Ants - Sexatise You
  98. 098.Adam And The Ants - Yours, Yours, Yours
  99. 099.Adam And The Ants - Ligotage
  100. 100.Adam And The Ants - Cleopatra
  101. 101.Adam And The Ants - Goody Two Shoes
  102. 102.Adam And The Ants - P. O. E.
  103. 103.Adam And The Ants - Libertine
  104. 104.Adam And The Ants - Plastic Surgery
  105. 105.Adam And The Ants - Spanish Games
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  107. 107.Adam And The Ants - Family Of Noise
  108. 108.Adam And The Ants - Rip Down
  109. 109.Adam And The Ants - 5 Guns West
  110. 110.Adam And The Ants - Deutscher Girls
  111. 111.Adam And The Ants - Gotta Be a Sin
  112. 112.Adam And The Ants - What's Going On
  113. 113.Adam And The Ants - Don't Be Square (be There)
  114. 114.Adam And The Ants - 1969 Again
  115. 115.Adam And The Ants - Rough Stuff
  116. 116.Adam And The Ants - Alien
  117. 117.Adam And The Ants - Amazon
  118. 118.Adam And The Ants - Prince Charming
  119. 119.Adam And The Ants - Stand And Deliver
  120. 120.Adam And The Ants - Friends (Version 2)
  121. 121.Adam And The Ants - Manners & Physique
  122. 122.Adam And The Ants - Lou
  123. 123.Adam And The Ants - The Idea
  124. 124.Adam And The Ants - Yin + Yang
  125. 125.Adam And The Ants - Brain Candy


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