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Jealous Over Nothing

7L and Esoteric

59 exibições

[Verse 1]
I this day and age, babes strut with their shades up
C, B or A cup, usually in make up, they flake up
Won't date me cause I took a pay-cut
Even though they make eight bucks workin' at grey cuts
Hourly, I'm sufferin' from a break up
They serve screw at the grey cut, I need to wake up
I call my ex-girl up say how you doin'
I just called to tell you bout this new girl I'm screwin'
She's a super model and you ain't shit
She stands five foot eleven, a body from heaven
The girl's no slut, but I was fuckin' her before we broke up
To don't get all choked up, know what?
I think that ya seen her, brunette, British accent
Cover Girl blazin' the double issue of Maxim
More than just a trophy
You gotta see the boaty that she bought me
Wid a look that Angelina Jolie wants to copy
Cause she's on the cuttin' edge of fashion
Bubble bath splashin' I'm lovin' all the passionate
Moments that we spend, alone in her Benz
Or rollin' with her friends, goin' to Rome on weekends

Look at you girl you gettin' jealous over nothin'
Say you ain't mad but I see you only frontin'
You didn't want me then but I bet you want me now
It's too late baby it's too late now

[Verse 2]
You know the girl I mean, she's in every magazine
Nothin' you've seen, you must hate Guess jeans
Don't lie, I know you know the girl I'm speakin' of
It must eat you alive and burn you up indside
To know that I have her, plus that I tap her
Plus the fact she likes the fact that I'm a rapper

Yes she's intelligent, and before me she was celibate
Her name?, that's irrelevant
Don't worry, you'll just get yourself in a fury
I'll wind up dead and you'll wind up, with the jury
Now don't get mad cause I've found someone else
To take your place, you're the one that wanted space
I can see you now with that look on your face
Beginnin' to pace, now you're tearin' up your place
The sick thing is, I think I really think I love her
Diamonds said it best jealousy's a motherfucker

*scratching of "I can see it inside ya face"

[Verse 3]
Staright up, this woman's beautiful physically and mentally
Intellectually, sexually she's full of energy
And when I'm with the girl I don't pay
She's on every guest list, not like I ain't
But still, she's really ill, I think you ought to chill
You're gettin' green with envy, green like ?K.Pienspe?
I don't wanna scare ya, well actually I do
That's why I'm tellin' you a bunch of shit that isn't true
Now I warns you, that I was only bluffin'
Look at you girl ya gettin' jealous over nothin'
What I mean is ya gonna be pissed
When ya find out that this girl doesn't exist
And yo, I guess I know what you're thinkin' about
I hope you figurin' out, I ain't diggin' her out
I just sit and I pout, piggin' out at Dairy Queen
Thinkin' how you'd always say you'd be there for me
The real reason I called is to ask you to marry me
Cause this girl is fake I hope I'm not too late...(echo)...

Hook (2x)

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